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April 5, 2013:  Sioux Falls, SD – Washington Pavilion Mary W. Sommervold Hall

  • Pre-sale Begins:  Friday, November 30th @ 10 am
  • Pre-sale Ends:  Friday, November 30th @ 11:59 pm
  • Pre-sale Password:  log in to FRIENDS of AMY for password
  • Tickets on-sale to the general public on Saturday, December 1st @ 9:30 am local
  • Get Tickets:  CLICK HERE


Soundchecks Launched for FRIENDS of AMY Members:

  • 01/17/2013 – Bremen, GA
  • 01/18/2013 – Hamlet, NC
  • 04/02/2013 – Conway, AR
  • 04/04/2013 – Wausau, WI
  • 04/05/2013 – Sioux Falls, SD
  • 04/28/2013 – Vincennes, IN
  • 05/04/2013 – Emporia, VA


UPCOMING CONCERTS: Get all available details: ===============================================

  • 12.07.2012 – Cincinnati, OH – Amy Grant | Christmas | Symphony Concert
  • 12.08.2012 – Cincinnati, OH – Amy Grant | Christmas | Symphony Concert
  • 12.09.2012 – Cincinnati, OH – Amy Grant | Christmas | Symphony Concert
  • 12.13.2012 – Costa Mesa, CA – Amy Grant | Christmas | Symphony Concert – 8:00 pm
  • 12.14.2012 – Costa Mesa, CA – Amy Grant | Christmas | Symphony Concert – 8:00 pm
  • 12.15.2012 – Costa Mesa, CA – Amy Grant | Christmas | Symphony Concert – 3:00 pm
  • 12.15.2012 – Costa Mesa, VA – Amy Grant | Christmas | Symphony Concert – 8:00 pm
  • 12.19.2012 – Nashville, TN – Christmas at the Ryman with Amy & Vince
  • 12.20.2012 – Nashville, TN – Christmas at the Ryman with Amy & Vince
  • 12.26.2012 – Walt Disney World – Epcot – Candlelight Processional Narrator
  • 12.27.2012 – Walt Disney World – Epcot – Candlelight Processional Narrator
  • 12.28.2012 – Walt Disney World – Epcot – Candlelight Processional Narrator
  • 01.17.2013 – Bremen, GA – Amy Grant Concert
  • 01.18.2013 – Hamlet, NC – Amy Grant Concert
  • 01.27.2013 – Edmonton, AB – Amy Grant Concert – no soundcheck
  • 04.02.2013 – Conway, AR – Amy Grant Concert
  • 04.04.2013 – Wausau, WI – Amy Grant Concert
  • 04.05.2013 – Sioux Falls, SD – Amy Grant Concert
  • 04.28.2013 – Vincennes, IN – Amy Grant Concert
  • 05.04.2013 – Emporia, VA – Amy Grant Concert
  • 10.18.2013 – Amy Grant’s A Tennessee Weekend 2013 – Franklin/Nashville, TN – 
    • Now booking for Friends of Amy members – log-in to book your reservation.
  • 10.19.2013 – Amy Grant’s A Tennessee Weekend 2013 – Franklin/Nashville, TN
    • Now booking for Friends of Amy members – log-in to book your reservation.
  • 10.20.2013 – Amy Grant’s A Tennessee Weekend 2013 – Franklin/Nashville, TN
    • Now booking for Friends of Amy members – log-in to book your reservation.

Access Available For MOST Concerts (Days where Amy is performing with a symphony or has 2 shows on the same day will not have soundcheck). Sign-up for Friends of Amy, then “REGISTER” for your tickets.About Ticket Pre-Sales:

  • We make every effort to post ticket pre-sales when we are able. There are times that promoters may launch ticket sales without informing Amy’s fan club due to various contractual reasons.
  • Once a show goes on-sale there is nothing we can do to take seats away from a person who have already purchased them.
  • Anytime that you see tickets on-sale to the general public and you want tickets – GET YOUR TICKETS immediately – do NOT delay waiting for the fan club to announce it (please make sure though that you are dealing with a reputable ticket vendor licensed by the venue or promoter). Then please email us the info of the show that you were able to purchase tickets for so we can rush a message to all members.
  • Our NUMBER 1 priority is making you aware of ticket on-sales the moment that we are aware!
  • For information on Soundchecks please go here and sign-up NOW. If your show is not shown then your concert’s Soundcheck may already be closed or Amy’s schedule is not allowing time for her to have an FOA Soundcheck.
  • Erin

    Loved the friends tour this year, but why neglect the northeast in newest tour dates? We love Amy here too.

  • Derek

    From Team Amy :: Hello Erin… We toured extensively in the Northeast during the Spring leg of the 2 Friends Tour, and unfortunately we just weren’t able to route any dates in the Northeast into the plan. We are very happy that you got to experience the tour last year – and we’ll look forward to seeing you at a show sometime in the future!

  • Chantell S.

    LOVE YOU AMY!!! Hope to see you in concert again, like I did in Goldendale WA, in 2005. I hope you are doing okay, sense your mom died.
    Love ya,
    Chantell S.

  • Tara Anderson

    Can the 2 Friends Tour” come to Minneapolis, MN??!!!

  • Darryl

    Can’t find ticket information for concert in Ft. Wayne IN in November…

  • Gregory

    I agree that Amy and Michael should come up here to New England. It’s been over 14 years since I last saw Amy and haven’t ever seen Michael in concert before except for the ones he had videos of.

  • Stacie

    Any plans of coming to Louisville, KY with Michael W. Smith?

  • Leslie

    Have you ever considered coming to West Texas? Midland/ Odessa or Lubbock? We may not be the prettiest place but we love Amy and Michael and Vince here too!!! God bless you!!!

  • KJ

    What are the chances of a Canadian date or two this year?
    Any plans to concert in Ontario?

  • Terri

    I saw Amy in Dallas, during her Heart in Motion tour. Of course, she was awesome! What are the chances of Amy getting back to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area of Texas in the near future???

  • walter

    Please come and share your beautiful Christmas concert with us in Detroit!

  • Rosemary

    we would so love you to come to Western Australia, you have a big following down under. Please consider sharing your amazing gifts here with us ?

  • Steven Palmateer

    Amy,If you get this,Im a a maintenance man but build crosses on my nights off.Im pretty good at them as you can look under my facebook photos.Im trying to sell crosses so that I can get to talualitin,oregon to see income supports alot Im hoping to see you but people wont buy crosses even though these are real and state of the art.thanks sincerely steve palmateer

  • Jessica

    The first concert I went to was Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith a lot of years ago. I have 10 year old twins now that want to go to a concert and I want to take them to see you will you be in the Sacramento area anytime soon?

  • Rosalinda

    I’m glad I have signed up to this website and hope to keep up with the weekly or monthly updates. Hope it won’t open my email to random emails.

    Not usually on the computer but I like to follow your info. from time to time. I’ve never attended any of your concernts or events but I have followed you on-line or read and listened to your music. I am a fan of you and Miceal W. Smith, You are an AMAZING person and I like to follow positive people like yourself.

    Thank you for being a positive influence on many people today. Follower and fan

  • Le-ann

    Please join with MW Smith and come to Belfast!!!!!!

  • Henny

    Would love for you to come to Calgary, Alberta.

  • Clarissa Walker

    Hi Amy! You were so gracious to share some time with me at the Nashville airport yesterday in front of the baggage claim area! I apologize though; I was such a mess after saying good-bye to my oldest child after moving her in at Vanderbilt. She is a freshman and we live in Denver. Having seen you yesterday is so funny and ironic because when she was accepted to Vanderbilt, I joked with her saying that that is where you went and lived and that you’d probably be seeing her and if Amy is there you will be in a good place! =) I have been listening to your music since I was 18 and it really changed my life. Way back when when I was entering college I had never heard your music (1983). It was so fun and full of God’s love, etc… What a breath of fresh air that was to me, struggling to own my faith in a new college setting! My three girls and I, we have many memories of singing with you in my kitchen, in the car, etc… They have been to a few of your concerts with me as well and it just was the most hardest good-bye I had to say yesterday and seeing you at the airport and you spending just a bit of time talking and sharing about taking your daughter to New York to her school was so comforting. So, thank for your awesome music and lyrics which have helped to heal my soul at so many times in my life. I really look up to you and how you still stand for what you/we believe in and made it “cool” to be a young teenage girl who believes! Like I said you GREATLY and POSITIVELY influenced me in college and beyond. I teach public middle school and have keept posters of you and MWS in my classroom still. =) We all love your tunes! =) Bless you, Amy! xoxo

  • Bruce Timms

    is there any chance you will be coming to Canada this year ??

  • Vince

    What happened to the big announcement that we were going to hear about today Aug.24th, about keeping next June 22nd-24th 2012 open, after receiving an email a week & half ago about it, I keep checking my email & going to Amy’s website & nothing?

  • Catherine

    Would there be a possibility of another “Tennessee Weekend with Amy Grant” in 2013?…not certain that I can swing the finance’s this next year.

  • Esther

    I wish there was a Philadelphia area tour date listed. Amy hasn’t been to our area since November 2008. Would love to see her again!

  • EagleChosen

    Amy Grant my friend,ide really like it is you came to london ontario,ive been a friend of yours since i was a little girl.I sing your songs cause God gave me a voice,one that eco throughout the earth.I grew up with your music,and i sang your music in woman shelters,living there myelf,never having a home,but throughour my life for 30 years on the streets.Ive overcome so much,and im alive toda only because of the GREAT IAM JESUS CHRIST!Amy i have a testimony,would you like to hear it?Please come to london ontario canada.

  • Jennie Mccarthy3

    Come to Australia Amy….please.. Bring Vince, he will love it here xx

  • Amy Wimberly

    please come back to San Diego I need a Amy fix:)

  • Linjim830

    Please come back to West Point, NY

  • Rsjjenkins

    when is Amy planning on coming to alaska? whom do I ask, to add alaska on the tour? I would PR the show for free, and work hard. great venues here, and they would be sold out! great place to visit summer or winter, those are the only 2 seasons we have LOL

  • Shaen Hunter

    What about Texas?

  • Lisa Mendez

    What about Minnesota?

  • Jeff Skene

    please come to ontario say toronto Amy iv been a fan for 25 year and came to the lord through yours and petras music

  • Jv

    I don’t see Houston – Amy we <3 you!

  • Brad and Jen

    How about Australia?? We would love to have you visit!!!!

  • Leonvansteensel

    I don’t see the Netherlands show yet here; July 6th?

  • Scackin1

    Appears our Lincoln NE date of Oct. 4th has been removed from your tour. I’m sure the reason is good but oh how disappointing! I was very much looking forward to going to church with Amy and The Band. Hopefully another time soon! Sheri

  • Derek

    Unfortunately that concert was inadvertently added prior to being officially locked-in and for various logistical reasons Amy won’t be appearing there this time around.

  • Ohiofan

    Hey Derek, I see Amy added Mansfield, Oh to the tour, I was going to attend the New Albany show, but Mansfield is way closer, is there going to be a soundcheck for the Mansfield show, it’s not listed in the drop down box.

  • Peg David

    What about Bloomington, IL Cellular Coliseum or ISU again in Normal, IL?

  • Troy Walker

    Amy, you’re always welcome out here in beautiful Colorado! We’ve seen you perform many times over the years in FL, TN, and CO, and would love to see you come to Colorado again! Especially for Christmas!! Thank you for your living testimony!!

  • Karen

    No Arizona? !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • christine

    allot of people thought they were heaven because they had aceess to some
    heaven technology.Thats not what they realy are.Contemporary christian music
    was a product of that.Thier was two alien hybrids that wrote some of the music.
    The rest of it came from wait tell the sun goes down and look up.The Vatican promoted itself as being heaven but after fighting world war 2 people dicovered
    what the origin of the king James Bible realy is and its origins. The Secret
    teachings of Jesus were never included in the original bible nor were they ever in a
    book .Thier only briefly mentioned in the gospel of mark.The theories of the
    secret teching of jesus are legit but they were never proven.
    Chris Angel performed one of the miracles walking on water.Great biblical
    technology but thier is a nut case element to the science,He also suspended him self
    up by needles inserted into his skin while being hoisted by a helocopter.Obviously
    you can see the man was on the verge of passing out as his hands trembled from
    the pain.Quantum physics acturepunture is what kept him from bleeding to death.
    When it comes to biblical witchcraft beware like when the german soldiers opened
    up the Arc of the covenant BEWARE YOU MAY GET MORE THAN WHAT YOU

  • Snuggs

    Please please please come to ONTARIO again!,,,,

  • RazieBeth20

    Ahh! So excited to finally see a WI date! (other than WOF) Thank you!

  • Laurie Simpson

    Please come again to TORONTO CANADA… We haven’t seen you in so long!!! We miss you and want to see you again!!!

  • Randy

    will az ever be on tour?

  • Michele Wilhelm Pearson

    Please consider coming out west to Idaho..lots of love to show Amy life long fans.

  • Stacie Powers Hatfield

    No dates in Missouri…. boooooo! Would LOVE to see you!

  • Heidi

    Will you be returning to London, Amy? Unfortunately missed you last summer, but loved your last show in Croydon. Would be great to see you again :)

  • Mandy

    Yeah! what about Australia. It’s been so long. Please, we would really love to see you again and Vince!!

  • Katie

    How about St. Louis. Mo or springfield Mo or Branson Mo we love u and would love. to see you live



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