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Posted on: March 6th, 2011 by Derek 30 Comments

Over the last 5 weeks Amy and crew have been touring across the country with the 2 Friends Tour.  Most concerts have been sold-out and it’s been really exciting to watch and listen to so many of your stories. Tonight in Lancaster, PA the Spring leg of the tour comes to a close with yet another sold-out concert. We truly hope that you have enjoyed seeing Amy and Michael on-stage again and it’s a tour that we certainly hope to continue with more dates this fall.

In coming days/weeks we’ll be announcing more of Amy’s schedule for 2011 and hope to see you at these concerts – and of course in the fall for the 2 Friends Tour (if schedules allow for it to happen). Stay informed with Amy’s schedule here:

For now check out these photos from the 2 Friends Tour. Taken in Nashville, TN on February 22, 20112:

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  • Glenn

    Please oh please come to Central Florida, your only Florida appearance was too far for a week day drive. I hope there will be DVD of this concert… guys have impacted so many lives in more ways than can be communicated. God Bless!

  • Susan Strahan

    My husband gave me tickets to the concert at the Ryan in Nashville. It was the best concert ever! We loved every minute of it! I cried it was so good!!

  • Carleen Scheel

    Praise God! You two bless us with yur continued success in Jesus, setting wonderful examples. You look and sound great in His abundance. Joy to YOU. Thank you. Have a lot more fun!

  • Jodi Biegel

    Was at the Anaheim, CA concert! I had been wanting to see Amy Grant in concert since I had to give up my ticket ( for family reasons ) when I was 17. Seeing her in concert was a dream come true. I loved every minute of it! Even got to see a friend of mine (Marcie Williams) there from my church who came with her family. I will never forget it!

    Jodi Biegel, Corona, CA


    What a fantabulous show last night in Boston! Thankyou both <3

  • Jenna

    Love these photos! Thanks for sharing them! I got to see the tour in Phoenix and it was truly an amazing show! I also was blessed to get a chance to meet Amy that day! It will be a day I never forget!

  • Debbie

    Glad to hear that you are going to continue the tour in the fall if able. I know of some people who want to see you and didn’t make it. I hope I’m able to attend again. I look forward to your other dates and the possability of attending. Thank You MWS & Amy for all the years of your music and how it has ministered to me. In Him Debbie

  • Cindy Wingert

    Amy and Michael,

    Thank you both for leaving your family for a few weeks to tour together! The trip down memory lane during the concert was so sweet.
    Thank you for allowing your fans to be part of your lives in a small way! You are prayed for and loved!


  • Debra Harlander

    I was honored to have attended two of your concerts from this tour. The first in Jacksonville FL and the second Friday night in Rochester NY. I was blessed by both performances, and in different ways. Thank you both so very much for your obedience to God. The sacrifices you both make being away from your families for extended periods of time to minister to us through you music is very much appreciated. Good luck tonight, and I am certain that those who are present for this performance will not leave without being truly blessed. God bless you both. Get some rest.. you both deserve it (and your bands and crew as well)

    In His name, Debra

  • Dennis Ray

    Thanks so very much for an awesome night in Grove City OH!! My wife and I had our first real “date” seeing you, Amy, in Dayton about 7/8 years ago. Tonight was so wonderful…front row again!! We’ve enjoyed meeting you a couple times and enjoy your warmth and special talents every time we see you perform!! God bless!

  • Deb Finley

    Amy and Michael….
    Thanks so much for touring again! It brought back memories of the ’88 tour when we were all younger but not as wise. Funny how when you reach a “certain age” that age doesn’t seem so old after all…
    Many blessings to you both, and Happy Birthday to Corrina on the 12th….hope she likes the book!
    God Bless,
    Deb Finley

  • Lori Evert

    Really hope to see Michael and Amy together on stage again soon! I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and closest they came was in Chicago. I was unable to see them in concert because we were expecting the delivery of our first child in a few weeks and didn’t want to be far from the hospital…just in case! I was so disappointed that I missed the concert. Amy and Michael are 2 of my favorites and I’ve listened to their music all my life. Please go on tour again, Michael and Amy! Hopefully somewhere near the Milwaukee area! Would love to see the concert!

  • Melissa Overman

    Saw you both at the Ryman thanks to a very good friend…and what an amazing show! Unguarded was my introduction to Christian music when I was 10 and I’ve been listening ever since. I still cry every time I hear “Sing Your Praise to the Lord”! Thank you, both, for the music, the steps of faith, the prayers…and all the fun!

  • MeLinda Ogaard

    Amy & Michael
    Great tour! Hope it is able to continue in the fall, would love to see it several more times ….
    even if I have to settle for a DVD (Hint, Hint).
    Thanks for doing what you do!
    God Bless,

  • Danny Busby

    Hello Amy and a shout out to Michael,

    I have always enjoyed your music over the years but the greatest thing about you guys is how down to earth and real you both are. That is what makes you both so special and that’s why I love you and have such a deep respect and appriecation for you.

    May God continue to bless you, inspire you, and keep you…..

  • Amy McHugh

    Amy, your performance last night with Michael in Boston was so amazing! My sisters and I greatly appreciate you taking the time to say hi and grab a couple pics with us. You are such a beautiful person, inside and out. You are an inspiration to so many! Thanks for all you do!!

    Amy McHugh (Scarborough, Maine)

  • Joanne Gerry

    Amy & Michael,
    My husband and I were at the concert in Boston, last night. It was such a blessing. We both enjoyed it so much. Amy, your stepdaughter is so talented! Micheal, your instrumental was especially awesome. I was especially touched by hearing “Baby, Baby” – which I used to sing along to and dance to while holding my baby daughter, and then “How to Say Goodbye” as she is graduating from high school this year! Yes, I cried.
    Thank you both for sharing your gifts of music and faith with all of us, and thanks to your families for sharing you with us.
    God Bless.
    Joanne & Micheal

  • Kathy

    What a fabulous concert in Boston! You brought back so many memories and as you said Amy
    it was nice to go back and remember our former selves. But most of all what an amazing witness you both shared. Hope you will come to New Hampshire sometime!

  • Missy

    Amazing night in Cleveland last weekend. I took my 6 year old daughter to the soundcheck first. Shout out to Kim- you made her night when you said you liked her sparkley headband! The concert was truly a blessing. To be able to share this experience with her meant the world. The greatest moment- watching her sing the praise songs right along with MWS and making up motions in her seat. Love. PS- Amy and Band- I grew up playing Nerts! I’ve taught all my sister in laws and oftent times during family gatherings the cards go flyin!!!! Thanks for all your inspiration, dedication and sharing with us. Truly blessed.

  • Andy

    Come to Portland, Maine in the fall. I saw you there on the Lead Me On tour 20 years ago and would love to do so again!

  • margie

    What a blessing you two have been over the years! Thanks for touring together again, attended the Redlands Ca concert and what great night it was! Gods blessings and safe return home to your families!

  • Judy

    Amy and Micheal, My husband and I were at the concert in Boston. Thank you sooooo much for the Blessing we recieved from the concert. Both of you were amazing and alot of fun to watch. Amy one of my favorite songs you sing is My Fathers Eyes. I to would like people to see our Father in my eyes. Both of you have a safe jorney home. God Bless.

  • Trudi Metheny

    It is official. My friend and I(and many others) will run in the wind & pouring down rain through outlet parkings lots & across highway intersections just to get to Amy & Michael and experience an incredible evening of 2 Friends at their best!
    We arrived at the venue 15 minutes early only to discover that the venue parking lot was full beyond capacity! After our long & drenching run we could hear them belting out the first song “Stay For Awhile” as we were attempting to very quickly wring ourselves out in the restroom. We arrived at our seats during the second song as everyone was dipping & swaying with Amy to “Every Where I Go”. We were very pleasantly surprised to discover that we were sitting next to fans as high energy and excited as us- just as if we had hand picked them ourselves!
    This was the most high energy, God-love & fun-filled evening I had experienced in a long time. So thankful to have been a part of the last night of this 2 Friends Tour in Lancaster, PA! Very reminiscent ot the first time I saw them together on the LMO tour in Hershey, PA. Oct. 11 ’88.
    Thank you Amy, Smitty, band, crew, staff, etc. for making this such an amazing walk down memory lane- just between friends. Love & blessings…until we meet again, Trudi

  • David K.

    Wow! what an amazing show in boston , i have been coming to see you since 1985 & the shows are better than ever now , it had been so long since you have played in the boston area (not counting Xmas tours) & you have to visit us more often , we just loved everything about the show & thank you so much for taking a photo with me , it Meant so much that you took a minute of your time to make a lifetime fan so happy , stay safe & keep making music , we hope to see you up here in the fall ~ David K.

  • Heather Henderson

    My best friend and I attended the Lead Me On tour 20 years ago, we were 15 and 18! This past weekend, with the help our spouses, we were able to leave the kids and head to Lancaster for the show. What an incredible experience. Your music has been such an important and influential part of my life. While you went through your struggles, I went through my own, always remembering that God loved me, and even if I never understood why or how, I knew I was loved. Thank you for that reminder for the past 25 years. I am thrilled that my friend and I experienced that incredible spritual moment of thia past Sunday evening. WE were both hugging and crying hysterically when you Michael sang Friends. There was even a little Amy and MWS smith reunion in our hotel lobby the next morning. Sharing stories and meeting new friends was awesome. I hope to someday meet you and actually thank you in person! Until then, love you Amy and thank you!

  • http://yahoo gregory stroud

    Your tour date was a dream come true for me it was a bad year last year, you coming to phx in feb was truley fulfilling for me you are like a booster shot without the needle. Thank you Amy. I will only got to one concert and that is yours. god bless you Amy come agian soon.

  • http://yahoo gregory stroud

    Thank you Amy and god bless you.

  • http://yahoo gregory stroud

    Please come agian soon your words and songs are very uplifting to me.

  • AmyLuckett

    hi Amy Grant and micheal w smith

    my name is Amy Luckett i have seen you both in concert one with steven curtis chapman and micheal w smith and Amy saw you at dc fest last year with my church group looking foward to seeing you in concert in virgina. would one day like to meet you and micheal w smith i have been a long time fan of yours and micheal w smith christian music sencis i was a teenager with a Disablety from birth.

    Thank You

    Amy Luckett

  • Chrissi

    Can someone post the complete set list for the Nashville show? I meant to keep track but was enjoying the show so much I forgot. :)



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