Roseville, CA – 2/2/11

Posted on: February 2nd, 2011 by Derek 25 Comments

I’m sitting here listening to Amy, Michael and the band sound check before the the first show of the “2 Friends” tour.  I’ve been doing this job for 20+ years and I can honestly say this is the most excited I can ever remember being for the start of a tour.  To see Amy and Michael on stage together again performing so many of the songs that have been a part of our collective lives for so many years literally brings a lump to my throat.

Amy and Michael are so excited – like kids on Christmas morning.  They keep adding songs to the mix and pushing the show to the max.

I hope you can come out and see a show if they are playing near you.  If not, there is always the hope we will add some additional dates later on in the year…

Anyway, thanks to all of you for your support of Amy’s music over the years – old and new.  Without all of you this tour would not be possible.


Here are some images from today & last weekends rehearsals…

Interview @ KLove

Soundcheck in Roseville, CA

Amy Grant & Michael W. Smith Rehearse

Amy Grant & Michael W. Smith Rehearse

Amy Grant & Michael W. Smith Rehearse

  • Kathy

    Thanks for sharing Jennifer! I am so excited to have an evening to leave the busy, hectic world behind and just let the music roll over me and into my soul.
    Can’t wait! Next week, Holland, Michigan.


  • Kathy

    Oh, I forgot….. dress warm! We had 18 inches of snow today! Kathy

  • Jenny Miner

    i hope you all enjoyed the weather today and the City of Roseville California i hope you all come back and do another show for us

  • Margie Rose

    Hi Jennifer

    I am keeping up with everything and having the tour in later months in California
    would be great . The scheduling for me for the grove didnt work out to go :(
    But I am excited for all of You…..and the old and the New!! I have waited for this day to
    come and Im bursting on the inside, because its happening…Woohoo… I feel like that
    little girl who first heard My Fathers Eyes….Amy has been a true mentor more than you
    Anyway, hope you got my email as well. its windy in the Valley tonight but Im sure the
    Grove will be much warmer…..weathers been Awesome…
    Hope to meet you all sometime…God Bless MARGIE

  • Jemima

    now i know this is probably a little far fetched but we would love it if amy could come down to Australia and do some shows. i’ve been enjoying her shows on youtubes, and with a new album out, a lot of people would love to ‘meet’ amy again….
    There are so many people i have given somewhere down the road, or played it for them, and they’ve been like, “wow, i didn’t know she had a new album out” or “i havn’t heard from her for a long time”….AND they’ve ALL loved it… all those God given experiences has made her music such a blessing to all:)))

  • Chad

    All the more reason to make sure it gets recorded for an upcoming CD / DVD release… 😉


  • Sue

    A great show last night! Thank you Amy & Michael :)

  • Joan

    Soundcheck question need a reply PLEASE. I have to arrange transportation so I need to know approx how long soundchecks last. Please let me know thank you. Can’t wait for Omaha!!!!

  • Diana

    Hi sweet Jenn!
    And I have a lump in my throat just reading your post. Miss you all and love to you and Amy.
    Tell her the neighbor is praying for her sweet testimony to touch many. And come home you two!!

  • Karen

    All I can say is…fabulous! The concert in Roseville was exhilarating, humorous, emotional, and uplifting. How do they do it? How can they take you through a riot of emotions in one night? I didn’t want the evening to end. Thank you for sharing your music, your stories, and your hearts with us…enjoy the rest of the tour :)

  • lisa hayden

    I loved the show in Roseville. So happy that they made it to the bay area for a concert. My seven year old has asked me since he was three to go with me to an Amy Grant concert. Amy Grant is the music he loves to hear and knows her early records and Somewhere Down the Road very well. He was thrilled to hear her sing the Jesus Loves Medley and Better Than A Hallelujah as well as Everywhere I Go. It was a stretch to take a young child but I didn’t know when Amy would return so off we went. Loved the two together more than I expected. They were fabulous together!

  • Mary

    See you in South Bend =) The two tickets for 2 Friends, my Christmas gift from sweet Husband, are clipped on the fridge. The anticipation builds!

    Safe and warm travels to all of you and thank you for posting the latest news, Jenn.

  • Janice Wright


    To all of you, Michael, Amy, Chaz, and you my friend – I am so excited to be able to come to the show in Franklin, NC……….it is my Valentine gift from my hubby. I have been following all the fb info and I just hope you will be there so I can finally meet you. This is, to me, one of the most exciting shows to have them both together and I think they should do special CD so we can all just continue to enjoy the two of them together. Blessings to all of you. See you on Feb. 18th

  • Carol

    We are so excited to have the concert coming close to us. We will see them in Omaha. And for us, like Janice, it is a Valentine’s gift from my hubby. It is a lot better gift than chocolate or flowers! We are similar ages to Amy and Michael, and have enjoyed all the steps along the way to where we all are now.
    We can’t wait to see them together!

  • Rebecca McKinney

    Would love to see the show here in Oklahoma!! I agree with what some others have said about it being recorded for DVD. This really is a once in a lifetime show. I saw them together in concert once, but it was a very, very long time ago. Amy is my favorite performer to see live!

  • valisa schmidley

    What a great night of music here in Roseville! It was a much-needed break from the day to day
    stress to go and be lifted up by timeless messages of faith and hope. Amy never sounded better and it was really special to see her with Michael W. Smith. Thanks for bringing the tour our way! I also appreciate the photos! Safe travels ….

  • elsa terry

    Flew in from Kansas City to see my sisters in Phoenix – we’re all coming to the show tonight. My first connection with Amy was when at 15 or so, her very first album came in my mom’s “Grab Bag” mailer from Word Music … she showed it to me and thought maybe I’d like to listen to it. Did they think it wouldn’t sell or something?? LOL MWS debuted at her show a few years later! Kinda like growing up together! Can’t wait for tonight!!

  • Darren Lloyd

    I can only echo what Jemima said. From memory, it’s been nearly 20 years since Amy visited Australia, the last time being the Heart In Motion tour in 1992, after coming here at least three times during the 1980s. And if that can’t happen, then I sure hope that Chad’s wish for a CD/DVD release comes true.

  • Ken Robinson

    I bought tickets for my wife and I for Roseville show. The show was good and my wife really loved it however we were led to believe that our VIP tickets included a meet and greet. This turned out to be a question and answer time only where the concert promoter did most of the talking. With that said may the rest of the tour be blessed and a blessing to others.

  • Kathy bayless

    We’re stoked to see Amy and Michael too! Anyone know what time the sound checks are?
    Many thanks

  • Becky

    Amy and Band,
    Wanted to write and tell you how much I enjoyed the concert in Omaha on February 14, 2011. Going to the concert was my birthday and Valentine’s present. You didn’t disappoint. A great concert. thanks

  • Jerry

    Just wondering if they will release this concert on dvd???

  • Dawn

    We went to the 2 Friends concert last night, here in Franklin, N.C. I have been a fan of Amy’s since 83, last time I saw her in concert was in Ft. Lauderdale in about 85. It was nice to see the human, down to earth side of Amy and Michael last night. I am about the same age as Amy and her children are grown like mine, Amy and Michael shared how hard it is to let them go (to college) and sang a song that rung true for me and my husband right now with my son gone to the Airforce this past May and my daughter getting ready to graduate from College. They are very warm, real, down-to-earth Christians and reflect the love of God through their music. They are both Christian veterans at this point, and also radiate a lot of maturity, wisdom and growth. Keep on- keepin on, Amy and Michael, you still have a lot to give to a hurting world!

  • Tina Marie

    Amy, I wish you the best in all that you do. Just keep pretending that you are back in South Dakota playing in a living room with sleeping babies and snoring pugs. Smiles and prayers sent your way!

  • Alfa-box

    parabens, muito bom!



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