2 Friends Tour – Coming To A Close…

Posted on: November 16th, 2011 by Derek 19 Comments

Throughout 2011, Amy and Michael, their bands, and a group of crew have been touring across the U.S. and the tour comes to a close next Monday in New Philadelphia, OH.  It’s been over 60 concerts of hits and memories.  We truly hope that you got to see this tour.  In the coming weeks Amy hits the road with Vince for the ’12 Days of Christmas’ Tour.  To view the final 5 days of the 2 Friends Tour and the 12 Days of Christmas Tour dates click here:  http://www.amygrant.com/tour.

For now check out these photos from the 2 Friends Tour. Taken in Nashville, TN on February 22, 20112:

  • Tyb

    There needs to be a DVD and Live CD made from this tour! Jen–Can you make that happen? :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1443624189 Jennifer Olmstead

    Tyb — Yes, I totally agree

  • Johnb

    Be aware that Amy Grant performs first (at least she did today at Star Theatre). My wife and I had to take care of something that came up so we took care of it before going figuring she’d be the headliner and the last half of the concert. Sadly, she apparently performed during the first half of the show (which we caught the tail end of). I had never heard of Michael Smith and both my wife and I commented at 10:15pm and 10:40pm that it was a bad sign that we found ourselves looking at our phone clocks to see when it would be over. Amy Grant did come back out for his last song and they did an encore together but overall we were left a tad disappointed.

  • Vibajajo

    Saw Amy and Michael in NYC in February. What an amazing night of singing and praising God.

    When you both sang “Someday” and dedicated it to our amazing troops. I cried along side my friend whose son is about to be deployed.

    Thank you for the amazing music. You will always be my favorite !!!

  • Rebecca

    Due to our schedules, we couldn’t make the concerts, but sooo nice to see pics and hear from our friends how wonderful you all were at the concerts. (for us) Thanks for the ride over the last 30+ years….xo, Rebecca and Steve

  • STC

    My wife and I saw the show in Indianapolis last night at the Murat Theater. We first saw Amy 30 years ago at the Murat on the Age to Age tour. The warm-up act that night was this wiry, curly headed ball of energy who came out on state with nothing but a keyboard. No band, not drummer, nothing but a keyboard. Everyone in the audience was going, “Who is this guy?” But after a 30 minute set of incredible songs, energy, and “connecting”, everyone in the theater was going, “This guy is someting special.” You can guess who that :guy was. So fast foward 30 years and we are sitting in the same theater, in our early 50’s instead of our early 20’s. And from this older and constantly changing vantage point in life, I can honestly say that I appreciate the music, and the passion, faith, vulnerability, honesty, energy and beauty of the incredible songbook that the Lord has composed through Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith more now than ever. The songs from they played from each of the past three decades sounded just as good (if not better) than ever and they mean even more now than they did when we first heard them. These two incredible artists and servants have provided the sound track for my life as a husband and father, and I am just so thankful and grateful to God that He has blessed us so richly by giving the grace of music to us in the form of Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith. Peace and blessings to them, their families, and all of the incredible writers and musicians who have been a part of their musical tapestry for the past 30 years.

  • Crystal

    Where is the pink glove video from the Bismarck show?

  • Milo

    I was at the Show in Indianapolis Saturday night, I took my niece to see it. Here it is Monday and I still can’t get the music and feeling out of my Head.
    I sat there totally amazed. When Amy Sang “What about the Love” I wished it had never ended. So much passion, I have been playing her songs over and over again. I can’t wait for Wednesday because I get paid then and I want to go out and get some Cd’s! I never knew music could have so much power.

  • HaleyfromGA

    The concert in Tallahassee was great! My mom and I loved it! It amazes me to see how music can be passed down from generations throughout the years. Here I am, 15, and my mom shares her favorite artist and music to me. So, thanks Amy and Michael for an amazing, chance of a lifetime concert and music that never gets old!

  • Chad Taylor

    Yes, yes, yes!! Please? Pretty please??

    This was such an incredible tour and it would be a shame not to capture this once-in-a-lifetime (Or, okay, once-every-couple-decades) moment on DVD / CD. I can’t imagine how well it would sell!

    And everyone from Team Amy and Team Michael have both been noticeably quiet on this issue, unless I’ve missed something. Maybe waiting to surprise us?? On the other hand, if it isn’t going to happen, I’d rather just know that up from; I’ve already gotten my hopes up for it! :)

  • Holly Simpson

    I saw the Age to Age concert when I was a teenager, loved it and have purchased almost every Amy Grant CD since. I introduced my 5 year old daughter to Amy Grant when she was about 18 months old and she has been listening to her EVERY evening ever since! For her birthday this year I took her to see the concert in Indianapolis and it was such a great experience. She and I had such a wonderful time and I could not have asked for a more meaningful experience. I forgot how much I enjoyed Michael W. Smith, but he was wonderful as well. Thank you for providing an intimate experience with God that evening!

  • FlexRN

    The concert was the titled the FRIENDS tour. Michael W Smith is an awesome performer and Amy gave him his start. Sorry you didn’t like it but don’t be disappointed if you were unable to attend the WHOLE concert — it was AWESOME!

  • Kristin Johnson

    I had tickets to the show in Springfield…but it was canceled!! Seeing you Amy was on my bucket list! Please keep sharing your God-given gifts with all of us…maybe one day I can see you :)

  • Anita

    The first time I saw Amy 26 years ago in Nashville, TN. I was 17, and was fascinated by her songs and her love to God. I bought her CDs right away. My husband, by that time still boyfried, started to love her songs, too. Time goes by fast, and as I was listening to a song by Michael W Smith on you tube, I found out about the 2 friends tour. I was thrilled, and felt God wanting me to go, even the concert was the next day, and Indianapolis was a 4.5 hour drive away. My husband agreed to come with me, and it was such a wonderful show. Thank you so much. I love the memoryline, the songs of the 80s. Amy, you are such a blessing for us, and you are an amazing person, you are still the same, no way you are 26 years older, since I saw you the last time! I love Smitty too, it would be wonderful, if there would be a 2 friends concert CD!
    Thank you Anita

  • Johnb

    Not sure what the title was but “Amy Grant” was on the email I received from ticketmaster or live nation. People were walking out during Michael Smiths portion of the show (it’s a small theater and we were wondering how it felt to be on stage and look out and see this trickle of people leaving).

    Anyway, just be aware she’s the first part of the show, not a traditional headliner.

  • Crystal – me again

    Oh, it’s on youtube now. :-)

  • John_r_a_shannon

    Happy Birthday Amy!

    So much love!

    A lifelong fan in Toronto, Canada,
    John Shannon

  • https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.284664418236667.63211.100000793341111&type=1&l=9435aa4dea Steveh

    Here are some of my photos from one of the shows on Sept 14th, 2011 in Tualatin OR: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.284664418236667.63211.100000793341111&type=1&l=9435aa4dea

  • Dlsanderson56

    Amy, thanks so much for coming out to be with us in the Northwest-Puyallup Fair. We have missed you! You are spinning many plates too and you’re living the “abundant life.” We appreciate your dedication to God’s word, sharing of your gifts with us, and the sacrifice it has been for your family to have you away and on the road. Nice to set those spinnin’ plates down at the same table with you and to have a moment together in this abundant life!

    Watching you and Vince now on replay of the CMA Christmas Show. You are a blessing! I remember watching you on a Christmas show many years ago and seeing that ALL-TELLING twinkle in your eye as you sang, looking at Vince! Another blessing to see you blessing so many and each other together!

    Prayers for your Christmas at home. It’s hard when your mom is not there. Moms really bring the soul into holidays and when they’re gone, their presence is sorely missed. Prayers for you on this Christmas day as you feel that void, but bring the soul to your own family. We all are still growin’ up, but it’s our turn to be the Mamas. Love you Amy and Family! Merry Christmas and again, Thank you so much for ALL you give and share. Laura in Maple Valley, WA



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