Oh How The Years Go By… (Leave 50th Birthday Wishes to Amy)

Posted on: November 22nd, 2010 by Derek 1,117 Comments

We have seen many of you posting Birthday wishes for Amy so we wanted to open a blog for you to leave comments and give Amy one spot where she could come to read your messages…

  • Over the years Amy has touched all of our lives in individual ways, whether personally, from the stage, or through her music.  This is a chance for all of us to stop for a minute and share a memory, a simple “Happy Birthday” or something from your heart to hers.

Please leave your messages here as “comments” so we can easily gather them and give them to her.  All of us here @ AG.com are blessed to know you all and we know how much Amy is going to enjoy reading your memories.

(Messages with personal contact information will be edited so that such information is not made public as all comments will be visible for others to read on AmyGrant.com thus throughout the internet).

  • Kathy Jane Young

    !! Happy Birthday, Amy !! All your fans just Love and Admire You !! Keep the Beautiful Music coming … May your Heart Sing with Joy !!

  • Lynn Mehringer

    You are one of my all-time favorites, Amy! Smitty, too. Your music past and present lives in my heart and I guess my favorite would have to be El Shaddai. Happy 50th Birthday! 50 is Nifty, after all. Soooo sorry I missed seeing you in Jefferson, Wis. recently. God bless you and your family always!

  • Michelle Rich

    Hapoy 50th Amy! What a blessing you are! Have a great day! Thank you for so many years of great music! I’ve been a fan for about 25 years!

  • Sjoerd

    Oh how the years go by. Listening to your music started for me in 1983, so 27 years have gone by with your music (and 15 without). It was really a pleasure, but also many, many songs touched me deep inside.

    The first song I heared was “Sing you praise to the Lord”. Keep singing that praise, that’s why we are one this planet.

  • Shawn

    Happy Birthday Amy! I have so many great memories of listening to your music, going to your concerts and keeping up with your goings on since I was 8 years old (I’m now 38 :-)) My favorite memory was walking and talking with Amy during a walk for education which Amy was the ambassodor for years ago in DC. When I met her various times at concerts after that time, she always remembered me as her “walking buddy”. That was very special for me. Amy, I wish you the best on your 50th birthday. You look great and I’m glad that your life has touched so many people in such a positive way.

  • Friend from Germany

    Happy Birthday, Amy!
    I hope you’ll have a wonderful day with everyone you love around you.
    I’ve been listening to your music for more than 20 years and you’re still my absolute favorite singer. Your music has enriched my life (and I’m sure that of countless others) and I’m still excited as can be about any new songs you put out. Your investment in other people’s lives and your humanitarian work are inspiring and encourage me to do the same things for other people, just like Jesus called us to do.
    Last year I got to see you in concert in Peachtree, GA for the first time and I even got a chance to talk to you (with a New Zealand accent ;). It was one of the big highlights of that year and a memory I will always treasure.

  • Cristi Schaffnit

    It has been about 30 years since I went with college friends to my first concert in South Bend, Indiana. Since then your music/ lyrics/heartbeat have meant a lot to my family… each decade a little differently. My husband & I recently celebrated our 10 yr. anniversary enjoying your concert in Wisconsin.
    This past Spring after buying Somewhere Down the Road, I went back the next day and purchased 5 more to share with friends. One cd went to close friends who have a son in prison…they loved the music/words and sent their son one the next week.
    Another cd went to missionary friends who had recently returned from 20 years in China. Jen was so moved by it, she shared “Better than a Halleiluah with her teammates who had lost their 2 yr old son in a moving vehicle accident while crossing a country lane to get the mail with his mom.The family was only home at the grandparents’ last summer on furlough and returned to China without their son in September.
    What a ministry you have shared with the world…each cd going out has meant something differently at the time it was received…
    A last favorite “Amy Grant” memory was in October…I had heard about the “Pieces of Our Lives Concert/venue in Chicago. I called my 70 yr. mom at 2:05 pm and said “let’s take a road trip today …we don’t have much time …the concert starts at 7:30…”
    We are 4 hours away…I called and got the last tickets…what a memorable night …Times with my mom like that don’t come often–I have 4 children/blended family ages ranging from 21 down to 4.
    My mom and I decided that night we would include the 12 Days of Christmas Tour as part of our Christmas celebration…it will be a great memory –heading to Nashville @ the Ryman in December.
    Thank you Amy for sharing your journey Happy 50th as you keep passing it on

  • helena workala

    Amy! Happy 50-eth still growing more beautiful……..! turned 50 as well this year and it was only yesterday, singing as a 17yr old to your first record…….. from then on throughout the eighties were all you and then i lost track of you in the ninetees……now you are so back again to me, it’s great to hear your music keeps evolving, renewing and maturing. Hearing your voice sounds so familiar and feels like coming home again….so thank you! Hope you’ll come to the Netherlands for a few concerts again………

  • http://Facebook Cheryl Dewberry

    Hi Amy,
    Happy 50th Birthday!!!!!! I have been a fan of yours since u made your first record. Over the years your music has touch my life, in good & bad times. I saw you in a concert way back in 1984 when you came to Australia, I loved it. I also have your latest Cd, & it’s great!! May the Lord bless you & your music, you have a beautiful gift Amy.. God bless & have a beautiful day for your 50th Birthday…..
    your sister in Christ
    Cheryl Dewberry

  • Nathan & Shannon

    Happy birthday Amy! Can’t think of a better way to celebrate 50 than on Thanksgiving day surrounded by the ones you love! That’s pretty special! You have touched countless lives in so many ways. Thank you for being vulnerable and allowing God to use you with your gifts and talents. Know how much you are loved! Happy, happy birthday!

  • helena workala

    ps : from me to you a little poem as a gift :

    turning 50……
    had loads of dreams…….like ships sailing by
    still in my sight….
    heading for the horizon and as i watch some fade away, in the setting sun
    leaving me, insecure to step up and sail the oceans…..
    to the unknown,
    Your gentle breeze then turns the sail; my dream’s back heading shore
    left stranded, to wait for the tide when once more You invite me to step aboard.
    turning 50,
    so i will and still i wonder where You’ll take me,
    but i need not know, ’cause You’ll be there to hold, saveguard and secure me………

  • Amy Grant Rockenbach

    Happy 50th, Amy! Years ago you were so sweet to a 9-year-old Amy Grant who lived in Alaska and had never heard your music before you gave her and her family free tickets to your concert at a college in Anchorage. There you played acoustic guitar, barefoot, on a stool in the center of the stage. Father’s Eyes is still a favorite of mine. Fast forward four years, and you let that same Amy Grant come backstage at a much bigger concert in Austin. Your music is like the soundtrack of my life. Listening to it (and singing along) is like visiting an old friend – one who shares my faith and my struggles (and my name! :)). It also takes me to the foot of the throne of my best friend. Thanks for continuing to speak to me through music that touches me where I live. May the Lord bless you – and us, your listeners – with years and years more of making beautiful music!

  • Penny Abbott

    Happy Birthday Amy!! I started listening to your music when I was a troubled 15-yr-old. No music I had found ever spoke to me…church music was too feel-good and never touched on what I felt. I can’t tell you how many times I shut myself in my room with nothing but Age To Age, Straight Ahead, or Unguarded and my boom box. I started believing someone out there understood me. To this day, those are my 3 favorite albums. My husband will now ask me, if one of those cds is in the car, whats on my mind or whats bothering me. There is an Amy song for every situation I find myself in. I so appreciate your honesty. I am grateful for your wisdom. You have been my role model for many years. Now my daughter is listening to you, and you are her favorite too, and it warms my heart to share that with her. Thank you for getting me thru the most difficult years of my life, and for continuing to be there. We love you!

  • Paula Heberer

    Happy 50th Birthday Amy!!
    Have a wonderful day – Thankgiving Day -surrounded by your family and friends! You are a beautiful, caring woman! Your kind ways makes me want to be a better wife, mother, child, friend – just a better person all around! Thank you for sharing your music with us! It has given me comfort when I needed it, hope, faith and inspiration! Most of all, through your music, I have made many wonderful friends!! It is such a joy to go to your concerts to meet up with these friends and have dinner together and enoy each others company! Thank you for making time for us at soundchecks. You are very generous! I hope when I turn 50, I do it as gracefully as you have!
    God Bless You and your family! Enjoy your special day!! Much Love to you!

  • Susan R.

    Birthday blesssings to you today! Thank you for sharing your relationship with Christ with all of us these many years through the gift of music. My 16 year old daughter Eloise and I attended your “Pieces of Our Lives” concert in Chicago last month. Viewing your photographs and the original works of art, listening to you sing and share, and participating in Compassion’s Leadership Development program all made for an evening to remember. Eloise is excited about her sponsorship and has written her first letter to her student. She is singing “Grown-Up Christmas List” for her voice recital this winter. Thank you for giving a mother and her daughter a memory we will cherish together as “the years go by”.

  • Jörg

    Amy – My best birthday wishes and a lot of luck, love, light and blessings for your coming years. Thank you for being a part of my life so far, for makin me feel through your songs and your life, that I am right the way I am as You are… You have helped a lot of people You don’t even know, and I am so thankful and joyous:-) Enjoy your birhtday party and the coming christmastime:-) xoxo Jörg

  • http://elainej.wordpress.com Elaine Johnson

    No doubt you are beloved, Amy. I join the ranks of individuals who celebrate your life and love you so generously offered in your music. I was deeply affected by your music as well and am so grateful for it. In high school I used to fall asleep to Age to Age and later, Heart in Motion. Lead Me On came out the summer I started dating my now husband. I remember where I was when I heard the radio single “Saved by Love’ for the first time–in the parking lot at Hickory Hollow Mall near Nashville. I lived there on and off for two years and as a recent high school graduate, I remember hoping I’d run into you…not to ask for your autograph or just to “see” you. All I wanted to do was look you in the eye and tell you how much you had meant to me, to be sure that you understood how significant a role you had played in my life. Just think about the artists that have influenced you and how connected you feel to them through their music, that’s exactly how I feel about you. My favorite Amy song is Lover of My Soul. An unusual favorite I think since it wasn’t from one of your albums. It’s my favorite because it’s so simple and beautiful and speaks of perhaps a tried but true faith. It expresses the honesty and vulnerability I have always found in your music. I love it. I love you. Thanks Amy.

  • Carolyn

    Dear Amy,
    Wishing you a beautiful 50th Birthday celebration and many, many more happy, memorable years! I have been a fan since I was a teen and you don’t know it, but you have been “with me” as we traveled and moved across the country, back and forth with our Army Life for the past 20 years. You have been “with me” on many long deployments and lonely days and nights as I waited and wondered about my spouse, serving in far off lands. Over the years, you have helped me rock my boys to sleep and helped me teach them how to dance around the living room in style.
    Couldn’t help but think of your music as I dropped my oldest off at college this summer. Your music has been such a comfort to me. I have seen your concerts in Minneapolis, Denver, North Carolina, Colorado Springs and at the Air Force Academy. For that one, I brought my husband along and he had just returned from a deployment the night before. How heart warming it was to see you don a BDU uniform and perform part of your concert for us like that.
    Thank you, Amy, for the beautiful music and the beautiful memories! I hope you have a wonderful birthday! Blessings for the next 50 years to you and your family!
    Love ya!

  • James Morris

    I first heard Amy’s music when I was a young child – it was the Age to Age album – there was something about the music which encouraged me. But it was during the early 1990s when I really identified with her music. – At that time my parents, who are ministers, divorced. I listened to the songs from the ‘Lead Me On’ album repeatedly – four of the songs really spoke to me: ‘Shadows’, ‘What About the Love’, ‘If these Walls Could Speak’ and ‘Alright’ – and I still listen to those songs. Amy’s music has been a constant companion these last 20 or so years – whenever I’ve wanted encouragement and lifting, her music has always been there. A line in her song ‘Unafraid’ says it all: ‘I’ve always wanted to be spoken to that way.’

  • Amy Janzen

    Happy Birthday Amy!
    I have been listening to your music for as long as I can remember. I used to have all the cassette tapes of the early albums! I just recently replaced them all on cd so I can listen to them again…
    In so many stages of my life, your music has made me feel understood and not alone! It reverberates in my heart and soul and has always been the soundtrack to my life.
    More than 11 years ago, when I would babysit my little nephew, longing for a husband and child of my own, I sang him all the songs on Behind the Eyes everyday. Your words and music just gave voice to my feelings, especially at that time.
    Now my own kids are listening to My Father’s Eyes and other oldies but goodies! I continue to be blessed by your music and your life.
    Thank you for following Jesus and continuing. I love you my sister in Christ.

  • Kelly Paddock

    Happy Birthday Amy! I have been a fan of yours forever. I love your music, especially the words. My favorite is Fields of Freedom. I believe that song more about forgiveness but I heard this song when I was going through and surviving my cancer treatment. So seven years later I am still alive and reaching out and I can feel the healing! I believe that my life has really just begun as I see everything so differently now. I am now dancing in the fields of freedom like never before. As you continue on your life journey I hope you keep singing and dancing too. You have such a beautiful gift to share. Your songs are wonderful and I always marvel at how you can put into words what I am feeling. Thank you for being you and I hope you and your family have fun celebrating your birthday together!

  • Esther Hoogenraad

    Hej Amy, years ago thursday evening, youre performing in Holland,small concerthall, great atmosphere still remember the concert really enjoyed. Hope the Lord blesses you with an
    good health, heart in motion and music. Song El Shaddai is a favourite since years.
    All the best, Esther Hoogenraad, Netherlands

  • Tiffany

    Happy Birthday, Amy!
    You first came into my life when I was about 15. That was 25 years ago. It’s a understatement to say that your music was a rock and sacred inspiration to me as a teen and young adult. Thank you so much for sharing your honest and vulnerable music over the years. An interesting thing about today. I haven’t listened to your music for a while, several months. I tend to play more Americana, world beat stuff. But this morning, for some “inexplicable” reason, I absolutely had to find and play Age to Age. Within minutes, the music moved me to tears, as usual, in a good way. Then I decided to visit your website, since I hadn’t thought about your music for so long, and to see what’s new. I had no idea today is your birthday! God works in mysterious ways. Best wishes, Amy, and keep the music alive. :)

  • http://www.peacemoms.com Nadyne Parr

    I was blasting “Tennessee Christmas” in Woldt Hall at Central Michigan University in 1984. I paid no regard to the posted quiet hours as I opened my door wide and danced down the hall. I used my curling iron as a microphone. Yes I did. It was just before Christmas break and the whole campus was distracted from studies as we crammed for exams, pulled all-nighters, and decorated our dorm rooms. I memorized all the words. Just like you, I imagined I knew Amy and Gary personally and under the twinkle of white lights and falling snow, we were sitting around a fire together sipping hot cocoa in their family living room. With that song, she painted a picture of Christmas I have never since dreamed otherwise. A few months later, at our final Fellowship of Christian Athletes meeting, we stood arm in arm in a circle and sang “Friends”. As we prepared to say good-bye to the graduating Seniors, we wept together in gratitude for the close Christian bond we shared in the challenging years of shaping our faith as young adults. From season to season, Amy’s music was the soundtrack to our life stories. She knew us. Magically. After my own graduation, we gathered many times at Amy concerts, paying way more cash then we had just to see her come out under that traffic light at the Fox Theatre singing, “Straight Ahead”, and to walk across the stage at Cobo Hall in her controversial leggings and leopard jacket. Oh my, so scandalous! Those friends grew up and moved on, but I never quit going to her shows. In the early 90’s, I was struggling to find my way living in the Chicago suburbs. It was in Tinley Park Illinois at the World Music Theatre. Kim Hill opened. I was so jolted by a man I loved and a job I lost. I paid dearly for my seat in the 5th row and during “years of knocking on heaven’s door, have taught me this if nothing more, it’s gonna be alright”… Amy looked right at me, saw my tears and nodded as if we’d been friends since childhood. That is the star power of Amy. So famous, yet so personal. I remember that moment now. I tap into it still. Life got way harder since then, and the lyric to that song, still walks me through. Still. I don’t know if it was God, but in my heart I knew, “I’m going to know her someday. I don’t know how, but I am.”

    And more time passed. Lots of time.

    And I met her and know her a little.
    Just like I thought I would.
    And when I see her out on the road, she is kind to remember the day we first shook hands and a few meetings after that. She laughs at my jokes and stays present if I have a moment to share a struggle I’m in. She takes all her fame and money and connection and platform and sets it aside, as if we’re two gals hanging out at a coffee shop in a bookstore. She has the unique gift of being larger than life, yet simple as a smile.

    Thank you. I’m the person I am partly because of what you’ve contributed.
    May this your 50th birthday remind you of the beauty that you are and how good God is.
    Party sister!!!

  • Julie Mutschink

    Happy 50th birthday Amy! I have been a fan of yours for almost 20 years now. Your music has touched my life in so many ways- through the happy and difficult moments. I feel blessed that I’ve had the chance to meet you a few times. You are just as authentic and personable as reflected in your songs. Thank you for being such an inspiration to me all these years!


    Julie Mutschink

  • Becky Jennings

    Hi Amy — I have admired you and loved your music since I was a high school senior 20 years ago. I can hardly believe you are turning 50 — you are still as beautiful as you were in the age of “Age to Age”! Best wishes to you as you celebrate this milestone, and to you and your family as you celebrate the holidays. Very truly — Becky Jennings, Folsom, California

  • Marybeth Kehrig

    Dear Amy ~ Happy Birthday! Words cannot express how much your music has meant to me through the years. You have touched my heart, strengthened my faith, and gotten me through some very tough times. Thank you! I love, love, love your voice, and I am so thankful that I’ve had the chance to talk with you several times. I am always amazed at your graciousness and the ease with which you meet and talk to people.

    I have four beautiful daughters, one named Amy, who was born on your birthday! (Coincidence?) :) She turns 22 tomorrow, so I always think of you on her special day. I hope you enjoy your day and may God continue to bless you, your family and your ministry.

    I look forward to seeing you in Holland in February! :)

  • Nancy Allen

    Happy Birthday Amy. I’m turning 50 a month after you and I just have one question…Why do I look like it, and you don’t? Enjoy yourself, enjoy the ride, and here’s to 50 more. Nancy

  • http://margierose.biz Margie Rose

    Happy BIrthday Amy..

    I already wrote on the BIrthday blog and realized after the
    2am typing areas ,= only left partial info needed to
    sign into the blog!

    With that said..meant to Thank you on behalf of my MArine Dad
    “Joseph”, for all TLC Support you have given to the Veterans!

    One other thought ..my first song ever written was of an
    imprint you left on my heart..called “ONE HEART”,.says
    let us walk & learn of each other hand in hand we will grow in
    HIS LOVE…(wrote it in 1997.) when it turned out to be a
    wedding song..I can hear you and vince sing it !
    (just sharin my heart )
    I appreciate so much being able to share what i wanted to
    share for years since 26yrs old now 56!
    God Bless
    Margie R.

  • glenda canipe

    Happy Sweet Birthday! You have given the gift of words to so many! I love them! I want to give back to you words of love! Your Encouragement and passion for Jesus is woven into your music. I am thankful!
    May Jesus continue to fill you up and give you creative words of wisdom. May your music inspire and lead others in Faith!
    Sweet Blessings,
    Glenda Canipe

  • Cheryl

    Happy Birthday Amy,
    Thank you so much for your music and inspiration. Please continue on with your musical talent and sharing with your friends in this world..Take care and have a grand birthday.

  • Marlene DeCristoforo

    To a very beautiful woman Happy Birthday enjoy every moment of your day. And may God continue blessing your life and touching your life in so many ways, the way you touch so many.
    Birthday Blessings~
    Marlene DeCristoforo from New Castle, PA

  • Sandy

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR AMY…May your birthday bring
    You as much happiness, As you give to everyone.
    It was and it is always a blast to listen to your music…
    The best wishes to you from Germany…

  • Jodi McMath

    Dear Amy,
    When I was 18 or 19 (I’m 44 now), I was young and trying to find my way. A dorm mate at college knew I was struggling and offered me her Age to Age cassette to listen to. Although I had never heard of you and was not well versed with what God was all about, I took her offer as I knew she was trying to help. I decided to listen to Raining On the Inside as the lyrics really spoke to me. I listened to Raining On the Inside over and over and over until I felt the dark clouds of depression lift. I eventually listened to the remainder of Age to Age. Not only did I become a fan at that time, but most importantly, I learned through your music, then and through the years, about the boundless love of God and the forgiveness we are all granted through Jesus Christ. I came to believe that your music was God’s way of trying to reach out to me.
    Your new song “Better Than a Hallelujah” finally made me realize that God knows my heart, the good and not so good, and loves me anyway. I can’t express just how empowering knowing that has been for me.
    The dark clouds still come around, but I just let what will be be knowing that the clouds will fade in time. And they do.

    Needless to say, listening to Age to Age changed me forever. My heart is full with gratitude. Amy, you and your music have been, and continue to be, a most wonderous gift in my life. I’m thankful for the many years of friendship and fellowship that I have found in your music. I feel truly blessed.

    Amy, I wish you a magnificant 50th birthday filled with all your favorite things and may all the people that you hold the dearest surround you on your special day. Happy celebrating!!! Happy Birthday!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!! Best wishes now and always.

  • Twyla St. Louis

    Happy 50th birthday Amy. I have especially loved your song In a little while. It spoke to my heart so many years ago. I love your Better than a Hallelujah song. Have a blessed life and may God bless you richly always.

  • Lisa Gehring

    Your music has helped me through a lot of hard times, especially when I was a young teenager and recently when I was suffering with devastating depression. Your last album soothed my soul like a salve sent from heaven.
    Thank you for continuing to share your gift and your heart with so many.
    Happy 50th Birthday!!!

  • Jan Shoupe

    Amy—oh how the years really DO go by! I have had the pleasure of enjoying your music since you began. I have seen you in concert “way back when”, “sorta back when”, and once each of the last two years. (And I have tickets to see you in Nashville for your Christmas concert with Vince!) I love the feeling and honesty behind your lyrics. So many of your songs have resonated with episodes in my own life and have helped me through the tough times. I pray your “nifty fifty” day and your Thanksgiving will be blessed with all good things! Jan in Oak Ridge, TN

  • Rynn Edwards

    Happy 50th Birthday, Amy! Here’s wishing you another 50 years of love, laughter, and harmony… and of course, great music. – Rynn

  • Karyn Roy Smith

    Many years ago Amy you dropped a small notecard in the mail to me. Your last line was maybe someday we’d meet, either here or on the other side of Heaven. I think that is what you and your music brings to us, your friends and family. When we listen to your music, we feel Heaven nearby. Your immediacy with God leaves us hungering for more. I believe that is your true legacy.

    Happy Happy Birthday on this most special year, and on Thanksgiving to boot. God marked your birthday out for a special celebration from the moment you were born.
    With love and admiration,
    Karyn Roy Smith

  • dianacc

    Dear Amy,

    Since it’s Thanksgiving, I’m reminded how thankful I am for your incredible music journey that I have been blessed to be a witness to and part of in over 20 concerts. You grow better with age, you don’t let the nay-sayers get you down and you truly appreciate your fans.

    I’m thankful for the meet n greets and the soundchecks, they mean a lot to us. May God’s love continue to pour through you and bless others. -Diana C, Caro, MI

  • sylviaelena martinez

    What a blessing to communicate like this with someone whose music touched and changed me so many years ago. When I first heard “Baby, Baby” I was right out of high school. I immediately ran out and bought your album . I was so inspired by your soulful voice and message of love, that I bought every album/song that I could find. I even found an old video at a christian store. It has tidbits of you with the family on the farm.
    Your music was a catalyst in my relationship with Christ and pulled me through some dark hours, seasons,…I’m so grateful…
    Thank you for being who you are. You are as beautiful as ever and your inner beauty radiates right through you. Wishing you a blessed birthday and may it be everything you’ve dreamed of. Happy Thanksgiving too!
    Hope to thank you face to face one day…xoxo

  • Ronda Johnson

    Happy 50th Amy!!! I shared my AARP card with you last February when you were in Denver. NOW you can get one of your VERY OWN!! We share the same birthday so Happy Thanksgiving Day and birthday this year! It was GREAT to meet you in person for my 50th year! 50 is good!

  • Lori Perrin

    Happy Birthday Amy!
    Hi! My name is Lori and November 25th is also my birthday. I live in a small town called Nappanee in Indiana. it is part of Amish country and is very simple and beautiful. I love to hear the clippity-clop of the horses hooves on the pavement. It is a small town of about 6,000 and is the home of Amish Acres. We love it here and we love your music. Keep up the great songs and music that you do and God Bless you on this special day! Happy 50th Amy!!Also Happy Thanksgiving!

  • http://none Laura, Bronson, and Colton

    Amy- Happy birthday! Hope you received our text the other day! May I say- you don’t look a day over 35! The kids and I wish you a very happy birthday, filled with everything good, just like you. We’ll always cherish our trip to New York, and going to dinner and the play with you. Oh- and let’s not forget Toys R Us. :-) We look forward to seeing you again one day. May God bless you and your beautiful family, Laura, Bronson, and Colton

  • http://none colton

    hi amy its colton. im a,lmost 14 now. i cant see good but i remember goign to the lion king with you and bronson and my mom. thank you agin for the xbox. love colton

    we will come to your house and visit one day. my mom will call first dont worry

  • http://margierose.biz Margie Rose

    Birthday Song for Amy……….

    Now heres a song to say…how special you really are.
    wonderful, extraordinary “Amy Grant. .
    You know that you are ” Never Alone”With all the love you
    have given and have sown, its so good to know, and its not
    hard to believe that you …….have your Fathers Eyes..
    From “Age to Age..your still the same
    Your “Heart in Motion”, believing strong thru the days
    Youve been brought up in a
    “House full of Love” theres so much more to express
    its never ending journey with all you sing of……as you.
    met us Somewhere down the Road
    and with that we so embrace with pages and pages
    a thousand fold
    So with all our hearts
    forever..friends we will stay….
    forever and always!

    (written from a tiny cell phone spur of the moment thought
    to give back to you with mention of your songs)
    BE Blessed Lv Mrg

  • Jennifer

    Hi Amy! Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!!! Your music has touched my life, and provided hope during some very dark times. You are truly beautiful inside and out. Best wishes for good health and happiness! :)

  • Kathy Bacon

    Hi Amy – I just wanted to let you know how much your music has meant to me over the years. Back in 1988, my father passed away. It was your album, “Lead Me On” that got me through those long nights when I felt alone and scared of what would come next. Till today, that is my favorite album. Thank you for being there for me. I hope you have a great birthday and a beautiful Thanksgiving with your loved ones! I turn 50 next year! I’m looking forward to all you have in store for us for the next 50 years.

  • Beth Bach

    Your birth date has put the “Happy” in so many people’s lives. I pray it’s a blessed year for you! Since I started obeying God’s five-year old prompting to write a “Mosaic-al” He has made himself divinely apparent to me. It was a thrill to see you in Chicago and again in Jefferson, WI. I’ll get in touch with you as this God-breathed work of evangelistic theatre takes form.

    Beth Bach

  • mary rivers

    Happy Birthday, Amy! Hope you’re playing in New England, soon! I’m fifty years old, too! You and Michael W. Smith are my absolute favorite Christian singers. See you in Lancaster!
    I’ll be sitting in the sixth row on the right!!!!!



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