Amy & Vince Honored…

Posted on: November 2nd, 2011 by Derek 10 Comments

Amy and Vince honored with the Joe Kraft Humanitarian Award.  The below video was played at a luncheon earlier this week here in Nashville!

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  • Angelgirl_1222

    How awesome is this?!!!!!!!!!!:-D Congrats, you guys!!! You both deserve it!!!!:-)

  • Kphilli3-23

    Congratulations Amy and Vince!! God Bless you both.

  • Csheild

    Great video tribute! Love the duet with Sarah. Is that song available anywhere (yet)? Congrats to Amy and Vince.

  • Mkean

    Man – O – Man! Yes, you follks in Nashville are really blessed to have these two cracker jacks around. But you know what – I bet she would agree – she’s somehow figured out how to – wake up each day and be available for Jesus to use her – in every way. You can see it in her soul full eyes. I’ve only seen that “something” in Rich Mullins eyes as well. Hope my eyes can look like that some day! Can’t help it – when I see her – I see Jesus. Maybe that’s how it should be. Well – except for that one time – when she dressed up as “the man of sorrows”!!! Ha Ha Ha…

    Lead On – Amy Grant! Lead on…..


  • Chris

    Okay, so I’m sitting there watching this, with tears in my eyes…and the last comment is that Vince is a cryer (or is that “crier”). So I guess I’m in good company on that front. Laugh hearty, love well, and cry when the spirit moves you. You are BOTH such wonderful human examples in all three of those areas, truly examples of God’s love in its best form. Thank you – for being you.

  • Lisa

    Wow….Vince and Amy, you have touched so many lives! My friends and I have traveled from Minnesota to Nashville dozens of times to hear you in concert, watch you play golf, and help you raise money for so many worthy causes. You’ve been a huge part of my life. You make me want to be a better person. It is because of you and your example that my husband and I opened up our home to foster children. That was over 5 years ago. Two months ago we just finished adopting a little girl that joined our family over 1 1/2 ago. Thank you for sharing your music, your lives, and most of all, thank you for showing so many of us how to live a more Godly life. Thank you from Minnesota!


  • Matt

    Vince and Amy…….I had no idea! THANK YOU for all that you do, quietly, in your lives! What examples you are …. Amy, I have been a fan of yours for a VERY LONG time….and I knew you didn’t just sing the words, but you LIVE those words! My son is a Marine and is looking into colleges after he gets out of The Service, and I am THANKFUL for your support of the Yellow Ribbon Program! God Bless you both and your family! :)

  • SRobin6053

    You can see some nice photos from this event at the foundation’s website. Hopefully, the folks that handles Amy’s facebook site will soon be adding video’s of Amy and Vince’s acceptance speeches.

  • Kathyl

    God is good and I pray for Vince and Amy!

  • Mkean

    Hey Chris – below. I wrote my post late and tired. I did not re-read. I’m not a Nashvillian or Tennesseean – so I’m not as familiar with BOTH. Maybe you are a family member of Vince or something. I did not mean to be disrespectful. And – this is an old post – and this will probably never get read! But – I have to do my part and apologize. I must tell you the contribution Vince has made to our family. I had two sisters who would not grace the doors of a church for many years. We had a lot of pain in our family. I could get blue fast and had one therapist tell me many years ago “it might be a good idea not to listen to country music”! Sounds funny now!!! I would always go around being grateful for Amy’s music (God has helped me so much through it) – but all I ever heard from my two sisters was Vince Vince Vince….Seriously! So – a few years ago – Amy AND Vince came to our city for a concert at a local church. It is one of the sweetest memories of my life. Because of Vince – I got to go to church with my sisters again. Something that had not happened for over twenty years. Sandy Pattie was right “Never comes down as expected – sometimes mysterious ways”. At the beginning of my prayers for them who could have ever imagined it would be a country singer named “Vince Gill” that would entice them back in to church?

    Lead On – VINCE – Lean On…..



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