A note from Amy…

Posted on: April 18th, 2011 by Amy Grant 368 Comments

(Some of you have emailed with questions about why Vince and Amy recently pulled out of the James Taylor concert at Carnegie Hall schedule for April 20th.  I thought it best you hear directly from Amy….)

My mom is currently under hospice care and living at our home.

We believe she is in her final days.

A good death is made possible because of a life well lived.

I so appreciate this time of family togetherness honoring my amazing mother.

Prayers are welcome…


  • Tracey

    It was heart warming to read so many heartfelt posts and prayers written to Amy and her family; we certainly have some wonderful Christians posting here. Gloria Grant was indeed an amazing, gracious woman; I have lived in the Nashville area for 20 years where I have been able to see the ripples of Gloria’s life. She fully embraced a Christian life and through that embracing she has positively touched more lives than we can count. Trying to follow the paths from 1 person to the next that her life has touched would be an incredible roadmap. She always had a quick smile, a peaceful nature, and a willingness to give anything of herself. I am so glad she is with Jesus now and that in her last days she was given a reprieve for her dementia. By the grace of God she was able to reconnect with her family in her finally days. Amy has shared the compassion her “Lovely Mother” raised her to have with every person who has ever heard her sing, read her words, heard her speak, been hugged by her, been prayed for by her, had her listen to you with her full attention, and her many acts of kindness. Thank you, Amy for all you have given us and thank you, God for giving us Gloria and Amy.

  • Barbara J Struttmann

    Dearest Amy and your Beautiful Family,
    I have been praying for you recently, as you mentioned your Mother’s health, and that she seemed to be in her final days. I just want you to know that I do care . . . And hope to be able to offer you a small amount of comfort.
    I have always enjoyed your musical gift, as well as your Beautiful example to follow. This past December (2010), my husband and I were blessed to see you in concert with your family, here in Melbourne, Florida. It was our Christmas gift, and such a Blessing to us . . .and I want to thank you, as well as invite you to PLEASE come back!
    May the LORD Bless You and Keep You, as you draw close to your loving family at this time. God Bless You, Sweetie, In His Precious Name, Barbara Struttmann, one of your friends : )

  • Mary

    Our hearts go out to you and your family, as you journey through this bittersweet time of grief and celebration. We will lift you all up in prayer, knowing God is carrying you during this difficult season of life. We’ve recently walked down this road as well, having lost both my parents this year… I thanked God for blessing us with your music this year, as we cried out with “Better than a Hallelujah” so many times during our grieving process. While I didn’t know your mom, and I don’t know you, I can only imagine that you and your children are such a wonderful legacy to your mother’s faith… We appreciate your mother’s loving commitment to raising a daughter so strong in her faith, who is so willing to be open and honest with her life and with her relationship with the Lord, that she shares it willingly with all those who listen. Your stories and your music are truly gifts from God, and we thank you for allowing Him to work in you to share those gifts with those of us whose hearts are seeking God, but who don’t always know how to reach out to Him. Your music has provided that avenue for us on so many occasions . We appreciate how you are able to reach out to us in all our humanness and touch the very essence of God within us. Your “Straight Ahead” album is largely responsible for my growth as a new Christian years ago… This year, I shared it with my daughter who has also been touched by it (as well as by your current songs). You have been a blessing to our family, and to so many people we have met over the years. I know every family has their private stories that can leave pain in the hearts of those they love. I hope your family is the exception. I do hope your mom left you with a message of how much she loves you, and of how proud she is of you. You are a gem in your Father’s crown, and I’m sure your mom knew that. Hold onto those memories and messages that God has planted in your heart…she is with you always through Him….

  • Racheal Namatovu

    I am your fan Amy, your music has blessed me from the time I recieved Jesus Christ in 1998 to today.I am sorry about your dear mother and may the Lord of all comfort,comfort you,always…..
    God bless you.

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  • Esther Joy

    Dearest Amy, I’ve loved your music since I was a new believer in 1980. Your songs inspired and blessed me, and I still enjoy your music today. May you and your family know the comfort of the Lord at your Mum’s going home to Heaven. You’re in my thoughts and prayers. Much love in our Lord Jesus, Pastor Esther Joy xx

  • Becky Harrington

    You know how it has been said, ” To know Amy, just listen to her music., ” You and your
    music have been part of my life since your first album in 1977. Through your song lyrics, I
    feel like we are Sister-Friends. Please accept my humbly sincere apology for some things
    I have said in my letters to you over the years. But you see, I struggle with an umbrella of
    mental illnesses for which I take medicine every day.( I have a psychiatrist ). And I have a
    psychotherapist whom I see once a week, and I have my endurance and discernment from
    the Holy Spirit. Plus, I pray. A lot. And I pray to intercede for others, too. I empathize with
    you, Amy, on the “Going Home,” of your Precious Mother and your Wise Great Mimi. May
    I suggest that you do things that remind you of them, surround yourself with people who
    uplift you, do things that make you happy, and apply your song lyrics to yourself. Take care
    of yourself first, because if you do not feel satisfied with yourself, you cannot help others to
    the best of your ability. And keep taking those brisk walks. And remember to be gentle with
    yourself. Remember, all it takes is us showing up for our life,Amy, and God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit will do the rest.

    Amy, you are in my thoughts and prayers, and you always will be.
    God Bless You, I Love You,
    Becky ( Harrington )
    P.S. How is my subscription to Friends Of Amy?
    Amy’s online newsletter?
    Please give this directly to Amy.
    I, too, had a miscarriage in 1996.

  • Roinecard

    Hi Amy, I know the loss of a child. I know the loss of a parent. I know the loss of things, & family, other people, those that matter to you and the loss of those things that have no meaning to anyone except you. I’ve tried to work out my feelings on my own for the past 20 years, all of those “things” that went wrong. And God tells me “I’m Not Strong Enough” I stoppped singing. I never searched out how to play . . . “Ageless Melody”…wish I did. I would give you a challenge, for my Dad, my Grandparents, my Children. For everyone who ever looked at me and said I couldn’t possibly have any gift or talent…I may not be gifted or talented, not enough to earn a living but I can sing “Ageless Melody” and I can sing “Strong Enough”. I can sing . If you should get this message, as heart broken and weak as it may be… may God Bless You and your beloved husband Vince. Find me and help me sing…Ageless Melody.Ronnie

  • Lauriebellgard

    Amy, I send prayers for you and your family’s safety as you tour the road, it must be difficult at the holidays, what will you do for thanksgiving, x-mas and new years?

  • Lauriebellgard

    Where about do you live; I thought Tenn, I enjoyed the photos that were taken in that area of the country. Where do you enoy your vacations

  • Lauriebellgard

    amy, have you rec’d any of my mail or read the blog posts? when are we going to meet, i’m ready and really want to meet in person, not watch you on the computer. things have been real hard lately for bridgette and I, need some support

  • Vinc

    Few nowadays are good caring children to their parents . May God bless and be with you Amy.

  • Rick Vestnys

    At that appointed time, and we all have an appointed time, I pray angels will bear your mother up into God’s Presence where Christ is the Light and pains and sorrows are no more, where family is forever and our loved ones are not gone….just gone before!

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.doedy.94 John Doedy

    I think she was busy filing for a restraining order…. yikes!

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.doedy.94 John Doedy

    If your post made ME this uncomfortable, imagine how Amy felt…

  • eugenedunne5983@yahoo.com

    thank you any grant /my fathers eyes melts my heart always / thank you lord foe any grant and family /eugene ireland.

  • Cheryl Jacobs

    Our prayers are with you and your family. My mom also has cancer and had a mystectomy during last year and through God’s grace she has now completed chemo and will be undergoing radium treatment soon. Remember, God knows best! I pray that He holds her [your mom] in the hollow of his hand during her final journey here on earth. Thank you so much for always inspiring me with your inspirational lyrics. Be Blessed

  • Angela

    John, your comments crack me up…and are spot-on!



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