Shifting into gear….

Posted on: January 7th, 2011 by Jennifer 33 Comments

Yesterday Amy and Michael spent over two hours together talking about their upcoming tour and picking which songs to sing, how to integrate their set lists, and discussing their hopes and dreams for this tour. In speaking with Amy this morning I noticed a genuine excitement in her voice about hitting the road with Michael. As always, Amy was inspired by Michael’s creativity and the ideas he brought to the table. I am personally and professionally excited to see this tour take shape and truly believe it will be a night unlike any other for Michael and Amy fans.

  • Chris Bytwerk

    I am busting at the seems to see these 2 together again. The last time I did see them on the same stage was for Amy’s Lead Me On tour back in 89. I am really looking foward to the concert and I wish God’s blessing on Amy and Michael for this tour.

  • Chad

    Yea! You don’t have to sweeten the pot for me… I’m already beyond excited for these shows. And who knows . . . this may lead to further collaboration between the two of them, like a duet on an upcoming album. Awesome!

    As always, thanks Jennifer!!


  • Joan

    Can’t wait for Omaha on 2-14. Hope to get to the soundcheck too. What a wonderful night this will be.

  • Debbie

    Hey Amy and Michael!
    Have you thought in doing a live in concert dvd, and cd album together? Can’t hardly wait!

  • Jeff

    Yup, I’m excited for the upcoming tour. Wahooo! I agree I hope this tour would be captured on DVD.

  • Julie M

    So excited about the show! My 3 sisters (we have 4 girls like the Grants!) and my mom are all headed to Anaheim for the February 3 show…we can’t wait! If you are able to pass this along to Amy…tell her we are all dying to hear them sing “Somewhere, Somehow” …and we’d love a shout out from the stage to the Downey girls from St. Louis :)
    Blessings, Julie

  • Ray C

    I am very excited to see this duo in action again too… I can only imagine what a great night it is going to be… (Wait that comment was not planned) LOL. If any suggestions for songs are welcomed, I would love to hear Hope set high… it is sort of my theme song each time I drive down to see an Amy concert, I can’t remember ever seeing her sing it in concert… DVD sounds like a great idea..

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  • Lionel

    This is shaping up to be the most anticipated tour of 2011! Many of us have enjoyed the collaboration of these 2 friends that have impacted our spiritual formation. I am thrilled to see Amy and Michael sharing the stage again! I am going to be the the giddy teenager once again from the 80s on this tour! I am looking forward to hearing Restless Heart, Friends, Emmanuel, Find A Way, Stay For Awhile, Lead Me On, Somewhere Somehow. I hope management captures this Moment in Time on video or a live CD!

  • James R Waddell

    I am so thrilled…tickets? check. Registered for soundcheck? check. Plane tickets? check. I am looking forward to hearing Restless Heart…I can really imagine an updated grittier sound to this gem from the 80’s! I digress…can’t wait for the show, hopefully Amy and Michael get a chance to do a little writing, ya know…plant the seeds for a new Amy album soon…hint hint, nudge nudge!!!

  • jo

    Please, please, please come back to Australia!!!!!!!!

  • Michelle

    Are there any more tour dates being planned? I don’t see anything listed for Virginia or Washington, DC. It’s interesting to look at the map on the tour page and see how the tour is going around us as if we are being avoided. Please add a date here so we don’t have to miss this tour. And I agree that it would be great if the show was recorded for a DVD. I’d also like to see a Christmas show recorded for a DVD.

  • VJ

    Michelle, I thought the same thing. I live in the DC Metro Area. All to frequently Christian Artists seem to “overlook” this area. Anywyay, the closest location to us is Lancaster, PA on March 6. It’s only 2 hours away. I am going to that concert and I can’t wait.

  • Travis

    When the tour was first announced, I was exstatic that Amy and Michael (my two faves of all time) were coming to Huntington, WV (Michael’s home town) to play the only arena on the tour. (Most are theatres). I am overwhelmingly dissapointed to find that the tickets never went on sale and the show was quietly cancelled and taken off the tour schedule all together. I honestly, was devestated. This was the one thing that I had to look forward to in a very very long time and now its a no-go. IN MICHAEL’s hometown, nonetheless!!! I can only hope and pray that they will film and release a dvd of this show! : (

  • Jennifer

    Please know, the tour window we had available was the month of February and the first week of March. We have squeezed as many shows as possible into that time frame. We are not purposely avoiding any cities… simply can’t add any more shows to the already busy schedule.

    Thanks much!


  • Jennifer

    And Travis — the concert in West Virginia was not canceled. It was never confirmed and we got other offers that took its place.

  • Iris

    I can’t wait to see them together… I just love them both…

  • Lori

    I can’t wait I findly get to meet you guys. My friends gave me this gift. I was so hoping to meet you guys some day. And I get my hope. Thank you GOD! I love you and Amy and Michael!
    I really enjoy hearing them sing!!

  • Jill

    Hey guys,
    I was wondering if anyone new if Michael and Amy are coming back to Hungtington, WV? It was in a local paper and when Michael was in Charleston, he said that they were coming. I can’t find anything on the websites.

  • Karen

    I don’t know how to put into words the excitement that is mounting in my heart. This will be a very special date night for my husband and me. The days are going by so slowly….

  • Janie

    Light up the world Amy !
    Looking forward to the show

  • beckie Moreno-tunon

    Amy- Bucket list…one last thing before I do what needs to be done see you in concert Feb 3 anaheim…since you arent ever coming to Oregon again and I dont live NJ any longer…I know this is not a Michael and you song but I need it one more time…Sharayah

  • margie edwards

    We are so excited you are coming to Redlands Ca! The first concert we took our two girls to see was the Lead Me On Tour in the 80’s, loved you both then love you now! We are looking forward to seeing you together again. Thank you for the joy you’ve given us and the hurts you’ve helped heal with your music ! God blessings on you both!

  • Amy

    So bummed that the tour isn’t coming up to Seattle, or even Portland, I can drive there! I hope tickets sales are phenomenal in all other locations so they will do a tour again! Yes, I really hope a DVD can be done so we can see what we missed! Many blessings over your tour, I’m sure it’s going to be an amazing time!

  • Kami Dimmick

    My friends and I who will be at the “Soundcheck” as well as the concert in Boston would really like you both to sing “FRIENDS”….which i am sure you will sing anyway. :)
    Thank you and can’t wait to see you both!

  • Michelle

    Understood. However, it seems like everytime Amy does a big tour now, Virginia and DC are never included. Recent examples include the Lead Me On Reunion tour, Pieces Of Our Lives and Amy and Vince’s Christmas tour. These tours are obviously exciting parts of Amy’s career, and it’s disappointing to never be included. We did get to see Amy in Newport News back in November. I only wish there was more time to talk with her at the soundcheck or somehow, because I never get to say everything I want to. The most memorable part of that night – when Amy played Tennessee Christmas during the concert – because I asked to do a Christmas song. Jennifer – please tell her Michelle says Thank You! (And that the next day’s solo audition I told her about went well, but I didn’t get the solo – again. For the 6th time. Ugh. Okay so maybe I should’ve stayed home and rested instead of singing through Amy’s concert and sleeping (not!) in a hotel room. Maybe the 7th time will be the charm?) And maybe we’ll get a Christmas show this year? or a concert here in Fredericksburg?

  • Esther

    I needed some serious inspiration today, and so I listened to Better Than A Hallelujah and now I’m inspired! As always, Amy’s message has come through again! Truly God-given talent to be able to convey the message so easily and simple. Thanks Amy!

  • Tiffany Subias-Marston


  • valisa schmidley

    Hi Jennifer,

    Are friends of amy allowed to attend soundcheck at Roseville? I am so excited to see her. Haven’t seen her since The Vinny and she was not able to be there much, so I am ready for some music.
    Would love to go and take her a treat.


  • Debbie Comer

    Six more days, it’s like going to Disneyland as a kid all over again. The excitement is taking over me!!!

  • Catherine

    Hi, Jennifer,
    Its the night before the Roseville concert….and I’m sure your all crazy busy in a good way!
    My question is what time is the soundcheck. I’ve never had the opportunity to attend one…and as soon as I had gotten my tickets…..I signed on to FOA and selected Roseville..just to be sure I confirmed I was on the list. However, I can’t find were it may say WHEN!
    So, Jennifer if your too busy….anyone can enlighten me on this blog, or you can reach me at

    WE ARE TRAVELING FROM REDDING, CA…I tried to email ‘management’ but the response was check FOA, which I did….OH, NO! I’M IN THE DARK!…THANKS, AND GOD BLESS…HAVE A GREAT TIME EVERYONE!

  • Shelley Wallis

    My husband bought tickets today for the Peoria Show! I have wanted to see Amy in concert for many years and just not been able to do so. I am so excited! We are in the middle of the 11th row from the stage. I love all of your music, but my favorites are you Christmas CD’s. You are truly an inspiration. Thank you! I cannot wait to see you next week!

  • Kathy bayless

    We can’t find the time for the sound check today at the Rosemont Theatre either. Anyone know the time?
    Many thanks



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