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A friend of Amy’s recently had a school project where they needed to interview a friend.  Simple enough right?  Well, after reading these questions and Amy’s answers we really thought this could be a great piece for the website.  So here are the questions and Amy’s answers.

If you could ask Amy any 8 questions what would they be?


Question #1:  What is your favorite book?

  • Amy’s Answer: My favorite book? in the second grade…CHARLOTTE”S WEB. In High School: THE THORNBIRDS.
    Usually whatever book I am currently reading is my favorite book. Have any of the 100’s of books I’ve read been life changing? Maybe for a minute. The book I have read and reread, memorized parts of, and been changed by is the Bible. For a life journey companion, nothing else really compares.


Question #2:  As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

  • Amy’s Answer: As a child I wanted to be an adventurer…always discovering something.


Question #3:  Who is your inspiration / role model?

  • Amy’s Answer: Inspiration and role models come in and out of our lives, season by season. My mother, my sisters Kathy, Mimi and Caril, my great grandmother and father, my father’s full time caregiver, my cousin Glenda, Carole King, Sarah Cannon (Minnie Pearl), Maya Angelou….the list would be endless!! Because at every stage of life, we encounter people who fan the flame of our curiosity, of our unique passions and giftings, and inspire our better nature to serve others rather than be served ourselves.


Question #4:  How do you manage to stay close to God while being in the spotlight?

  • Amy’s Answer: Maybe the question I would ask first is How do you get close to anybody? You spend time together. So, if you’re trying to get close to a person, you call them, or go somewhere together. you do things that you enjoy together. Slowly you let your guard down and try saying something that matters to you that’s not easy to say. Being close is another way of saying Being Known.
  • The crazy thing is, God knows us already. He’s already close.
  • Feeling close to God, on stage or in traffic, is not about trying harder. It’s realizing what is already true: God is with me. Why run from Love?


Question #5:  How has music influenced your relationship with God?

  • Amy’s Answer: From my earliest memory, my family sang hymns. Through the lyrics of those songs, I absorbed an understanding of God’s relationship with us… His creation… with me.


Question #6:  How do you jubble family, work, and God?

  • Amy’s Answer: The word “Juggling” paints a picture of never resting. Sounds Awful!! I do work hard, but life is a constantly changing pattern with work and family. I try and focus on what needs to be done as it is needed. Prioritizing helps. Thinking and dreaming matters. Having a plan is good. Having said all of that, I don’t have time to NOT pray, I absolutely believe that the Holy Spirit, the one the Bible calls “our Helper”, is constantly directing and redirecting my attention to what matters at the moment. It sounds simple, but everyday I pray, Lord lead me to those I need and to those who need me, and let something I do have eternal significance. How that prayer plays out compels me to whisper “thank you” many times in the course of a day.


Question #7:  What’s the best advice you have ever been given?

  • Amy’s Answer: Respect yourself and others.


Question #8:  What is your favorite Bible verse?

  • Amy’s Answer: “For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son; that whosoever believed in Him would not perish, but have everlasting life.” John 3:16.


Here’s our question for you:  If you could ask Amy any 3 Questions what would they be?  Leave your comments below and maybe we’ll pick your questions to be featured next.

  • http://www.facebook.com/cass.griffin.9 Cass Griffin

    I think my question to her would change from one day to the other, but today, I would like to ask a two part question.
    One: Many artists say their best work comes from the hardest/ darkest experiences and stretches of life- why do you think that rings true with so many songwriters?
    Two: Do you find hard times to be the most creative times for you to write? Can you give an example?

  • http://twitter.com/BradOlsonBemidj Bradley Olson

    Is your record company still talking to you about potential vinyl LP reissues due to a resurgence in the format with many record stores starting to carry vinyl LPs all over again and many stores actually removing CDs from their inventory? BTW, you should be willing to license some of your catalog for 24k gold CD and/or vinyl to an audiophile label such as Audio Fidelity, Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab, etc. In fact, many of your all time favorite recordings have been issued by audiophile labels over the years including Joni Mitchell’s Blue, lots of James Taylor titles, etc. on 180g vinyl and/or 24k gold CDs, SACDs, DVD-A discs, etc. Often times audiophile reissues have much more lifelike sound than many releases done by major labels.

  • Lori95125

    My 1st question would be: I have seen you and Michael W. both do the “Tapping your heart” gesture at your respective shows. Who came up with that first? Have always wondered.

    My 2nd question: Is there any Artist in any Genre that you would just love to record an album or song with? [Vince doesn’t count, ’cause you’ve already recorded with him :) ]

    Will have to think of my 3rd question.

  • edna

    Have you ever sang with Dolly Parton?

  • edna

    Where would your favorite place in the world to live be?

  • edna

    Which of your many wonderful songs is your favorite?

  • reachie

    first question – would you be willing to spend some time to write someone (who suffers from a chronic depression) a letter of encouragement? and the second question is, if you are willing, what words would you tell him that you think might help? the third question – can you send a fan (for 20 years or more) some autographed photos or things? because i am that fan.. :)

  • Todd

    How do you have faith, when some days, all evidence seems to point to the contrary?

  • Guest

    I recently lost my dear Dad and I know you’ve had similar experiences. I guess my question would be: How do you cope with the loss of a loved one?

  • http://www.facebook.com/mrzellow Timothy Joseph Anderson

    Fat Baby! #5

  • Carolyn Rose Wilson

    Wow…so many questions come to mind.
    1)Amy, share one of your favorite concert memories.
    2)Tell us about one thing you have never done that you really want to do.
    3)You and your music have been such an inspiration to me for so many years. I love to connect with people through singing and writing songs. Would you ever consider singing with me? That would be amazing!

  • Nolan

    1. Out of the many recordings you’ve made, which recording is your favortie, or you’re most proud of?
    2. Which artist would you love to record a song/duet with?
    3. Of all the many places you’ve toured in or visited, is there a place you’ve always wanted to go but still have yet to?

  • Jane Briggs

    Have you ever considered doing a Christmas show in Salt Lake City?

  • GFoster

    What is the hardest lesson you have ever learned? What is the biggest dream you have had that you thought could never come true, but it did? How has fame changed you?

  • Jonathan Stiles

    Would you ever release a cd of your unreleased self-penned tunes?. Often, my favorite songs of yours are the ones written by you alone, but there have been so few included on your albums over the years. I’m certain that you have written far more than the public has heard. The ones from your first few albums, as well as “Behind The Eyes” are so good. Please do Amy!

  • Kathleen

    My heart feels the need to join a church, I was raised catholic but do not agree with all the rules, I’d like to be Christian I think but not sure what it’s all about. Your music is so uplifting to me that I feel curious to your views and what you follow. I need the lord and so do my children, I don’t want to deprive them of god and faith but I don’t know where to turn. Please help! Kathleen neff

  • AnneMarie Branch-Winic

    Would your ever write/share/tell your testimony of faith?? Like have you ever had doubts? Or who led you to Christ? Details? Your singing makes me feel so close to
    Him, and I’d love to knowire about your walk with Christ. ;0(. Any thoughts on how to pray when we’re feeling so overwhelmed/stressed??

  • http://www.facebook.com/keren.campbell.7 Keren Shipp Campbell

    Amy, first I just want to say thank you for all your music. Your music and the way you live have lifted me, guided me, and inspired me for the last 30 years of my life. I guess I have so many questions I’m not sure of my main 3. But I’ll try.
    1)When you get to Heaven, other than seeing God face to face and seeing your mom again, who would you most like to meet or see again and why?
    2) I love singing with my daughter who is only 4. Would you and all your daughters ever consider all doing a song together and recording and releasing it on your next album?
    3) I loved your book “Mosaic”. Have you ever considered writing another book, and if so, what would you write about?

  • Mindy Harriss

    Wow. I am humbled by your answers. Thank you for sharing. No questions; absolutely obvious Who, What, When, Why, Where and How you are guided. You have inspired me greatly. I appreciate that more than a comment could ever convey.

  • Carolyn

    Kathleen- Just wanted to say that I was raised as catholic as well and became a christian while still attending the catholic church 30 years ago. The cool thing is, I was listening to one of Amy’s concert tapes. She was talking and said something to the effect that Jesus died for ‘me’. Life changing. See, as a catholic, I knew that Jesus had died for the sins of the world – but I never got that He died for me & my sins. I thought I had to go to confession for that. :) Amy’s comment many years ago started me on a long journey. By the way, being a Christ follower has nothing to do with being catholic, baptist, etc,etc. It has everything to do with believing that JESUS is the LORD & submitting to HIM.

  • Crystal Aiken

    Do you realize how many people you have influenced in your life? Do you think about that?

    I’ve listened to God’s messages in your music since I was a pre-teen. My parents divorced and I was so lost in the middle. My mom could barely make ends meet and my Dad was nowhere to be found. I remember having that “Ah-Ha!” moment when I heard your first album. I cherish my Amy Grant album collection even today. My girls sing your songs when we are driving down the road and playing your music. I love that vision through my rear-view mirror! It makes my heart smile. We’ve seen you in concert 4 times and on the 4th time I brought my 3 three girls as a surprise….a great memory! I wrote you a letter in 1997 before the birth of my first daughter and I’m not sure that you ever received it, but the intent was so that you could hear “Thank You” from the lost little girl that I used to be. Your message in music brought me to my Father and how does one “Thank You” for that? If you didn’t receive my letter in 1997…..I hope you will see this now. Peace and love to you Amy!
    Crystal Aiken
    Richmond, VA

  • Renee

    First question: What do you like to do in your spare time?
    Second question: Who is influencing YOU right now besides God…LOL? By that I mean who is your “idol” so to speak?
    Third question: What is your favorite kind of music? What are you listening to?

    I have been a fan of yours since I was in my teens. I am now 44. You have been such a big influence in my life…you really have no idea. My mom passed away about a year ago and without your music, I don’t think I would have made it through all the pain I felt from losing her. Your music kept me strong, kept me going. Thank you Amy for all you have done for your fans and thank you so much for the years of wonderful music!!!


  • mtdorajohn

    I was at your concert at 6 flags, Georgia in 1981-82. I loved the simple guitar and simple tunes. Your Friends concert last year was special and I really enjoyed that, but have you thought of doing or re-doing some of the simple songs ?

  • Karen

    1) What are you watching on TV these days?

    2) What is the hardest part about writing a song?

    3) What is your favorite thing to do while on the road?

  • Terri Moore

    1) What song is emotionally the hardest to sing?
    2) Other than through God’s strength, how did you rise above the fear to sing when you were young?
    3) Aside from a ton of prayer, how have you survived the teen years with your kids?

  • Maurice

    Which of the songs you’ve recorded are you the most proud?
    How do you most enjoy spending time with your children?
    What would you have done iff you had’t been a singer/songwriter?

  • Stephanie

    1. How do you deal with being scared for your kids-regarding their relationship with Christ, the choices they face, and wondering if you are raising them right?
    2. Is there any type of music you don’t like?
    3. Are you into fashion?

  • http://www.facebook.com/martha.sims.585 Martha Sims

    1. If you could get a tattoo what would it be?
    2. What is the best vacation you have been on?
    3. Ifyou could have a superpower what would it be/

  • http://www.facebook.com/michele.w.pearson Michele Wilhelm Pearson

    1) If you could have one day with one person(living or passed on) who would it be?

    2) If you could go back and give yourself advice in your mid 30’s~ what would it be? I am in my Mid 30’s and value your wisdom.

    3) How do you manage to be so grounded, humble, genuine, kind hearted and real being “famous” for so long?

  • ELM

    1) What’s on your “bucket list”?
    2) Have you had an opportunity to do something, decided against it, and then wished you had?
    3) My wife’s 50th birthday is Oct. 20th so I’m surprising her by taking her to your show in Wingate, NC that day. Can you give a shout out to Ginger and wish her a happy birthday? When we first started dating, one of the things we had in common was our love for your music. And now our 9 year old daughter has my college era Amy Grant poster (Lead Me On) on her wall.

  • Julie M

    Thanks for sharing this…and I love your daily prayer…am going to borrow it :)

    1. What is your best explanation or thoughts on God in the context of children suffering (starvation, abuse, neglect)? 2. At this moment, what lyric and/or song of yours is most meaningful to you and why? 3. When will the next Nashville weekend be?! Went with my sister and it was amazing…thank you!
    BTW :) ….I live in St. Louis and me, my husband and my son will be coming to the xmas show in Nashville on Thur, Dec. 20th…it will be the 1st time my 5 year old son will see you…and he LOVES “El Shaddia” and “I Need a Silent Night”…would love for you to one of them (his name is Gabriel!)

  • Becky

    1. When we get to stand before God and his thrown…what song will you be singing? 2. What do you cherish doing the most after returning home from a tour or trip? 3. If you could have a personalized license plate on your car…what might it read?

  • Nuno Beirão

    Hi Amy, what did you felt the first time you sing with peter cetera. I remember the great and amazing song “The Next Time I Fall ” , in 1985 everything was diferente, magics and the dreams could be come true. Thanks, you are amazing and beatiful forever.
    Congratulations, take care

  • David T

    Dear Amy,

    My favorite song of your is “The Feeling I Had.”

    I once met somebody who, upon meeting them, made me feel like I had known them for a million lifetimes… like there was an instant understanding that needed not be spoken; a kind of recognition of each other’s souls. Unfortunately our paths have not crossed since, and I’ve spent years waiting for somebody else to make me feel that way again. Because now that I’ve experienced that incredible kind of energy that can exist between two human beings, I couldn’t possibly settle for less.

    Your song reminds me of the joy of that experience, and the pain of having to leave it in the past.

    I guess I don’t have a specific question; I would just love to hear something about YOUR relationship with this beautiful song .

    With Love.

  • Claire Giles

    Amy, got the pleasure of seeing and meeting you in Belfast – you are such an inspiration and like many others your music helps me to grow closer to God! Thank you again.
    My questions:
    1) What comes first lyrics or music?
    2) how do you cope with the pressure of in the public eye?
    3) what’s you favourite song?

  • Alyssa Milan

    Hi Amy! I had a BLAST being on your farm this past summer and being with my close friends making amazing memories!!!! Thank you AGAIN for inviting us out there!
    My questions to you are:
    1) You’ve sung with some amazing people! How was it to sing with Melissa Ethridge and Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart? (they’re my other faves!)
    2) You’ve written some amazing songs that are still in the vault that we hear on the Amy radio. Any chance you’ll release those on a cd?
    3) Is there a possibility of another book written?
    Thank you for your open, caring heart and being Jesus with skin on and being an inspiration to me and many others! God bless you!

  • http://www.theresumeshopink.com Jerome Imhoff

    Amy~ I have been a huge fan for years. Your music has inspired and challenged me throughout the many seasons of my life. I grew up in the Church but found my own personal conversion through your music. Someday, I hope to thank you in person for providing an amazing soundtrack to my life.

    Here are my three questions:
    1) If you could sit down for a cup of tea and an hour of heart-to-heart conversation with any three people (living or passed-on) with whom would you share that time?
    2) Which of your songs do you want to be most remembered for? Which song do you keep coming back to and discovering anew?
    3) If you were not making music and sharing your heart with your songs, in what other way would you want to make a living?

    Thank you so much for your beautiful music– From “All I Ever Have to Be” which opened my hear to the amazing, personal love of Jesus when I was 16 to “Imagine” which was my comfort at the passing of my father, your honest approach to life has been an inspiration to me.

    Pax Christi~
    Jerome Imhoff
    San Francisco

  • Chantell Snyder

    Hi Amy! LOVE what your doing for the “Half the Sky” movement! Can’t wait for your song! You and Sheryl Crow are the best!

  • Maria Sinclair

    Thank you dearly for the music, your true devotion to God, and service to music over the years. In reflection my life has been blessed. Amy, your fantastic!
    (1) If we as followers of your rich journey in music could bless you and your loved ones, what would your prayer and wishes be that we do in thanks to your commitment to God and the ministry of music?
    (2) Have you ever sung for Presidents or Royalty?
    (3) Who is your favourite artist and/or art movement?

  • Patrick

    1. Looking back over the years, do u ever wonder what might have been, had your tape not been discovered in that studio?
    2. Why have you never toured South Africa?
    3. Do you still get tim to do art? (painting)

  • David T

    i’m not amy, but i can give you two great examples myself: “Lead Me On” and “Behind The Eyes” hehe 😉

  • Stephanie C.

    A few years ago I came across a pic of yours while looking for pics of churches on the Internet. I believe it was a photo from the Legacy: Hymns & Faith album, but it never made the album insert. The picture of you walking in the woods carrying a small wooden church house under your arm. I thought it a moving symbolic picture so I printed it off and displayed it in my home. One day maybe a year or so later, I was folding laundry and looking at that picture when I realized the reason I loved it so much was because it represented me as I was lost and wandering in my own faith. I had my own little church house that I was carrying with me, everything My Heavenly Father had for me was already there, I was just convinced that there was something else out there. I never found it. So I went back to my church house, and I’m finding God in my life and me in my life for the first time.
    I don’t know if that was the original meaning for that photo for your album, but I just want you to know Amy, I’m sure glad you took that picture.
    Much love and thanks, Stephanie C.

  • Brent

    Hey Amy,
    1. What type of music are you currently working on? I can’t wait for the new album!
    2. I’m gad I’ve gotten to see you perform a few times you are spectacular! I was wandering if there are any places that have been difficult for you personally to perform either from an acoustic or crowd standpoint and what have been the best?
    3. In the 90’s you dabbled in acting, have you considered doing some more acting? Even if it were local theater or church productions?

  • http://www.facebook.com/Rocklin1 Jenny Miner

    what is your favorite thing about Being in Church with Vince

  • Lisa

    I’ve always been curious to know what your family ancestry is. Also: would you release an album of songs with just your voice and guitar? (like Patty Griffin’s “living with ghosts” album)? I think it would be so beautiful!

  • David Casciano

    I know you asked for a question to ask Amy.I will just encourage her regarding the daily prayer she prays..Lord lead me to those who need me,and let something i do have an eternal significance.Well Amy,He hears your precious prayers .I just saw you in concert in North tonawanda at The Riviera Theater and talk about saved by love. I am a believer in Jesus, my lifeline and my wife left me saying she didnt want to be married anymore and divorced me .We have 5 kids as i had a child out of wedlock when we met and so did she.All in 5 kids and i adopted Steph.I lost my marriage ,my full time with my kids ,my home,my business.I am not playing the victim,we all make choices.My family and friends have supported me and i have been on my knees more than ever and am a better person for it.Saying all that,The Lord a couple months ago led me to Amy and her story.In our wedding video my ex, and I were announced husband and wife and walked off the altar to sing your praise to the Lord ,i forgot that.I told my ma and she got tickets for last Saturdays concert ,it was wonderful and uplifting and,Amy you are and do make a difference in your gift of singer/songwriter.You are real and hilarious and passionate.Way to go.David Casciano thanks you from the bottom of his little heart.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tara.slang Tara Elizabeth Slang

    Hi Amy,
    I hope you’re doing well. I hope you remember me from corresponding with me and meeting me a few times.
    I have ALWAYS wanted to know:
    *What do you do with gifts from fans that are sentimental?
    *Will you ever do another book or travel for more book signings?
    *I know this is a stretch…but would you EVER consider doing another movie?

  • Melody

    What is the best or most important thing you have learned from Vince?

  • http://www.facebook.com/tara.slang Tara Elizabeth Slang

    There is ONE question I would LOVE to ask you (even though I posted 3)…but what kind of advice would you give me about moving and living in Nashville? I have always loved it there and want to make it my home eventually. Thanks!

  • Bridget Doyle

    If you could only be remembered for singing one song particular song which one would you chose? My personal favorite is “Carry You.”



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