2 Friends Tour Rolls On…

Posted on: February 21st, 2011 by Derek 12 Comments

As Amy and Michael are in the back-half of the 2 Friends Tour their hometown newspaper, The Tennessean, had a great interview piece about the two of them.

Read it here.

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  • Nichole H

    I have had “Love of Another Kind” stuck in my head ever since the Minneapolis concert. Had to pop in my Unguarded CD to get my fix. It’s playing right now as I type. The concert was unforgettable, just like their music. If they’re experiencing even a smidge of the joy I received that night…wow! Thanks for the hard work and being willing to put it out there when it would be easier to stay home and ride off into the sunset. Music…what a gift. Thanks, Lord!

  • Susan West

    This was the best concert I have ever been too and I am an avid concert goer! I saw them in Omaha, NE and my expectations were not what I saw! They OWNED that stage! Amys set was incredible singing all the oldies with a kick butt band! Sang so loud! Danced! It was incredible! Then Michael playing the 88s made it complete! They still have it and it’s worth all the money in the world to go! I will never forget it! And what was awesome was the night I saw them was 19 years and 364 days from I forest saw them in high school. A year later I came to know the Lord. They rocked it!

  • Michelle Ball

    Amy and Michael thank you for your comments in The Tennessean. I LOVED reading the interview and appreciate the sincerity in both of you. You are truly THE BEST!!

  • Debbie Drumheller

    My friend Laura and I flew into town (me from Southern California and Laura from Chicago) to see the DTE Detroit concert last August. It was an amazing experience. I could see how that concert could help prompt their 2 friends tour!

    I’ve be…en to two of the Southern California 2 Friends concerts this February. To celebrate my birthday, I brought my mother, my two grown daughters and my husband along with several out-of-town friends to “The Grove” in Anaheim concert. My mom has never been to an Amy or MW concert. In fact, I took her to see Vince Gill last October and that was her first concert ever. She’s recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and is facing surgery next week. What a blessing for my mom to experience this concert. It gave her so much joy and hope.

    I wish I could be there enjoying this amazing concert with all my Nashville friends! I’ll definitely be there in spirit! Have a great time!


  • Troy Bettner

    New Bern, NC – Awesome Concert, Awesome Location

    What a beautiful evening. My wife and I live in Raleigh, NC and I surprised her with a weekend getaway to New Bern, NC. She was so excited that I had planned this surprise weekend, but it was topped off when after dinner we drove to Temple Baptist for the concert and she had no idea what was going on until we walked inside and she saw it was going to me Amy and Smitty. She was speechless !!! The concert was absolutely amazing and memorable, I had visions of the Lead Me On Tour when they shared the stage.

    The only thing I missed was when we parked at the hotel and were unpacking the car, Smitty came out of the tour bus. I didn’t say anything because it was 50 yards away and wasn’t sure it was him and I didn’t want to ruin the surprise for my wife it wasn’t him.

    Amy’s and Smitty’s music is such a blessing and amazing instrument God uses for His glory.


  • Jimmy Smith

    My wife and I saw the 2 friends tour in Franklin, NC. We have been blessed to have seen Amy 4 times, but this was our first time to see Michael W. Smith. This was as good a show as her Christmas show with hubby Vince Gil. Her acoustic (unplugged) version of El-Shaddai and Michael W. Smith’s instrumental from the FREEDOM album were the highlights to us. The tour will be in Atlanta in several months and we cannot wait to see them again – especially since we live here! We also picked a child to sponsor, and this is already beginning to bless our lives.

  • Ann CArter

    Went to se AMy and Michael in New Bern NC.WOW. I haven’t sung some of those in a LONG time. What an incredible concert and alot of fun.

  • Jim D

    I attended the Cleveland show on Friday. What a great show. Amy and Michael put on an awesome concert. I have been an AG fan since Heart in Motion came out when I was in HS. I share the same birthday with Amy, which is really cool. I have seen Amy’s Christmas show years back but this show was even better. Amy jammed out some of her best songs, Lead Me On, Baby Baby, Every Heartbeat, Saved By Love and played some of her most inspirational including Emmanuel, El Shaddai, and Better Than A Hallelujah. Amy is a great entertainer, talking to the crowd, making jokes, gets the audience involved and has a great voice. It would be an injustice if Amy isn’t someday in the Rock N Roll hall of fame, which is in Cleveland. I enjoyed Michaels set to, I just didn’t know his songs as well. With my Dad’s passing recently, Amy’s and Michaels spiritual songs had deep meaning for me. I think the christian theme of this concert did have an impact on me when after the concert when a homeless person asked me for a handout, I gave him $5. Thanks Amy and Michael.

  • Hans Haspel-Schoenfeld

    Amy and Michael,

    Thank you for a wonderful evening of inspirational music and life journey reflections that many of us could so thouroughly relate.

    Hans and Julie of Oakland New Jersey

  • Doug

    What an excellent concert in a great NYC venue (The Beacon Theatre)! The sound was very good and both Amy and Michael put on a great show. It was nice that Vince Gill’s daughter participated… she was able to hit those notes that Amy had some trouble with and it was fun to reflect back 20+ years.



  • Carrie Haymond

    Thank you, Amy. You were terrific last night in Rochester, NY. I was recently ‘Saved by Love,’ and your concert helped me and my husband to celebrate our coming together again. I also loved your poem on aging.

    Sometimes I forget how much your music and writings have inspired me through the years. Lead On!


  • Erin

    We just got back from the boston concert and I am amazed still at the power of Amy’s and Michael’s music…that was the best set including fan favorites pop and inspirational.
    Amy and Michael you both have been two of my favorite singers since I was a young teen and I thank you for the gift of your music. As usual your songs touch the heart. I truly feel blessed to have been able to see this concert. It was a blast!



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