Amy & Smitty on Tour? 3 Concerts Ticket Pre-sales Announced

Posted on: November 3rd, 2010 by Derek 30 Comments

As we wait to make a more official announcement regarding an upcoming tour with Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith there are three tour dates that currently have ticket pre-sales launching soon.


2.10.11 – Holland, MI @ 7:00 p.m.
2.18.11 – Franklin, NC @ 7:30 p.m.
3.6.11 – Lancaster, PA @ 7:00 p.m.

P.S.:  The tour is being called the “2 FRIENDS TOUR”

  • Larry Waldorf

    hi amy, can you come back to the nyc area? you have thousands of devoted friends. warmest regards, Larry and Angela

  • Glen Durdik

    I second the motion!!! Come back to NYC. Tilles Center is great….MWS was there awhile ago.

  • Kathy Rumfellow

    We would love to have you in the Baton Rouge or Greater New Orleans area – please!!!! I’m a lifelong fan – grew up on both Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith and now my kids have too!!
    Sincerely hopeful,
    Kathy in Baton Rouge

  • michael

    Thanks for the info!!!

    I can’t wait, we have been asking for this for a long time, thank you for making it happen!

    We’d love to see you both out West….maybe Phoenix !

  • Keri

    Hi Amy,

    Love your music. On the new tour you are doing are you and Michael W Smith coming to Indiana? I would love to see you guys in concert and I know that my husband would really love to see you guys in concert. Please let me know soon as you know if you guys are coming.

  • Jeffrey

    I’m hoping the 2 Friends Tour comes to Minnesota!

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  • Trudi Metheny

    Wow! I can’t wait!! God bless you guys for doing this tour. I haven’t seen you together since LMO 1988 in Hershey, Pa. My very first tour show. I had seen you guys at Creation that summer. Now you are coming just as close to where I live…Lancaster, Pa. Thank you so much for this. I am gonna bring my friend 2! I am very blessed- I have been given an early Christmas gift to come see you Amy in WV. This Saturday! Blessings & safe travels to all. XXOO Trudi

  • Alicia Butler

    Wichita, America is ready and waiting. Can’t wait to see you guys back together again. Hoping and praying you will come see us in the Heartland!

  • Paul Copeland

    Please do a central or south Florida date

  • Sarah Fitch

    Come to Northern California (above Sacramento) !!!!!!! We would love to hear you guys!!

  • Kim

    The Greensburg Pa. concert was amazing can’t believe its over… untill next time. thanks to Kristy my daughter and a birthday gift from her I was able to enjoy my favorite Amy music……can’t wait for Amy and Smitty tour. I was blessed to be there.

  • Carrie

    How about Seattle area? We would love to have you here!

  • Julie R.

    Please come to the L.A. California area!!! I love you guys!

  • Jenna


  • Jonathan Barnes

    Please come to North Miss or Memphis area! Ive been waiting for this tour for years!!!!! ALso I saw ur show in Oxford Ms. Was amazing!!!

  • Carrie

    Love you Amy! I wish the tour would come to New Orleans. We saw Michael in New Orleans I think with Mercy Me and you were a suprise guest! I really hope you will make New Orleans or somewhere close by a stop on this tour. We would be so excited to see y’all again. Hugs!

  • Donna Koppelman

    Show last night in Newport News was amazing. You are always such a blessing. Hope to see the Two Friends Tour.

  • Steve

    When is the presale for the 2/18 show in NC?

  • scott

    south florida and tampa Fla. would be sooooo blessed to have both of you and cannot wait any longer for this incredible Christmas gift!!!!!!

  • Sara

    It would be great if you and Smitty would come to Louisville, KY

  • http://fromFaceBookandFriendsofAmy Julie Dunlap

    Amy, so glad you and MWS are blessing all your fans with this 2 Friends Tour. So very sad I missed the concerts you did here in Southern CA in 2010. I promise to move heaven and earth to bring my family to any concert you do any where near LA and the Inland Empire. When I was a teenager in Denver CO, you did a concert at our church (Calvary Temple). My brother played the piano for the Jr. High choir that opened for you. Have been a dedicated fan ever since!!! Luv ya and hope to see you soon!!!!!

  • http://FOA Leah

    Come back to St. Louis!!!

  • Cathryn

    That is awesome!!! My mom and I are so excited!! Lancaster, PA here we come!

  • Joe Wilson

    This is so awesome! 26 years ago I saw you and MWS as my first Christian concert ever. It propelled me into the start of a dynamic Christian journey that has taken me to various places in this country and this world to share this message. Thank you for reuniting. I will find somewhere to go to this concert. I hope you will be in the NYC area. But I may have to go to Lancaster, PA – just 3 hours away. I can’t wait. (And Amy, Thank you for your words of encouragement nearly 25 years ago on the NOT THE USUAL HOG WASH stationary. It still brings a smile.)

  • Tom Wood

    Come to Austin!!!

  • sara

    If you are in Michigan I will be there!

  • Jackie & Dad

    For years, My dad and I would always travel to Nashville to see Amy perform , but now my dad has a tough time getting around, so we can’t travel too far. We are very greatful that Amy and Michael W Smith are coming to Chicago. GOD BLESS YOU.

  • http://AmyGrantNEWS Marcello Paradiso – ( Paradise )

    Mar cello 46 years old
    November 23, Tuesday after midnight, 2010

    Firstly Happy Birthday Amy many blessings i hope The Holy Bible said man shall live 4 score and ten Or more Gloria Copeland said live long live strong ( magazine ) Amy from a Brother to a Sister in Christ musically you’ve been a great blessing to me over the years Recently i got a Live DVD of you 2006 it was excellent the next best thing to being there I’m from Australia near
    Sydney when are you during Australia 2011 ? Hopefully i could meet you Amy I ve written songs for God too Finally It’s Good your in concert with Micheal w Smith these days It’s Good also if Aretha Franklin Queen of Soul did a Gospel Tour GOD BLESS YOU AMY

  • christina L

    Will there be soundcheck & chance to meet Amy in Lancaster, PA concert for FOA members?



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