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Tori Kelly

Inspired by the birth of her daughter Millie, Amy Grant had a hit on her hands twenty-five years ago with the crazy-popular song “Baby, Baby.” This year, to celebrate the song’s milestone, Grant and fellow recording artist Tori Kelly recorded an update to the iconic tune. In honor of the song’s recent release–and with Mother’s Day just around the corner–SL sat down to chat with Grant about how she does Mother’s Day, one of her favorite recipes, and one of the beautiful ways that she has honored her own mother.

About the song: Grant re-recorded the iconic song, which she wrote with Keith Thomas twenty-five years ago. Her label-mate, Tori Kelly, is incorporated into this new version, making it a multi-generational affair. A fun side note: Grant’s daughter Corinna has performed Kelly’s songs at talent shows, which “brings the connection full circle,” says Grant.

About Mother’s Day: Grant recalls making a big lunch one year when her kids were really young, and she decided that from then on, she was going to spend Mother’s Day in celebration of being a mother, which meant giving herself permission to…  (read the full article here)