Caring For My Father… Amy featured in People Magazine.

Posted on: August 23rd, 2012 by Derek 23 Comments

Amy is featured in this week’s PEOPLE Magazine discussing the greatest challenge – and greatest lesson of her life as she navigtes the ‘new reality’ of a parent with dementia and embraces the unexpected gifts it brings.

The article is written by Eileen Finan for People Magazine and we want to encourage everyone to go pick up a copy and read the article in it’s entirety (available in almost all places that sell magazines).

Between preparing kids to leave the nest, caring for elderly parents and planning for retirement, Amy knows first-hand the difficult decisions facing baby boomers. That’s why she is partnering with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) to encourage boomers to educate themselves and plan ahead.

  • stephen

    remember amy you have your fathers eyes jesus be with you and all of your family

  • Rob G.

    God bless you, Amy. I used to work in a nursing home after years of PR work. I was never more satisfied in work. As Christians we truly do value all life. I believe your father now, and also your mom, “are” lucky to have you as a daughter. Keep up the good work.

  • Erin

    AG is the loveliest soul! So happy God put her on this earth. Always keeping her and her family on my prayers.

  • Linda Bradley

    Ms. Amy Grant Gill: I just read this sweet article and I know there is much that isn’t said. My grandmother had dementia, yet she could still pray! I certainly hope your father can. The prayers were my favorite times w/ her. Saying the blessing or praying before we left, she never misspoke her words while praying. It was amazing and a gift. Didn’t know if your Dad was still able to do this or not, but felt compelled to find you enough to mention. Hope you get this. Blessings, Linda from NC

  • Sarah

    “This is the last great
    lesson your parents will teach you.” Thank you. As a caregiver to my
    mother who is in her second year of the disease, I couldn’t agree more.
    As I care for her, my young children are learning this lesson, too. God
    bless you and your sweet daddy.

  • Veronica Mata Herrera

    I was inspired and touched by this beautiul and heartfelt story. Amy and her sister’s devotion, tenderness and duty of love is gift to us all; a model of caregiving and support. I LOVE AMY and appreciate her being involved in issues of boomers. Blessings,

  • Veronica Mata Herrera

    Anyone have a link the article online so I can e mail to family?

  • andiemie

    Amy – was so touched by your article in People this week! My mother died from Parkinson in 2002, and was in dementia for quite a time before that. It’s like you lose them twice! My Dad died in 2004 from complications from a relatively treatable leukemia, that just eventually took over, and he, at 80, didn’t want to do the ‘medicine’ dance to try to fix it. I never write these things, seriously! Just wanted to tell you how touched I was by your article, and the beauty of your sisters to help you. My parents were in CA, and my family had relocated to KS before all the diagnoses were made. My brother became my parents angle – so not his personality, but feel blessed that he could ‘take care of business’ without the emotional end of it wrecking him, as it would have done to me! God Bless!

  • Michael Smith

    Having had a grandfather with that I know it’s challenging, you’re in my thoughts and prayers.

  • Michael Paul Rieth

    Just read the article this morning and got all choked up – as I am going through a similar situation with my aging parents. Thanks for sharing, Amy, as I needed the reminder that I am not alone in the scenario of “raising” parents. Love ya bunches…




    Dear Amy and all, Mom died in January but I feel like I am a resource for dementia. Mom required all hours care, and Hospice was a blessing – consider it for too many hospical and doctor visits. We volunteer with hospice and know it’s goodness. Mom wwas just like your dad, Amy. Mom would wander until we got her in a provate famility of about 8 women (you could find one with men, too). It was a blessing to visit daily with her – she recognized us, but after stage 7, she got to not responding and just slept – trust hospice with the excellent care of you father. Please pray for him, as he is not the father you know. Be strong as we were with our mom who fell asleep in the Lord on 11 January 2012. With love and prayers to you, Amy – B.

  • Kelly

    Amy my grandmother had demetia. God bless you and your family.

  • David Chiu

    I read that turmeric in curry is very effective in alleviating and even reversing symptoms of dementia. There is something in the curry that binds to the receptors where the disease starts preventing it from occurring so at the least it is a protective homeopathic remedy.

  • Cliff

    Your Dad took care of my Dad some 23 years ago
    and he blessed our entire family in a time of our
    own great challenge. I pray you find a blessing in
    this difficult time – in the same manner and to the same degree as
    he blessed us.

  • Peggy B

    Hello Amy and family, I was moved by reading about the care you and your family are providing your dad. I was a social worker on an Alzheimer’s Special Care Unit in a long-term care facility and my days were filled with joy, yes joy, in my interactions and care for persons with dementia, their caregivers, families, and friends. I’ve continued working in the field of dementia and speak to people on a daily basis of the importance to ensure that the person with dementia feels safe which you and your family do so well. Thanks for the respect, love and understanding that in the midst of his dementia, he is also a man with a history of care and concern for others and so richly deserves the respect and love that you and your family are showing. Thank you so much!

  • Jenny Combs

    Dear Amy, I want to thank you for sharing your story and your faith. I like you am a caregiver to my Daddy. He lost his eyesight at age 55 due to diabetes. I am an only child, but like you, I have been blessed with a wonderful, caring husband. Your story has made me step back and look at the situation through different eyes. I just wanted to let you know how you have touched my life through your own story. Thank you for sharing. God Bless you and your entire family!

  • Al Mahan

    I used to sing for your father and mother every week. They were love birds. Such a lovely couple. And your father, he was always enthusiastic, loved to sing especially the hymns, always the joyful cheerleader for the Lord. May the Lord sustain him and you both through this difficult time with a special dose of His grace. Don’t be weary in well-doing. Blessings!

  • John Doedy

    Not having to worry about money in any situation, not just this one, makes life a WHOLE lot easier. Amy can ever understand the full burden and difficulty that is dealing with any ill family member, let alone all the other financial strains a majority of people face, especially in situations like this one. Most of us can’t afford “a full-time caregiver” like she can. I had to take my kids out of their Christian elementary school among other things. My young children are suffering for reasons that they aren’t even old enough to comprehend.

  • Dell

    You and your sisters have a difficult honor at this time. Your remarks in the People Interview were very helpful to me for a similar journey. Music is the remaining connection with our loved one, as no other memories can be accessed. God continue to give you strength and gratitude along this road.

  • Catherine

    God bless you Amy! I am so thankful for the inspiration you continue to be all of our lives. Blessings on these steps in your journey.
    With a grateful heart,

  • Oscar Santiago

    May God bless the Grant family greatly.

  • connie mcmeen

    does anybody know how or who to contact on ordering one of amys cds. i’ve been to walmart, target, best buy etc. i am not comfortable ordering online. a few of her cds is just about all my austistic son wants for christmas. i tried physically ordering with the friends of amy, but had no response. is there a physical mailing address that i may order through to purchase these cds. thanks for any assistance.



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