Postcards from the United Kingdom…

Posted on: July 18th, 2011 by Derek 10 Comments

Amy has spent the last week in the United Kingdom and has sent these pictures back!  Don’t miss your chance to see Amy this fall when she visits your town:

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  • Joey DiGuglielmo

    Hey Jen,

    Have any set lists for the UK shows? Would love to know what Amy played each night and how it may have differed from her recent US shows. I’m thinking maybe she pulled some older stuff out since she hadn’t played the UK in so long? Same band lineup as “Pieces of Our Lives”? Very curious, thanks!


  • Alwyn Teh

    Here’re some of my photos from Sunday night’s concert in London!

  • Conrad

    Well all I can tell you is that it was beautiful. It was very personal and intimidate and at time surreal because I couldn’t believe that Amy finally made it to London and was standing in front of us. It made me think that yes she did think about us too. It felt like an event of a lifetime. Some of the list included (Im not sure of the order) was Stay for awhile, Saved by love, children of the world, better than Alleluia, Thy word, Big Yellow Taxi, House of Love, Come in to my world (New Song), Takes a little time, etc. It was all acoustic and unplugged and each of the songs had a change within their acoustic version meaning that the weren’t just straight acoustic versions. Some of the beginnings, endings and accent melodies were changed. So it was a very special evening that’s all I can say and i hope we see her soon because we love her here too.

  • robert taylor

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  • Alwyn Teh

    I entered this URL into the Website field, but didn’t know it wouldn’t be displayed.
    Here it is:

    Loved the show.

  • Paul Chalk

    Has Amy any plans to TOUR the UK? Cheers!

  • Michelle Ball

    Thank you so much for the pictures! Amy, it’s wonderful to see your beautiful smile!

  • Patrick Flynn

    WE love Amy’s music in South Africa. I remember playing her AGE TO AGE record back in the mid 80’s and I got hooked for life. When will Amy be touring South Africa?

  • Sandy Dickson

    My wife and I had the good fortune to see Amy’s concert in Glasgow in July. We had a fantastic night in a setting that was ‘up-close and personal’ – it was phenomenal!
    Don’t wait too long before your next UK tour, please!

  • Esther

    Just wanted to say, we went to the concert in London and it was just wonderful, a really special evening. Really looking forward to Amy coming back next year.



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