In Honor of Ruth McGinnis

Posted on: October 6th, 2010 by Derek 8 Comments

Today, in honor of Amy’s dear friend Ruth McGinnis who lost her battle with cancer a year ago today, we would ask you all to consider visiting the @shecolorsmyday website and download Amy’s song in honor of your own mother, daughter, sister or best friend. Too many women are dying from cancer — but there is hope — and we believe some day there will be a cure.


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  • Eileen

    Well I would like to say that Karol Pruett My pastors Wife my great miracle mentor from God Has been battling Cancer for 1 year & 8 days. It was breast cancer now it is in her lungs. She just had a nother surgery yesterday to drain fluid on her lungs.
    She is a real trooper & we are holding her in the grip of God’s Grace.
    I just wanted you to know that we need your prayers for her as well. THank you.
    I have listened to you since I was 10 I am old now but I have loved you all the way through, God does so why shouldn’t I.

  • Lisa Hartmann

    I didn’t have the pleasure of knowing Ruth personally, but along with many Amy fans, I was introduced to her music and felt a connection right away. Over the years I’ve listened to Ruth’s magnificent music and read and reread her books many times. The world lost a beautiful person…….my prayer is that we find a cure soon! Thank you Ruth for giving us so much! Thank you Amy for for sharing Ruth with us!

  • Stacy L. Harp

    Amen, thanks for doing that. My mom died of cancer 8 years ago. I hope some day there will be a cure.

  • bryan walters

    I love you amy, I have been listening to your songs from a child, they are so inspiring,I’m praying for all who is battling with cancer and other diseases.

  • Teresa Springer

    Amy You are the Best. I lost my Mom from cancer on thanksgiving day (11/23/06). She had lymphoma. It will soon be 4 years. it’s hard to believe. i was so close to my Mom. I hope some day there will be a cure for all the different cancers out there.



    MY mom died of breast cancer Oct 7th its been 16 years and it feels like yesterday , I was very close to my mom , Amy you were the first concert I went to , my mom had gotten me front roll tickets to see you , I first saw you on TBN on music video show , your music helped us through the rough times especially the Angels song , I even had made dog tags that one had a angel and the other was inscribe with the ” though I never see with human eyes the hands that lead me home ” that I had on my rearview mirror , then when my mom died , I will not forget you helped me cope with the grief , your music means alot to me , and I hope you are coming to Phoenix , Arizona soon
    thank you for your music

  • Deborah Anderson

    My heart prayers go out to you Amy, I know how you miss her so. My heart and prayers go out to Ruth’s family and friends, and to the many many who have lost or are currently experiencing the myriad of feelings that go in dealing with this disease and how it takes the breath away from those we love.. To those who currently have this disease, my heart goes out to you and I will be praying as always for healing……….. for a cure.

    I lost my sister-in-law in Jan. 2008. She passed in my arms. Our spirits are still connected and it gives me tremendous peace knowing this. I have a friend now with breast cancer and is going in for the removal of her bladder due to cancer next Monday. Please pray for her…….. her name is Jeanne.

    God be with you all, Deb



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