Dinner with Bono, U2 @ Vanderbilt, and Concert with James Taylor… What a Weekend.

Posted on: July 3rd, 2011 by Derek 5 Comments

Quite the bucket list weekend for Amy. On Friday night Amy attended an intimate private dinner with Bono and a handful of others artists hosted by Bill and Karyn Frist. On Saturday night, Amy and Vince attended the U2 concert at Vanderbilt, where Bono gave Amy a shout out from stage. And then today; Sunday, July 3rd; Amy and Vince boarded a plane to go spend the weekend with James Taylor!

Information on the James Taylor Concert Here: http://www.berkshireeagle.com/ci_18395953?source=most_emailed

Picture from the U2 Concert @ Vanderbilt in Nashville, TN on July 2nd.


  • Devin

    Amy, what a surprise to see you and Vince last night at the James Taylor concert at Tanglewood. You guys sounded fantastic – I’ll have to go on iTunes and download some of your latest songs (from both of you). God Bless!

  • http://tvcuresdepression.blogspot.com Laura Fissinger

    What a smile that brought to my face! — the thought of Amy Grant, Vince Gill and Bono all together “in the house”. Wanted to let you know that I continue to pray for your extended family and the healing power of your love for each other. Have a summer filled with music that surprises.

  • Amber Rhoads

    Well, that would be my bucket list right there…my two favorite artists…Amy Grant and U2. Their music helped me through some tough times and influenced my music. What a great dinner that must have been. :)

  • sean

    if you noticed the new U2 stageshow you the listener are getting clues from the Miestro of music that some of music being performed is not coming from the planet.Thier something
    thats part of the milky way galaxy thats been part of the galaxy for some time.
    As to who created it us or exraterestrials ?It does write music.Tangerine dream was one
    of those bands.

  • http://www.theresumeshopink.com Jerome Imhoff

    I saw U2 in Oakland, CA. The show was amazing!! I thank God for the amazing gift of music everyday!! Bono and Amy should record a duet!!



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