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Posted on: September 28th, 2011 by Derek 7 Comments

We are headed home for two days off (over 20 dates still left on the 2 Friends Tour – hope to see you – tickets available:, but while I am sitting here at the airport I thought I would recommend some great new music to you. Switchfoot’s new record came out yesterday and is getting some great reviews. Also, “The Story” – a multi-artist collaboration produced by my dear friend Brown Bannister came out yesterday as well. Nichole Nordeman and Bernie Herms wrote all the songs for the project, which focuses on important stories from the Bible.

Nichole and I do a duet called “I’m With You.” And finally, LeAnn Rimes new record came out, which was produced by my sweet husband Vince Gill and recorded at our new home studio.


  • Peter Lo Ricco

    I bought LeAnn’s new album yesterday. It’s great! And Vince’s fingerprints are all over it (in a good way)! Looking forward to HIS new album near the end of October. Great job, LeAnn and Vince!

  • Gretchen

    Hi Amy – I just saw you and Michael in San Jose, CA at the Church on the Hill. Wow! You look beautiful and your voice is so amazing! Silky and smooth after all these years. I am a singer, too, and love singing songs for and about God. I’m also taking a songwriting class and you inspired me to keep singing and start writing from my heart. Music inspires me and calls to me to be a channel. Thank you for all you do for us. May God continue to bless you and your family.
    (p.s. The sound was the only challenge experienced by many of us in the audience. Too much bass and band playing loudly over your gorgeous voice. I came to hear you (not the band) sing and it was very difficult to hear you. The sound is probably the most important part of any concert and I know that no matter how wonderful the singer, if the sound guy doesn’t get it right the whole concert is frustrating for us listeners. Thanks for listening to my gripe and I pray that the band back off so you may be heard. God bless your tour and the sound man, too.)

  • JulieAnne

    Thanks for the suggestions…always love to check out new music. …and can’t wait for your new album…read that you are writing…yah!!!

    If you have a minute, check out Javier Mendoza’s new CD “If You Dare” …its his 10th (I think!) studio album…he’s an independent artist based out of St. Louis (from Madrid, Spain) …beautiful voice and great songwriter!

    Can’t wait for the Nashville weekend in June…hoping to hear you sing/play “Lover of My Soul” :)

    Blessings to you

  • Maureen Calzado

    Thank you, Amy for the music suggestions. I’m so excited to see you in Tallahassee tomorrow night…I tried to get to your Augusta, Ga., show a few years ago, bought the tickets, but was to ill to get there. Everything is different now. I’m a divorced single parent of 2 kids, one with autism and epilepsy, but I’m trying to hard not to give up. Through your music and my own faith, guided by your light, I’m holding on. XOXO

    Maureen Calzado

  • Mary Chamberlin

    looking forward to seeing you in chattanooga with michael douglas smith… were the first female christian artist that I started listening to BEFORE I came to Christ. I was at a place in my life those many years ago, and found myself watching a Friday Christian video channel. God used you to help me see a better way. THANK YOU for singing the very songs that broke my heart in my way of life and showed me a loving GOD. I’ve been walking with him, through thick and thin ever since 1989. My family has been missionary ministers in the US for the past 13 years. TO GOD be ALL the GLORY. It’s all him. But he used You Amy. Thanks for giving your life for his purposes.

  • Anne

    Took your advice and got “The Story” a few weeks ago and have already picked my favorites. “I’m With You” was an obvious one, but Michael’s and Darlene’s “The Great Day” (Second Coming) and Francesca’s “Be Born In Me” are awesome. I’ve already shared it with my closest friends. Looking forward to seeing you in Louisville for the “12 Days of Christmas” tour. Bringing my 4 yr old daughter and she is too excited to see Corrina sing (caught her on YouTube). Wonder if she knows she already has fans coming back for a repeat? This tour has become a family/friend tradition. Got tickets for my sister and her family to see you in Evansville the day after. Thank you for making it so special and well worth waiting for.

  • Rita Allen

    Saw the Christmas show last night on television in which you sang “Breath of Heaven”. Thanks for keeping Christ in Christmas.




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