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We invited reviewer to come out to the concert and give us an unbiased review of the 2 Friends Tour with Michael W. Smith & Amy Grant.

Reviewer:  Kevin Davis – (click that link to read the review in-full and see images from the concert).

2 Friends Tour Review – Part 1:  Amy Grant’s Looming Legacy

I had the amazing opportunity to attend the final show of the sold-out “2 Friends Tour” with Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith at American Music Theatre in Lancaster, Penn. on Sunday night, March 6, 2011.

The signs in the lobby were for upcoming shows by Melissa Etheridge,
Gary Allan, Chicago and Meat Loaf. The message and light of the Gospel
was being brought into the heart of Lancaster. I’ve been listening to
Amy Grant for more than 25 years as I first heard “El-Shaddai”, “Thy
Word” and “Tennessee Christmas” when I was in high school in 1985.

Like many avid Christian music collectors, I believe that 1988’s Lead Me On
was one of the most influential albums in the history of Christian
music. Amy truly paved the way for all female artists and today I hear
her influence in some of my favorite artists, including Sara Groves,
Bethany Dillon, Britt Nicole and Francesca Battistelli.

The capacity crowd of 2,000 was cheering non-stop as both Michael and
Amy walked out hand-in-hand and took the stage together, with Michael
playing keyboards for Amy, the same as they started out together.

Amy began by singing “Stay For Awhile,” which kicked
off the theme of the evening–the passage of time. Amy commented, “We’ll
sing songs from all eras, and if you don’t hear what you came to hear,
we’ll have to come back.” Amy then told us all to stand up, she loved
the 80s and… (click here to read the rest of part 1)

2 Friends Tour Review – Part 2:  Smitty’s Musical Journey

Following intermission, Michael came out by himself and just sat at his keyboard and started playing “Place In This World” which caused the crowd to cheer wildly. Next, Michael surprised us by playing the instrumental song “The Giving” from Freedom.
Michael told us how much he loves soundtrack music and how his record
label didn’t immediately embrace the idea of an instrumental album and
thanked us for supporting him. Michael talked about co-writing and Amy
came out, and she sang “Thy Word” and “Angels,” which Amy told us, “is a true story from The Bible.”

Michael said he didn’t know what year they wrote the next song, and Amy quickly said “1986,” which led to “Faithless Heart.” One of my favorite moments of the night was next. Michael went on to say that in 2006, he and Amy co-wrote “How Can I Say Goodbye” from Stand.
The song was originally written for Michael’s daughter, Whitney, when
she left to California for college. Michael said he couldn’t sing it
without crying. But now that it has been more than four years since
then, he’s changed the song to Amy’s key, so she can sing the song for
her daughter, Sarah, who is leaving for college. Amy said she also
couldn’t sing it without crying but had called Vince Gill to let him
know that the song was therapy for her and certainly cheaper than paying
a therapist.

“Somewhere Somehow” was a fun surprise from 1992’s Change Your World,
and is a love song sung as a duet with Amy. Ironically, the song was a
hit in Asia, but never got traction in the USA. Before this tour, the
last time they sang the duet together was in the recording studio some
20 years ago.

The set switched at that point to Michael and his full band, including “Open The Eyes Of My Heart” and “Forever” as a medley from Michael’s best-selling Worship, and they…  (click here to read the final part of the review.)

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  • Chantell S.

    Sounds AWSOME!!!! Does Amy sound the same when she sings “Sing Your Praise to The Lord?”
    Chantell S.

  • Michelle Norris

    She absolutely sounds the same!! And looks the same too!!! She is AWESOME!!!

  • Chantell S.

    She is still BEAUTIFUL!!!! I believe that since she had her last child at 40, that will keep her young for a LONG time!!!! It’s awsome that she sounds the same. I have her “Live”DVD from 2006 where she sings “Father’s Eyes.” She still sounds the same there too.
    Chantell S.

  • Trish Bailey

    Amy, I would have loved to seen you and Smitty again, but none of the shows were close by. I think it would be awesome if you and Michael could record a “friends” album for those of us (thousands if not millions) who were unable to see it. Since you are both involved in Compassion International, you could give the proceeds to the scholarship program that you were telling about in your Pieces of Our Lives tour. My boys and I are sponsoring a young man from Kenya who is eleven. I hope he ends up being one of the young men that is able to go to college, and that by that time I can afford the additional cost for sponsorship. God Bless You!

  • Laura

    This was a wonderful tour — such a delight for all of us who’ve been following MWS and Amy for long enough to walk down memory lane with them and recognize the landmarks along the way! :) And, for all the new fans just now discovering the joy of their music! What a blessing! I, too, will add my voice to the others who have said to PLEASE consider a CD/DVD of this tour! It would also be wonderful to see the tour continue in the fall. It’s been such an emotional journey — thank you to all working on the tour for the effort put into sharing the joy with us! An evening at an Amy Grant concert is always a mountain top experience, and the joy was more than doubled to see Michael and Amy back together and obviously having a blast! God bless you all! In Him, Laura



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