Oh How The Years Go By… (Leave 50th Birthday Wishes to Amy)

Posted on: November 22nd, 2010 by Derek 1,117 Comments

We have seen many of you posting Birthday wishes for Amy so we wanted to open a blog for you to leave comments and give Amy one spot where she could come to read your messages…

  • Over the years Amy has touched all of our lives in individual ways, whether personally, from the stage, or through her music.  This is a chance for all of us to stop for a minute and share a memory, a simple “Happy Birthday” or something from your heart to hers.

Please leave your messages here as “comments” so we can easily gather them and give them to her.  All of us here @ AG.com are blessed to know you all and we know how much Amy is going to enjoy reading your memories.

(Messages with personal contact information will be edited so that such information is not made public as all comments will be visible for others to read on AmyGrant.com thus throughout the internet).

  • Claire Giles

    Happy Birthday Amy! I have been an avid fan since my late teens when a Christian friend introduced me to your music and I have been inspired ever since. No matter what situations I have faced there is always one of your songs that touches my heart and helps me move on.
    I hope you had a fabulous 50th birthday celebration and continue to live life to the full.
    May God continue to bless you.

    Lots of love Claire xxxx

  • http://amygrant.com Jeff Nolte

    Happy Birthday, Amy!

    I often ponder what life would be like if a person had not be born (Like “It’s a wonderful Life) and, WOW, would mine be different if you had not been born. Your music and virtually the sharing of your heart have been the backdrop of my life. From the beginning of my faith, to really getting turned on to God, to falling in love, and having my heart broken to really dark seasons to rediscovering the joy of life—you have been there singing my story. So, as simple as it may sound, thank you.

    I have had many opportunities to talk with you and never pulled the words together to tell you how much your music and willingness to be vulnerable have impacted my life. I will always be thankful. I look forward to many years of great much and tender words. God bless you!

    Jeff Nolte

  • http://blendigo.blogspot.com Brenda Arnold

    I find it hard to put into words how amazing you are as a person and music artist. I love your voice. It has such a beautiful down to earth-heavenly quality. I hope you have the birthday of your dreams. Keep on lifting hearts as you already do. You’ve certainly lifted mine over and over.

  • AnnaLena Nordström (Sweden)

    Dear Amy,Happy birthday and I wish you the best days still ahead of you. You have been like a good friend for me during different times in my life, even though i dont know you personally, but through your songs and lyrics, it feels like listening to an old, dear friend.
    When I was in my early teens I got a cassette recorder as a christmas gift from my parents. They also bought “Never alone” as cassette from the music store in our church, they just pick it random, knew nothing about you then. I still got it! And I´ve been listening to you since then. In good and bad times, in love and breakups, in strong faith-times and very weak and miserable times. Thank you, you´ve been given me so much through the years.
    Hope you continues play your songs out to us,always wait for the next one.

  • John Henegar

    Happy Birthday to you. I still have a couple years on you though. I first saw you in Toledo at the Sports Arena during the “Straight Ahead” tour. Been to other shows since. Been a long road, glad to see your still going strong!!

  • http://www.lighthouseng.org ayo daniels

    Dear Amy,
    Thank you so very much for giving to the Lord. Happy 50th Birthday. It is a golden jubilee full of God’s faithfullness. Interestingly am currently listening to “Oh How the years go by” …we cry, we laugh… I gave my heart to the Lord 23 years in the city of Lagos and was given an audio cassette Age to Age by a Christian brother back then and then i got hooked. My classic has been “Thy Word” “In A Little While”. Recently bought …TIME AGAIN … DVD in the U.K. Thank you so very much, you have helped me in my walk with the Lord. I pastor a church in Lagos Nigeria currently and we sing some of your classics in worship to our Maker. We may not see at this side of eternity but THANK YOU! Wishing you more fruitful years in the service of our Master and Lord Jesus Christ! Grace, Grace and Grace over you, your lovely family and the ministry God has entrusted into your hands. Love you Amy!

  • Courtney Fuller

    Hi Amy!

    Hope your 50th was fabulous! Your ministry and your music have made such a impact on my life. I had this life long dream to get to meet you since one of my sister’s college roommates told us how great you were! She worked with you on a Billy Graham crusade. That dream came true in October this year…more than 20 years later! And guess what… I choked! I stepped back and let my son enjoy his moment of meeting you and I kept thinking, “Wow, this is AMY GRANT, she’s beautiful, talented and so real.” Even though I had stood at your side where Presidents, Billy Graham and many others have stood, I felt for that minute, you were really there…being genuine and kind. I left just thinking, ” I so want to have lunch with her sometime!” Crazy? I know right? Anyway, that is such a rarity. To be able to hosts what you’ve hosted, been where you’ve been and rubbed elbows with who you’ve rubbed elbows with and still make everyone feel good when you meet them is a true gift. Those kind of people are the best kind. But, I am a SC girl and that’s just how we do it in the south! I hope that you had an amazing birthday on Thanksgiving and were able to reflect on all the amazing blessings you have and even be thankful for the road it took to get you where you are now. I hope that you were pampered and loved on like never before! Can’t wait to follow you and your career for many years to come! Happy Birthday!
    PS Jenny can sing her butt off, Sarah has the most unique tone of any voice I have heard in a long time…love it and would so buy her stuff and saw a you tube video of Vince and Corrina at the Grand Ole Opry…can’t wait to see what God has in store for her…she is amazing! You have to be so proud! (And I think my handsome 9 year old has a little crush!) I know… we aren’t letting him date til he’s 25 either! =) J/K Have a fantastic year!

  • Tessa (Indonesia)

    Dear Amy,
    I think it’s too late to say happy birthday to you. But, I want to thank you for your song that inspires me, especially when the days get to hard.
    Keep on serving and do the best for Our Lord. Gbu !

  • Steve Bowman

    Love ya Amy! Your music has been a source of inspiration for me since my best friend introduced me to you and your music way back in 1983. I have collected your albums and seen you in concert many times in Saratoga Springs, Orlando, and Dayton. You havea lovely voice and are a beautiful person. While my faith in God gives me strength to survive all that life throws at me, your music has made the struggles easier, as well as just being so beautiful to listen to! I have loved watching you and your music evolve over the years and look forward to the growth still to come!

    Love and kisses and God’s Sunshine on you and your family! Happy (belated) Birthday and many more!
    Steve Bowman

  • kelly

    just wanted to drop by and say happy birthday!!!!!!! im late im so sorry! you r an amazing person thanks for eveything and thanks for being one of the nicest people ive ever met i love u hope you had a great birthday

  • Nancy Williams

    Dear Amy,
    I hope you had a wonderful birthday. (I celebrated my 5-0 10/14). I have most of your music. I saw you at First Baptist of Atlanta around 1981. You and your lovely music have been such a big part of my life as a young Christian and thank you for putting yourself and your heart out there. I hope to go to the 2 Friends tour in Anaheim. Michael W. Smith is my second favorite Christian artist. God bless you and how do I say thank you for all the blessings I have received by what you do everyday.

  • Linda

    Hi Amy!
    Best wishes to you and your family! I hope your birthday was great and thank you so much for sharing so many wonderful years with us! You are an inspiration to us all. Your music is so real and I love relating it to my own life! Please come back to West Point, NY. I have seen you in concert many times and loved seeing you and Vince for your Christmas concert! Thanks again for being apart of my life!

  • Erica

    Happy Belated Birthday, Amy. Wishing you the very best in the year ahead, and the most joyous of Christmases for you and your family. I want to say a sincere thank-you for your ministry all these years. I feel sure that for those of us who have done a lot of “growing up” with your music, it’s become in a very real sense the sound-track for life. Thank-you for your generous spirit — God has most certainly ministered to me through you!

  • Kim Peace

    My 11 year nephew had a 12 hour brain surgery on his the day he turned 11 to remove a tumor. He had to have the lower half of his skull removed and had metal plates inserted. His diagnosis of Osteosarcoma was confirmed after the surgery. It has spread to his lungs as of now as well. He is undergoing 29 weeks of very aggressive chemotherapy. He checks into the hospital for treatments and stays for upto a week until he is well enough to come home for a few days before returning for the next treament. This holiday season is very difficult for all of us epescially his 2 brothers 14 and 7. Everytime I see a St Jude commercial I start crying. The doctors, nurses and volunteers are amazing but it is a difficult journey we are on right now.
    I am dragging my sister out to see you and Vince in Greensboro on the 18th. She doesn’t like to leave the boys. My nephew is in treatment at Brenners Childrens Hospital in Winston-Salem. I hope she can relax and catch her breath a bit at the concert.
    I have seen you about 6 times and listened to you for 20 years – it is special everytime – I think this year might be the most bittersweet!

  • Lisa Weist

    Happy Birthday, a little late. God bless you, dear lady, for all the inspiring music. Thanks for the fun music too. I can identify with your journey and have lived it too: lost, found, forgiven, healed, blessed, lost, found, forgiven, healed, blessed, lost, found, forgiven, healed, blessed, lost, found, forgiven, healed, blessed, and so it goes until the end…Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus knowing that He will not let us go, but will hold our hearts in His hands where no one can snatch us away for all eternity, regardless of how lost we become at times. May the Lord hold you close to His heart, kiss you right on your forehead, and bless you and your family tremendously.

  • Teresa Davidson & “Amazing” Grace

    May God richly bless you as you have blessed others’ lives with your incredible gift of song. It is a beautiful and powerful ministry. Happy belated 50th Birthday, dear Child of GOD! You are younger in spirit than ever! Grace and I are right behind you, she in dog years (49) and me also at 49 in human years! : )

    God’s perfect peace be yours!

    Love in Christ,
    Teresa & “Amazing” Grace

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