Amy to Appear on KATIE on Friday, October 19! New song to be performed…

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Grant will give world-premiere performance of new song, “How Mercy Looks From Here”
Nashville, Tenn. (Oct. 18, 2012) – Multi-platinum selling, GRAMMY® winning superstar Amy Grant will make an appearance on the brand-new and highly rated talk show, Katie, on Fri., Oct. 19. Katie is the No. 1 new talk show on television and is helmed and hosted by veteran TV personality Katie Couric.
Many know Grant her for her iconic 30-year career, but in recent years, she’s been caring for her father who is struggling with dementia. On this episode of Katie, she opens up about this intensely personal, challenging and rewarding experience, a situation 42 million other Americans are also in as they provide care for their aging loved ones. Plus, she will perform the world premiere of a new song she wrote, “How Mercy Looks From Here,” inspired by this experience.
Grant is wrapping her three-month weekend run with “Women of Faith” at the beginning of November, where she has headlined the tour also featuring Mandisa, Patsy Clairmont, Mark Lowry and others. Soon thereafter, she will embark on a holiday tour, including select dates featuring symphony-backed performances. In addition, Grant and husband Vince Gill will bring their popular “Twelve Days of Christmas” show to the Ryman stage for “Christmas at the Ryman” three nights this December. This marks the sixth year the couple—who celebrated their twelfth wedding anniversary this year—has performed the holiday special.
Currently at work on a new project, Grant will release her first studio album in three years in early 2013.
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  • Anonymous

    I love Amy!

  • Paula

    I have been blessed by Amy’s faith and music for 28 years!

  • Manoel


  • Manoel


  • Amy

    Thanks for blessing Peoria last night, Amy! You have blessed my life for over 30yrs:) Amy

  • Karen

    I was so happy to see Amy on the Katie show today, I lost my Mom to Dementia last Wed. October 10, 2012. I was among many who was her care taker but her final two weeks it was my sister and I along with my children exclusively that cared for her. My sister and I also sang hymns with Mom the weeks before her passing, it was amazing the similarities in Amy’s story and what I had experienced through this journey. Good luck to you Amy just continue what you are doing and LOVE. Mom’s journey out of this world was an amazing journey for us all she was surrounded by three generations of her family in the comfort of her home.

  • Robin Nader

    Saw the show, loved the song, wondering where it is so that I can hear it again???

  • Rob G.

    Amy has really gotten this thing right with her parents. When my father was leaving this world my doctor told me to go into the hospital and make the most of every minute. So I did. I even brought my baseball glove in (something we both loved) and he threw light tosses to me from the bed. The great secret about times like these is all the goodness, all the effort, seems to count double. It even makes up for some less-than-perfect moments there may have been. I think Amy’s really done this so well. She’ll never regret any of it.

  • Noeme Bailey Portnova

    Thank you for sharing your story Amy!. I cried watching the show. I’m taking care of my 89 year old Father In Law, the last month has been showing signs of Dementia. My Mother In Law died of Alz. 1 1/2 years ago. They were married for 63 years. We’ve been having ups and a lot more downs. I just keep asking God for Patience. Trying to be a good example for my 3 children on how to respect, love and care for your elders even in trying times. Can’t wait for the new cd to add to my collection.

  • Joye Atkinson

    Amy – Alzheimers has affected my family with a lot of force. My mom just died in April after an 11 year struggle. Her older brother died in 2007 after 15 years. Now my uncle, her younger brother has it. A few months ago God gave me some words that I’ve shared in many posts. He always puts me in character when I write so this is my way to honor those with alzheimers. I pray it will bless you. ALZHEIMER’S PRAYER
    Lord I know you’re busy and I hate to bother you
    With all the problems in the world you have so much to do
    Yet I remember when I was young being taught about your love
    How you died to set me free and left your throne above
    Now my body’s aging and my mind’s starting to go
    People say I’m senile and forget things I should know
    My family’s trying to get me to leave my home and friends
    They say they know what’s best for me and how this all will end
    Lord would you please give them wisdom to discern
    The leading of your spirit and patience as they learn
    To deal with all the changes at this stage of life
    Please let them work together and not end up in strife
    As my mind continues to slowly slip away
    I know there will be times I won’t remember how to pray
    No matter how my mind ends up let my spirit be alive
    And give my family all the strength they’ll need to survive
    © Joye Atkinson
    Inspired by my uncle Harry Geddings

  • Collisha

    My Grandmother has the same type of dimentia that Amy’s Mom had. It was frightening to watch her mind come & go. My grandfather began showing signs of dimentia shortly before his death. It was comforting to hear Amy & others share their experiences. It is good to be reminded that we aren’t on this journey alone. Thank you! Can’t wait for the new album.

  • Anonymous

    AMY no Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasiiiiiiiiiiiiiiil!



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