Abe’s Garden evolved from the personal experience Michael Shmerling had with his father Dr. Abram C. “Abe” Shmerling. His family watched, essentially helpless, while their loved one suffered for more than 11 years with the disease, finally succumbing in November of 2006. This experience, while devastating, opened their eyes to the dramatic need for a community wholly centered on caring for those sharing this same fate.  Mindful that there is no cure or reliable treatment to prevent or slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease, the only alternative today is to improve the quality of life for the victims, their families, and caregivers through a campus designed specifically for that purpose.  Since 2005, Michael has led an effort to establish a full continuum of care, best practices community in Nashville to be known as Abe’s Garden.

In recent years, Amy Grant’s family has been impacted by Alzheimer’s disease. They have experienced many of the same challenges of locating appropriate and quality care. When she learned about Abe’s Garden, Amy immediately offered her assistance, and since that time has shared her many gifts to help the Abe’s Garden vision become a reality. With the generous support of Amy’s fans, Abe’s Garden will be constructed in the coming years and begin to serve as a national model of Alzheimer’s care; improving lives and setting standards for the future.

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