Amy Grant’s A Tennessee Weekend 2013 Announced…

Posted on: December 4th, 2012 by admin 8 Comments

Dear Friends…

During the summer of 2012 we invited you to join us here in Tennessee for a special weekend of music and stories. We knew when we started planning the event that it was going to be something special but we had no idea just how great it would end up. The “event” was filled with special concerts and times here in Amy’s hometown. She opened up some of her most private places so that all of you who have been supportive of her throughout the years could experience the places that are so near and dear to her. During and after the event all of us here on Amy’s “Team” started to hear the stories and watch all of her “friends” from all over the world sharing experiences with one another.

After the event we came back to our routines and found ourselves discussing the “next time.” Amy is already working hard on her plans and visions for 2013 and we truly hope that you will join us. We know that there are not too many formal “plans” announced yet on these information pages – that’s on purpose. We want you to be anticipating what is coming. More than anything though – we want you to come on back for a new and DIFFERENT weekend. We’re going to be changing lots of things up including the “weather”. There is nothing more beautiful than a cool fall day/evening out at Amy’s Farm. That’s why we’re moving the entire event to mid-October!

Amy will be checking in soon with a note and more info on what you can expect! For now, don’t wait to make your reservations. Last time the entire event sold out VERY quickly and we anticipate the same issue this time around! See you here in October of 2013!



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  • Alysson

    queria que voce viesse no brasil

  • Martha Triplett

    Love my Amy!!!!!!!

  • Megan

    Wonderful!! I wish I could go, but will have a three month old little boy in October! :-)

  • Fred Walters Jr

    I’ll be in massage school. :(

  • bizzyginny

    My husband was planning on this as a gift – but it is sold out!! So sad :(

  • Ronnie

    What an indescribable experience it was. Looking forward to another great weekend of friendship, fun, praise & fellowship in October!

  • Vanden

    Excited ..Coming from Ottawa Canada. I have been a huge fan since 1981 and have often used the song Angels Watching Over Me as a mini mantra. Will there be events planned in Nashville or should we plan on a few extra days to tour Nashville.
    We are looking forward to having a Spiritual connection in a beautiful setting. Blessings….see you soon Amy and your team… Janet and Blake

  • Bill Ivanov

    Awesome Experience – PLEASE do it again and God Bless!



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