Want to have coffee with Amy Grant?

Posted on: April 29th, 2011 by Derek 11 Comments

Benefit auction happening right now for LLS.

Read more about the auction – Go here.

  • lul

    i can’t swing that but my nanna had that form of cancer, she died when i was 3 years old. She also loved Amy and was on the phone for prayer calls and such

  • steven william carroll

    Amy Grant, you have been putting out great Christian music for many years. Back when music came on cassette tapes, I had many of your tapes. I, also. bought several of your CDs. My favorite song of yours is “El Shaddai” which I view the video on You Tube.

  • http://ableplumbinganddrain.com jenny

    naw.. can’t afford it! I hope someone bids a lot though! I’m sure it will be more than 160.00 we spent in bidding on desserts @ our church’s “pie auction” to benefit our youth summer camp.

  • Marden Braga

    Yes…. that will be awesome!!!!

  • Marla

    amy, coming to San Antonio in Oct ?? the coffee offer still stands. Hoping you recieved your offer 😉 in your Thank You note!

  • Anthonia Mormah

    I will like to have cofee mkwith Amy grant . Are yhere any new dates. Anthonia Mormah

  • http://www.csidephoto.me kellie knieper


    my husband and i would love to take you out for coffee, beloved amy!
    praying the Holy Spirit will work out a time, His timing and ways are impeccable!



    kellie knieper

    psalm 121

  • http://www.csidephoto.me kellie knieper

    yes, love, amy!

    eric and i would love to bless you with a moment
    and coffee,
    praying in His way and timing it will happen!

    many blessings shower you and yours today and always, amy!


  • Gloria Gempko

    Dear Amy,

    I have loved your music since I heard your first album, “My Father’s Eyes”. It was great to
    see you perform live at Mardel’s bookstore in Texas several years ago. You continue to be an inspiration to me with your songs. I especially love “Better Than a Halleluja”. If I could have coffee with you, it would be so cool.
    Keep singing,
    Love and prayers,


  • Lilly Stevens

    It has been a special journey, as I was born again in May of 1981 and Amy happened to be on a Johnny Cash special on t.v. . She was ‘acting out’ a song about how the enemy comes as a roaring lion, etc. I was so proud of her boldness, & I was so thrilled to find someone in music I related to, now that I was a believer. But Amy is so much more than just that to me, our lives have paralled in so many ways. I relate to her in many ways.

    I love coffee and tea, and we have some TERRIFIC, “KATZ COFFEE” here in Houston that
    is really fresh and sold locally:) Yum!

    Just learned of your mothers passsing. I lost my mother at age fourteen. May the sweet comfort of His Spirit be strong, for you and your family, always <3

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