Detroit, MI – Sunday August 8, 2010

Posted on: August 6th, 2010 by Jennifer 5 Comments

Do not be late to the Detroit show on Sunday as Amy is taking the stage before Michael W. Smith. We would hate for any of you to show up late and be disappointed that you missed some of Amy’s set.


  • http://none laurie bellgard

    amy, unable to reach you by e-mail, post or fan mail but still hope to see/talk with you. i have sent numerous letter via post/ and talked to the manager you have listed on your website. i really am stumped. its much easier for you to reach me by phone, post or e-mail.please try. luv, laurie bellgard

  • http://FOA Linda Hart

    Hi Jennifer,
    I am a member of FOA and want to buy presale tickets for the Sarasota show in December. The tickets go on sale 9/12/2010. Is there any way I can buy these before the sale date?

    Thank you,
    Linda Hart

  • Amy Cole

    How are you? I’m fine.
    I missed your last concert when you were in Detriot on Aug. 8.
    I met you when you were at the convication center in Ypsilanti about 5 or 6 years ago.
    I hope to make it to your next concert when you are in the Detroit area soon.

    Amy Cole

  • Sparki2003

    This is amusing to me, as it was the other way around back when I first went to Amy’s concerts. However, I liked MWS so much that I ended up buying his album, too. :)

    In Christ’s Love,

    Southern Wisconsin

  • Mark Holden

    Amy and Company,

    My Wife & I attended your show last night in Broken Arrow, OK at the BA Performing Arts Center and we wanted to tell you how wonderful your music, voice and band were. It was amazing to us how much your voice sounds exactly the same from when we saw you the first time in Austin, TX back in the early 90’s. I’m just glad you didn’t trip and almost fall coming out onstage last night like you did back then in the Frank Erwin Center. You scared us and we thought you might have hurt yourself (thank God you did not!). Do you remember that? We also thought you looked as beautiful last night as you did back then. You’ve taken very good care of yourself, keep it up!

    Thanks for what you do as you are so very talented!

    Mark & Julie Holden



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