“Pieces of Our Lives” Tour Kicks Off In Houston…

Posted on: September 29th, 2010 by brooks 7 Comments

The “Pieces of Our Lives” tour began last night in Houston. It was a beautiful evening of art, music, and inspiration that has set the tone for what promises to be a very memorable tour. For more about the tour and how it benefits Compassion International, click here.

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  • Brian

    I’m certain non one will ever get this, but it has been a dream of mine to meet Amy since the Age to Age album. Yes, I said, “album.” It was the first album I got with my first stereo. I ended up learning “Arms of Love” to play and sing in church. I loved everything on that entire album, and the lyrics to “Arms of Love” are still touching to me.

    As I am in “mid-life crisis” mode, I get nostalgic for the old, great songs. “First Love” is one of my favorites, and having just experienced my first REAL love, it is extremely poignant in my life right now.

    Please know that I would be extremely happy to sing with Amy after all these years. I am in my last year of law school after a 20 year career singing and dancing all around the globe. I long for the simplicity of my younger years when Amy spoke of her “widow’s peak” in her Straight Ahead tour.

    If anyone contacts me, I am blessed.


  • Michelle Ball

    Hello Brian,
    I just read your post and I am so moved by what you wrote. I TOTALLY understand how you feel about the Age to Age album. In 1984 a friend of mine gave me a copy of that album, she had recorded in onto a casette tape. To this day I can, vividly, see myself driving down Interstate U.S. 30 listening to those songs. I truly thought, “How can this woman singing know so completely well how I feel about life?” I get inspired, to this day, just thinking about the drive that day and listening to Amy.

    It was my dream for years and years to meet Amy. It finally happened. It will for you, too!! The first time I met her I seriously thought I was in heaven. It was very surreal. I couldn’t stop staring and couldn’t believe I was talking with her. She is the real deal – very sincere, so real. She is INCREDIBLE (which you already know).

    You’ll meet Amy some day and you’ll love the experience!


  • Mary Claflin

    I too was so moved by Age to Age in college. Wished I was able to catch Amy when she was in Austin – but missed out :(

  • http://www.jessicarobinson.net Jessica Robinson

    I just got back from Amy’s ‘Pieces of our Lives’ show in Minneapolis. I came all the way from Saskatoon, Sk Canada to see the show and let me tell you, “It was the best show I’ve ever seen!!!!” For those of you still able to get tickets I HIGHLY recommend this tour! Amy just keeps getting better and better but the difference in this series is that you can clearly see how passionate she is about the concept of the ‘Pieces of our Lives’ show. It is only a couple hundred people, very intimate and relaxed, and you can clearly see how much she enjoys interacting with the small crowd within the casual structure of the show. It is worth EVERY PENNY of the ticket price. There are even a few very meaningful surprises in the show but I won’t ruin them for you.

    I had the pleasure of spending a few minutes with Amy and she is so warm and sincere. She truly is transparent in her faith and the love that vibrates around her is palpable. I’ve been a fan of hers since I was given her ‘Straight Ahead’ cassette at age 7. In fact, her music has been the soundtrack to my life and even inspired to me pursue a career as a singer/ songwriter.

    So if any of you are considering the dates left on this tour and are wondering about the high price of tickets I am here to tell you…do it! You will never regret the memories of such an amazing experience…. and just to hear ‘Better Than a Halleluiah’ live and acoustic is worth the price of admission!!!!

    Jessica Robinson

  • Debbie Drumheller

    My husband, Kurt and I attended the Austin, Tx “Pieces of Our Lives” concert. We flew in from Los Angeles for the concert and to meet up with friends we have made through Amy’s music.

    The concert was one of the most inspirational events that I’ve ever attended! From the art gallery preview & catching up with friends, to the local artist painting during the concert, & the concert itself…it was a spirtually moving and joyful time. The opportunity to be a small part of the “Compassion Leadership Program” by attending the concert was a very gratifying and humbling experience all wraped up together.

    Listening to a young man who is currently a part of the “Compassion Leadership Program”created so much hope and outlook for the future of his life and his community. What a pleasure and honor it was to hear his story.

    The setting for the concert was very initimate and personal. You just felt a part of the whole process. Amy and the “scaled down” band were truly annointed for the evening.

    We spent a few days in Austin visiting and having a real Texas bbq :)!


  • rick

    AMY I have been touched by( tender calm spirit) in your music. When I listen to
    your music i feel as if we were best friends in life. I feel the need to tell you
    never change the way you are for (GOD AS GIVEN)you a way to make us feel his
    presence through your songs. The simple things in life are always the best
    and what we remeber the little bits of life that make us laugh or cry .Me and
    my wife (pam) have both of are boys in college now.The house is quiet the
    car gets to sit in the driveway more and I get to see once again why I fell in
    love with Pam.Amy never give up for your reward is great and you are loved
    by many. I will never get to meet you but just felt the spirt lead me to write
    you. PRAY for my family and I Pray for yours. CORNFIELDS IN IOWA RICK



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