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Posted on: October 19th, 2011 by Derek 16 Comments

Amy is currently enjoying the break in 2 Friends Tour dates and writing some new songs for a new album.

All of us here on Team Amy hope that you are enjoying your fall and we hope to see you on the road as the 2 Friends Tour continues – then on the 12 Days of Christmas tour with Vince!

Get information here:  http://www.amygrant.com/tour

  • Melanieray

    Everyone needs a little time for rest and reflection!! Saw your tour at the Puyallup Fair and was inspired and grateful for your music!! Much love, Melanie

  • Andrea Gump

    Amy, the songs you write are soothing to my soul. I would LOVE if you next CD included True Love (I saw you perform with Vince on Oprah) and What the Angels See (I heard you perform in Richardson, TX, for the Pieces of My Life Tour). I had the pleasure of meeting you that night which was a dream come true for me and a wonderful way to spend the evening on the 1st anniversary of my dad’s passing. What an incredible gift from God to have such a difficult day be filled with anticipation and excitement. Thank you for every note you play, every thought you write and every word you sing. I am your fan for life and I listen to your music everyday. I love your honesty, integrity and the Godly woman you are in the midst of this fallen creation. You inspire me so… Wishing you many blessings. With joy and love from Andrea in Highland Village, TX :0) <3

  • SRobin6053

    Andrea, Amy’s song “True Love” is on Vince’s new album “Guitar Slinger.” It’s due out tomorrow Monday, Oct. 24th. I hope I get my copy on time. You may want to check out the song or perhaps the entire album! Like you, I’m also hoping the “What the Angels See” and some of the other really great sounding songs that we’ve heard and the others that we haven’t heard yet, will be included on Amy’s upcoming disc.

  • Anonymous

    I am glad that Amy is writing some new music for a new CD.

  • Anonymous

    Hi, Amy! We came to your concert last night. My 13 year old, Noah, thought you were “cool and chill”, which he doesn’t say often! He thought you were great and of course I did, too.

    Thank you so much for coming to Tallahassee!



  • Shinaynay79

    Amy – PLEASE put the song about the trees on the next album! LOVED that live. Hoping for a “Lead Me On”-ish feel to the new album…

  • Tom

    Attended the show in Chattanooga last night. Absolutely fabulous! Saw you and Michael years ago and was thrilled to hear the many songs that we’ve been listening too for so many years…even the one that’s now in the Hymnal. These songs can never be replaced. Looking forward to listening to the new album!!

  • Kandi

    Hi Amy, My name is Kandi, I’m a Mom of three awsome kids, all in there 20’s now, and a wife of a very nice man. I was just thinking how much your music has influenced my family especially my daughters, and I thought , why not try and tell you. I wanted to ask you a question, my daughter is in a band, AbbyMae and the Homeschool Boys. We live in Washington State, on the NW peninsula, in Port Angeles WA. You seem very grounded, from what I’ve seen in interviews and things I’ve read, How do you stay grounded in your beliefs and not get overwhelmed with all the fans and everything you must have to deal with in the music industry? You need to come to Seattle or Tacoma, we have to drive a long way but it is very worth it. Thankyou so much for sharing yourself with us, May God Bless you … Kandi

  • Eo

    Just want to say Amy was fantastic this past Friday night in Orlando. Sang a nice catalog of her best songs and had a wonderful band and singers to back her up. Thanks Amy for a memorable night, I almost cried a tear. You get an A+. As for Smitty, very dissappointed. He barely sang anything from his collection of hits. Just a few big ones and then some praise and worship stuff. Come on Smitty. Sorry buddy, you get a D. God bless them on the rest of their historic tour together. Do an album together, would ya!!!

  • Matovu

    Amy I grew up with your music and I’ve never seen you live in concert because I live in South Africa. I really hope and pray that your next album tour brings you to our shores. You are loved and respected here and I’m sure that many South African fans would be delighted to see you perform here. I also hope that you’ll be including “What the Angels See” on your next project….

  • Sandy

    Looking for the new album/CD that Amy and a friend have just put out, songs about women in the bible…. anyone know the title?

  • http://www.chonnie.com/amy/ Chonniem
  • Jlredden41

    She was in Puyallup at the fairSept 16. Can’t wait til she makes another visit! She and Michael W. Smith were awesome!

  • Jlredden41

    I’m dying to get my hands on Amy’s new album. Does anyone know the release date? Amy??? BTW, Amy, I love you and your music!!! I plan on buying Vince’s new album also.You are trully my inspiration and my favoritist artist!! LOVE YOU AMY!!! I pray we can actually meet someday….

  • Darrell

    Thanks for putting Ames, Iowa on your Two Friends tour. Kathy and I enjoyed the concert and time of worship!

  • Brenda

    Amy, I don’t know if you will read this but I went to your Christmas concert last night at the Lyric Opera House in Baltimore, Md. WOW! A night to remember! You and Vince were awesome. This makes # 6 for me. I am a true fan of yours! I appreciate, and thank you for your recognition of veterans in the audience, I am one of them. Lastly, God has truly blessed you. Thank you for sharing yourself, your musical gift, and your witness with so many people. It is a wonderful reflection of God’s love.



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