One Last Christmas by Matthew West…

Posted on: December 3rd, 2010 by Jennifer 8 Comments
Amy’s friend Matthew West just released a beautiful and tear-jerker video called “One Last Christmas.” Proceeds from the sale of the video will support the work done at St. Jude Hospital. Check it out… but be forewarned, you will cry.

  • Ruthanne

    Thanks for sharing Amy. FYI I was at Kmart this week shopping and they asked if we wanted to add a donation for ST. JUDE……just another way to give back to others 😀

  • Ginger Foster

    St Jude is an amazing place and I am so glad Amy has a heart for this charity! Thank you Amy for sharing this video. God bless Dax’s parents this Christmas.

  • Deb

    I am at a loss for words, this shouldn’t happen to innocent little children. God’s blessings and love be with this family.

  • Deborah Anderson

    I’m so undone…… and so blessed to see the joy in Dax’s face right up to the end. I’m proud of all the folks who joined together to support his family. God works in mysterious ways… some of them so incomprehensible. Thanks Team Amy for sharing this with us. Deb

  • Kim Peace

    My 11 year nephew had a 12 hour brain surgery on his the day he turned 11 to remove a tumor. He had to have the lower half of his skull removed and had metal plates inserted. His diagnosis of Osteosarcaoma was confirmed after the surgery. It has spread to his lungs as of now as well. He is undergoing 29 weeks of very aggressive chemotherapy. He checks into the hospital for treatments and stays for upto a week until he is well enough to come home for a few days before returning for the next treament. This holiday season is very difficult for all of us epescially his 2 brothers 14 and 7. Everytime I see a St Jude commercial I start crying. The doctors, nurses and volunteers are amazing but it is a difficult journey we are on right now.
    I am dragging my sister out to see Amy and Vince in Greensboro on the 18th. She doesn’t like to leave the boys. My nephew is in treatment at Brenners Childrens Hospital in Winston-Salem. I hope she can relax and catch her breath a bit at the concert.
    This song is very difficult to listen too right now I feel it to my core. Thanks for sharing and your support of St Jude. Kids and Cancer don’t go together!

  • Connie Raby

    Dear Amy,
    Praise God for Dax! His precious life is a clear example that we should live every day as though it were Christmas–celebrating the birth, life and death of Jesus! My father raised several thousand dollars for St. Jude’s, and our family continues to contribute regularly. There is no finer organization on earth. We wish the families whose children are diagnosed with life-threatening diseases a beautiful Christmas season, filled with the hope and wonder of Christ Jesus!

  • Mike Riccio

    Every parent after viewing this video should thank God for the gift of children who are healthy. We all think that we have so many problems in life but this video puts everything in perspective. I can not imagine losing any of my three children as this couple did. It is gut wrenching to see their little boy fade away. May we all try to love our families a little harder and not sweat the small stuff in the coming year.
    God bless Amy and her ongoing involvement with so many good organizations!

  • Morgan

    Having children of your own you fear that this could happen to one of them. I was sobbing through this. Dax was such a happy child and it just breaks my heart that he left us too soon.



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