Happy April 1st Everyone! (no April Fools joke here)

Posted on: April 1st, 2011 by Jennifer 34 Comments

Hard to believe it is already April 1st.  I thought about pulling your leg and making a bunch of funny announcements about Amy but then I thought you might prefer getting the straight scoop…

As you probably know, Amy and Michael W. Smith spent 6 weeks on the road together for the “2 Friends” tour.  It was an incredible experience for both of them and the crowds were extremely enthusiastic about seeing these two artists on stage together again.  I don’t think there was a single night when Amy and Michael didn’t get choked up on stage together, singing so much of the music that they had created together.  We are already putting together a fall tour that will include stops in Los Angeles (at the awesome Greek Theater) and 20+ other cities during September – November.  In addition to the fall tour, Amy and Michael have added some fun summer shows to their schedule — Cary, NC at the Koka Amphitheater on July 28th, Atlanta, GA at Chastain Park on July 29th, and the Pullayup Fair in Washington State on September 16th.

In addition to the concerts with Michael, Amy is very excited to be participating in several of the Women Of Faith events this year.  Amy has participated in a couple of Women Of Faith events in the past and has always had an incredible time with all of the other speakers and artists.  It is a great way to step away from the stress of every day life and get together with other women to hear personal stories about faith, heartbreak, redemption and grace.  If you live near one of the cities where Women Of Faith will be gathering, I encourage you to attend.  Amy will be appearing:

April 29th – Las Vegas, NV

August 13 – Omaha, NB

August 27 – Dallas, TX

September 10 – Anaheim, CA

September 17 – Spokane, WA

September 24 – Phoenix, AZ

October 1 – Denver, CO

October 21 – San Antonio, TX

November 5 – Topeka, KS

November 12 – Tulsa, OK

Amy is also going “across the pond” to the UK for three shows in July.  I’ve lost count of the number of years it has been since Amy has done an international show and we are very excited to add these to the calendar.  The night will be a more acoustic night of stories and songs, but she is bringing enough of her band to rock the house a bit too!  I’ve heard that several “Friends of Amy” members have purchased tickets for these shows and we look forward to seeing you!

Amy is going to spend the bulk of April – September working on new songs for a new record.  Our goal is to get back into the studio next January to get something out mid-2012.  In addition to a studio album, we are also working on plans to release a 20th Anniversary edition of Heart In Motion with some added content and remixes.  Speaking of remixes, we are also working to release an expanded version of Somewhere Down The Road, which will include a couple of new remixes and HOPEFULLY a studio version of “Turn Turn Turn” — IF I can get her into the studio to record her vocal!

Speaking of the studio, Amy was in the studio earlier this week with her dear friend and former producer Michael Omartian recording a vocal for a charity project that will benefit Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital.  In addition to that, she has also contributed some background vocals to Vince’s new album which will release later this year.  And — this is exciting — she is going into the studio next month to record a duet with Nicole Nordeman for a project called “The Story” which will release this fall.  It’s a great song and I’m excited to hear their voices together.

On April 20th, Amy and Vince will be participating in a very special concert with James Taylor at Carnegie Hall.  Amy is so honored to be included as she has been a lifelong fan of JT’s!

Add to that — another Christmas tour this year!

You guessed it — we are keeping VERY busy!

Finally, we’ve added a very fun event to next week’s schedule.  Amy, Jenny Gill, Sarah and Millie are all going to model in the “Dressed To Kilt” celebrity fashion show.  I will post the press release separately rather than lengthen this post.  It should be fun and I will be on hand to take photos and upload to Facebook, Twitter and Ping (hint hint — you should be following Amy on those social media platforms!)

I wish you all a Happy April 1st!


  • Andrew

    Wow! So much is going on…very exciting!!!!! Jennifer, you’d better get some rest when you can you, you’ve some extra busy weeks/months ahead of you!

  • fanny hoffmann

    I’d like to know when you guys come to Brazil to tour, because you guys would love to come.

  • Rylan Arviso

    Dear Jen, Thank-You Very Much for giving (Us,Fans a long very excited update)…This up date was sooo cool and fun and exciting to read!

    So I read that in July Amy will be going to the UK for some “Acoustic Night of Stories and Songs Concert/tour”….. I would love for Amy to come to the (WEST COAST in CA) some time next year (2012) such as San Jose or near San Jose CA and do an “Acoustic Night of Stories and Songs Tour” (just her)..that would be real awesome for her do that kind of tour on the WEST COAST in CA, (sometime in 2012)

    Also its awesome that Amy will be doing another “Christmas Tour” this year, I really hope she can tour with “Jeremy Camp” and/or “Casting Crowns”. I have never see Amy Grant in a “Christmas Concert/Tour” and it would be “Wonderful” if Amy Grant came to the WEST COAST in CA in San Jose or near San Jose for a “Christmas Tour”.When you have time, Jen I would love for you to email me back, Please. that would make me real real happy :).Thanks for reading.

  • gina

    OMG I never thought I would see Amy again in the UK. Usually I have to fly to America to see her. What a blessing :)

  • Amy Autumn Brooker

    I am so excited to see Amy and Michael at the Greek Theater in LA in Sept! I am also very excited at the prospect of Amy doing a recording of Turn Turn Turn! really hope you can get her in the studio for it! I have been hoping she would include it on one of her albums sometime soon!

  • De-anne

    Loved the blog. What about Australia. I think the last time she was here was 1992 for the Heart in Motion Tour. My cousin went to that one. Had loads of fun. All the best for the other tours. Turn, Turn, Turn is a beautiful song.

  • Jendy

    So excited to hear Amy and Nichole Nordeman together! Nichole is my second favorite artist next to Amy! Also hope to see Amy again this fall/winter. Looking forward to a new record as well as a 20th anniversary edition of Heart in Motion.!

  • http://FoA Jacob

    You and Amy are working! I know I appreciate it and so do many others.

  • Debbie Drumheller

    What an exciting year again! Wow! So much to look forward to!

    Blessings to you,

  • Jeff Nolte

    “Turn, Turn, Turn”—yea! Remix album! Rock on! More “Heart in Motion” AND a new album coming up? I can hardly stand myself! Now, we need a live “Friends” DVD. Just saying is all.
    Thanks for the update! I’m really excited.

  • Deb Finley

    I recorded “Turn, Turn, Turn” on my camera during a sound check and was thinking…”Amy should really record this….And she thought she’d retire at 45 when she was younger…HA! You go, girl!!

  • Helen Bell

    Please ask Amy & Michael W. Smith to seriously consider a concert tour in Australia again. They both have fans here who would just love to be able to share in such an amazing experience. God bless all of you.

  • E. L. M.

    Wow, so much to look forward to! Excited about the concert appearance she and Vince will be doing with James Taylor. Wouldn’t an Amy/JT duet be awesome in the future? Would also love to hear Amy sing with Darius Rucker. Speaking of new albums, I’m a relatively new member of Friends of Amy and I love the FOA Radio – especially the bonus cuts from the Behind the Eyes sessions. There’s enough good material there for an entire album. I love “I Feel Fine,” “Walk on Water,” “It’s Crowded in Here,” “Say,” and “I’ve Got You.” Are these available for download? Thanks Amy for making the world a nicer place!

  • Keeyean

    Hi Jennifer!

    I am wondering if Amy will be coming to sing in Singapore anytime? I am sure it will be a blast for everyone! We will love to have her here in Singapore!

    We are a English speaking population and most of us grow up with English songs and pop! We also have a growing number of Christians, now at around 20% of the population!

    We are really missing Amy Grant here! (Too much of Hillsong and heavy rock Christian songs these days). Would Amy come and hold a concert here?

    God bless!

  • Steve

    I’m excited about the 20th Anniversary “Heart In Motion” release! I met Amy a couple of years ago in Nashville when she did the Christmas taping at the Grand Ole Opry and I asked Amy if she planned to do a 20th anniversary for “Heart In Motion”…she said she hadn’t really thought about it and couldn’t believe it had almost been 20 years. I told her she should release it like she did “Lead Me On” with new artwork and add unreleased songs.

    I can’t believe my suggestion is actually going to come to be!

    Thanks for listening Amy! That’s what makes you so cool…..you connect with your fans!

    Can’t wait to get this updated “Heart In Motion”!


  • http://georgegaytan.tripod.com George Gaytan

    Hello Jen! Greetings from San Antonio! I was the guitarist that played during the “Pieces of our Lives” tour back in Sept…in Houston,Austin,Dallas.
    If there’s time I’d like to say hello when you come to San antonio in October for the Women of Faith Event. Sincerely,
    George Gaytan-georgetan1@earthlink.net

  • Lea Fredrickson

    Hi Amy:
    I was at your recent concert in Omaha Nebraska. It was awesome. I love your music secular & Christian. I have a question. I also am a huge fan of Vince Gill’s. Will you & Vince ever do a CD together? I hope the answer is yes. Have a Blessed Easter.

  • Jeff

    I think I can probably speak for everyone when I say we would LOVE for Amy to record “Turn, Turn, Turn.” That song is one of my favorite oldies and I loved hearing Amy sing it in January of 2010.

  • Will Scott

    I’d love to see a 25th anniversary edition of Age to Age. How about a duet with Rich Mullins on “Sing your praise” (I’m sure the technology can handle it); a duet with Michael Card on “I have decided” and a duet with Kathy Troccoli on “Raining on the inside”…add in the re-recordings that have been previously heard and we’d have a blast!!!

  • http://lifebynic.blogspot.com/ Nichole H

    FABULOUS News!!!! Happy birthday month to me!!! Can’t wait for that duet with Nichole Nordeman. My sister lives in Scotland and is going to be able to see Amy this summer. She is so excited! You have made this fan quite happy today;-).

  • wayne mitchell

    what would be great is added content like maybe the original song recordings of ”Wind In The Fire, I Feel Fine, It’s Crowded In Here, I Wanna Love You, I’ve Got You”! At the very least ”Wind In The Fire” it’s the lyrics inside the original Heart In Motion Album Jacket and when someone played the song for me, i fell hard for that Amy song, more than any other Amy song i’ve loved! Can’t wait to see what will be on the 20th anniversary Heart In Motion & i also read an old listing of Somewhere Down The Road where 2 songs remixes were going to be ”Oh How The Years Go By & Love Has A Hold On Me! Also, can i add how much of us would LOVE dvd/cd Michael W. Smith & Amy Grant 2 Friends Tour Live! Even so, what if Amy puts the all-time Album out of all the unreleased songs that the record companies wouldn’t! Amy we love you & you’re very God given talented & we await more from the Best Loved Artist Of Our Time! Truly, God has blessed us! Thank You for being there for us in Song, Spirit & Friendship!

  • Brenda

    I’m hearing rumors that Amy is coming to Aberdeen, WA in September, around the Puyallup Fair. I’m so excited, and I know Amy will love the theater when she sees it. And it would be such a blessing of encouragement for this area. Any idea on the actual date? Any chance of Michael W. Smith tagging along?

  • Bill

    OK, I admit it, I’ve registered for a Women of Faith conference to see Amy.

    Is that bad? :-)

  • John Hardy

    Hello. Glad to hear about this news about my FAVORITE !!! artist. I saw Amy during her Lead Me On and the Heart in Motion Tour. Now,if we could get a remastered anniversary edition of Age to Age, the #1 selling album back when it was released including my all- time favorite song by her ( with credit to Michael Card of course), “El Shaddai” ( either acoustic guitar or piano only), that would be wonderful. Can’t wait for the Christmas album( The new one should include “Grown-up Christmas List” and /or “Breath of Heaven” and possibly one of the most beautiful Christmas songs I have ever heard , “Mary,Did you Know?”) Thanks for all the good news.
    John Hardy, Massachusetts

  • Greg Hodges

    Glad to hear Amy is still recording and touring in the U.S.! I admit that over the last decade my attention to what Amy has been up to has been sporadic at best. From 1984-1996 I considered myself an Amy fanatic; listening to every song she ever recorded. For personal reasons that period gave way to other paths; and while I never stopped loving her music ; my life became too busy to maintain that level of commitment. I became pen pals with Lori Mcalister (Amy`s F.O.A. co-ordinator); until she moved on. So my reply is that I sincerely hope that some day she will tour Canada ( a little closer than England or Australia/ not to say they deserve concerts as well); so I could once again hear what I still consider an olde friend in person; and once again be inspired by the one and only Amy Grant!!

  • Raquel


    Come to Brasi, please.
    I love your songs.

  • Norman Allinson

    I’m with De-anne, time for another Australia tour. Seeing the two friends in Brisbane would be great! And bring Vince along as well, some husband and wife duos would make the evening!

  • Per D

    Finally, Amy Grant will be in Europe. As soon as I heard I booked a hotel and bought tickets in the first row at the concert. Amy Grant has been incredibly influential in my life. I was hardly a teenager when I first heard one of her records back in 1983. It was Age to Age, and my cousin had bought it in the US, and brought it back to Norway. I was captured, and from then on, her records has been a part of my life. When I was 18, I listened to one of her records, and suddenly the message was for me – while listening to the song “Fill me with your love” I bowed down beside my bed and accepted God´s love. That is 24 years ago, but still her songs speak to me. I can´t wait to see her July 17th in London. If you want to buy tickets: Here is a link to the venue: http://www.fairfield.co.uk/showChoosearea.php?showid=16969

  • Tina

    Please keep us posted on the concert with James Taylor. I can’t imagine being able to sing with someone you’ve loved all of your life! I’d love to hear Amy’s thoughts afterwards on the experience, too!

    I wish Amy and Vince and their family all of the best. Thank you, Amy and Vince, for each being who you are and giving just that gift to the world. It has made a difference in many a life, mine being one. :)

    God bless you and keep you all always in His care!

  • Lindsay

    So I’ve waited since 1994 for Amy to finally come back to the UK and when is she coming? 3 weeks after I’m due to give birth. I am pretty sure I will feel too guilty to leave my newborn but I’m torn. I kinda wish I hadn’t seen this announcement. What to do?

  • Wayne Mitchell

    Hope Amy’s Mother is doing better! On a recording level, we hope to see them heart in motion 20th anniversary edition out this year soon, and the expanded version of somewhere down the road. Also, didn’t Amy do a duet with Billy Ray Cyrus last year and it is supposed to be on his new album coming out in May? And someone said something about a new Christmas Album? Awesome!! If this is true or was it a misconcept. Just curious! Well Amy & Vince, we all love yous and wish you the best and look forward, once again; to a very productive year! Hope all is well, and our prayers go out to you and your family. “God Bless Us All”!!

  • JB

    Does Amy ever visit Traverse City, MI? There are a few churches here that could hold her…She’s been my long time favorite performer and I just would love to see her in concert. Plus if she still golfs, this is a great touristy golf area!! Lots of water sports too if she brings her children.

  • Michelle Gibson

    Still waiting/hoping for a 2Friends tour date in Virginia…

  • Marley Mandy

    Hi Amy, I know your tour with Michael is coming to a close soon but I’m with the others about Australia (especially Sydney). It has been so long since you were here and we would really love to see you again. Please bring the tour here! We would love to see you again! Mandy



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