Amy Grant’s – A TENNESSEE WEEKEND – JUNE 2012 ***SOLD OUT***

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***Update on Tuesday, September 6, 2011:  In an effort to clearly communicate with all of Amy’s fans, we are announcing that Amy Grant’s – A Tennessee Weekend is officially sold out and currently has a waiting list of over 100 people representing 200 spots.  As of 3:00 p.m. CDT on 9/6/2011 we are not taking any more additional names on the waiting list.  We are humbled by your excitement and look forward to a great event.  If any seats/rooms become available we will post a message on Amy’s website and facebook – after current waiting list members are given the opportunity to fill the available spots.***

An Note From Amy:

Hello Friends,

If  you have ever wanted to travel to Music City and experience the pull that has drawn so many creative people to call this place home, then join me the weekend of June 22-24, 2012. I would enjoy being your host in my hometown and would love to introduce you to some of my favorite places.

The weekend event is a benefit for The Helping Hands Foundation and promises to be a very special time for everyone.

Hopefully you will come away from the weekend inspired to rekindle the creative flame in your own world. I look forward to seeing some familiar faces and making some new friends

See you soon,

Learn More About the Weekend and Book Your Reservation Now:  Learn more about the “sold out” event.

  • Tammy Hamilton

    I just found out about the Amy Grant weekend and was really upset that it was sold out! I would so love to go, if there is any cancelations Please let me know!! Amy has been a piece of my soul since I was a young girl and this sounds so amazing! Thank you so much!

    Tammy Hamilton

  • bethe zelleers

    amy is my favorite all time singer…i always say…when i went to one of her concerts in the late 80’s…it was the only concert where i knew every word of every song…i would love to go as a celebration of my 35 years as a teacher and turning 60

  • Alison Wheeler

    I am so disappointed that we missed the last tickets. By the time I was able to call, it was too late. Please let us know if any more come available. My husband & I are praying it will work out. We’ve already marked it on the calendar!!!

  • Anne Cascio

    Appears as if you need to plan more of these events. SOLD OUT! NO WAY! Praying that the event is a successful one. Best to you and the organizers. Wish I could be there. Got great tickets for Louisville though. Thanks for putting this city on your tour. Bless you for all that you have done and continue to do!

  • Eloise Barrett

    How do we get on the wait list?

  • M_mgibson

    Could the waiting list please be opened up to FOA members who didn’t get reservations? Would it be at all possible for consideration to be given to increasing the number of passes available so that more of us can attend? I was away from home and with limited computer access, so I wasn’t able to respond right away. I have been following Amy’s music for years, since 1986, and would really, really appreciate an opportunity to be included in this wonderful experience. An event-only pass is fine – my husband and I would have no problem with getting our own hotel room. Please open this special event up to more of us!

  • Jeffreynolte

    Please place me on the waiting list as well. This event would truly mark 2012 as an incredible year…

  • Julie Franco

    How can I get on the waiting list?

  • M_mgibson

    This sounds like such a wonderful, special event. It’s unfortunate that some of us who really want to go are excluded, in my case, by circumstances that were beyond my control. It’s especially disapointing for me, because we never got a 2 Friends date in Virginia, and I can’t attend Amy’s Christmas concerts here, because 2 of them are too far away for a weeknight, and the one in Richmond was scheduled for the same night as my chorus’s dress rehearsal for our Christmas concert. :( I can understand wanting to limit the number of attendees to ensure the best experience for everyone, though. Maybe some of the concerts could be broadcast live online for us. Another idea would be a chat with Amy during that weekend. Maybe a video tour of Amy’s farm could be recorded and posted online. If we can’t be there physically, then maybe these would be ways to include more of us in some capacity. Amy and her music mean so much to me. I’ve been a fan for 25 years now, and there have been many times when Amy, through her music, was there for me. This weekend event sounds so wonderful, but the one thing that would mean to more to me then being there would be an opportunity to just have a conversation with Amy. I’ve talked to her at soundchecks and a couple meet and greets, and will never forget those opportunities, but they are rushed and I get nervous. The first couple times, I couldn’t say much of anything! I’ve been told it’s not possible, and I understand why, but I will never stop praying that one day it will happen.

  • Esteban carrillo

    Amy soy de mexico tus canciones las escucho desde mis 14 años eres mi cantante favorita love you!!

  • Jcauley2551

    Oh man I follow her events but I missed this one. I hope she does it again!!

  • Amy Cook

    I really hope another weekend will be scheduled! I would love to go too! Sounds like so much fun !
    Amy Cook, Orlando FL



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