“Better Than A Hallelujah” Debut

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Nashville, Tenn. Jul. 19, 2010…. The newest music video from six-time GRAMMY ® winner Amy Grant for the hit song “Better Than A Hallelujah” will premiere exclusively online at Ladies’ Home Journal’s website LHJ.com tomorrow, Tuesday July 20. LHJ.com will also run an interview with Grant to coincide with the video’s premiere.

The song “Better Than A Hallelujah” comes from Grant’s acclaimed March release titled Somewhere Down the Road. Grant’s first new, non-holiday music in seven years garnered praise from Ladies’ Home Journal saying “She’s back and better than ever…” and Billboard magazine raving “…all the songs on this collection weave together into a beautiful musical tapestry—–each as warm, thoughtful and gently compelling as the woman singing them…. we are all better for Grant having shared this emotional road map.”

“The first time I heard ‘Better Than A Hallelujah’ I was completely blown away by it,” Grant tells LHJ.com. “A lot of hard things were going on in my life at the time, and I found so much comfort in this song. It’s all about honesty, vulnerability and not being afraid to come as you are—it’s okay to be broken.”

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  • http://amygrant.com Dee Jones

    I have been a fan since 1983 and Amy Grant’s songs keep getting better and better. They helped me in times that i was my lowest points in my life through the good and the bad.I hope she keeps making music for years to come. It is funny thinking through my life, I have a son name Matthew and a boyfriend name Vincent(or Vinny for short).I hope that life brings you happeness and joy. My favorite song of Amy’s is really hard to say, I would say, it is Angels. That is just One of many. thank you, DeeAnn

  • James Waddell


    I loved the video! So sad and sweet…much like the song! Bravo and congrats on making art like you do! Here’s hoping for more music and videos in the future! Thank you for spreading the good word like you do!


  • Sheryl

    What a wonderful video.

    In retrospect, I can see that this song, along with other supernatural nudges brought Jesus back into my life.

    And that’s what it’s all about. Being raw and stripped down before God without the plastic pleasantries.

    It’s the calling from our hearts, not our lips that touches God…Isa. 29:13.

    Thanks Amy. Sheryl

  • StephMcCaf

    I’ve been a big fan of Amy’s since I was in 4th grade, back in 1981. I’ve loved all of her music and this album, and specifically “Better Than A Hallelujah”, speaks to my heart and reminds me that God loves us completely, imperfections and all. He is present in our deepest sorrows, darkest moments, as well as our experiences of profound joy. My favorite part of the refrain is “beautiful the mess we are….” Thanks again, Amy, for sharing your gift of music with the world!

  • Anna Ryan

    I was listening to my local radio station out here in Missouri and this song came on the radio that expressed in music form the cry from my heart. It is not lip service God wants from us but a heart surrendered and broken before Him. Thanks Amy for keeping it real!

  • http://godsdreamsforme.blogspot.com Jeri @godsdreamsforme

    Every time I hear this song, the pressure is off, the weight is lifts, and I’m closer to God. Jesus in my everyday in’s and out’s is better than a hallelujah 😀 Wow!

  • Todd

    I too have been a huge fan of Amy’s since 8th grade..I’m now 41 and her music has carried me through the best and worst days of my life. Love the video and song. I would love to hear Amy remake some of her really old classics….my all time Favorites “That’s the Day”, “So Glad” and “All I Ever Have to Be”. Can it get any better than that?? To me, those songs are just as beautiful and meaningful today as they were 30 years ago.

  • Conrad

    I believe that all gifts come from God and the lyrics in “Better Than a Hallelujah” are no exception. It’s hard for me to get my head and heart around that kind of love. That despite the way we pour out all our pain and misery, our Father in Heaven, through it all, He hears Worship and Praise.
    Equally, the lyrics say He calls us His Beautiful Mess. What a loving and tender way to have the God of the universe, our Abba, our Father describe us. It reminds me of the metaphor Jesus often used in describing us as lost sheep.
    During my quite time as I looked at those three words, “His Beautiful Mess” I could see Him right there looking back at me. I mean, it’s the word “Messiah” it’s right there in the letters. I don’t know if you planned that but, you can spell “Messiah” from the letters of “His Beautiful Mess”.
    It made me think about how He’s there in my mess, He there in my pain, He’s there in the way He sees me, He sees me though His son, our Messiah. What an incredible thing.

    But Amy, that wasn’t the whole lesson He had for me in your lyrics. As I looked a little longer I saw that the problem is not that He’s not there, it’s what’s muddled up in there too. It’s the other letters that I can’t seem to let go of, that I hang on to that make the mess.
    You see these are the letters that are left over after taking “Messiah” out of “His Beautiful Mess”. “I”, “Self”, “But” and “U”.
    And don’t we use each and every one, “I”, “Self”, my favorite “But” and when all else fails “U”.
    Amy, thank you for reminding me that God sees each of us as His Beautiful Mess and has provided Jesus our Messiah as the solution to all our problems if we can just let go of the rest…. “I”, “Self”, “But” and “U”.
    Thank you for sharing God’s gift to you with this world.

  • http://friendsofamy andy

    i prav to the lord everyday as often as i can and as long as you pray to thelord it always helps.22

  • Brenda Parker

    Just love listening over and over to Better than a Hallelujah!

  • Diane

    With tears of the world and for the world God so loved , I first heard this song. I sit surrounded by beauty I don’t deserve and know others are tormented by pain they don’t deserve and God is in them both. And I’ve walked through my own pain, with God carrying me all the way. The older I get the less I understand but the more I know He can be trusted all the way. Thank you Amy. God hears all our melodys.

  • http://Amy's Vickie

    I think “Better THAN A HALLELUJAH” is one of the greatest songs of the year! I was so drawn to the song the first time I heard it. I could not stop looking for it to come out on MasterTrax. I felt lead to sing this song at the mission ,where I go to church. Little did I know, the song was to minister to ME as I was learning it! It was such a comfort, as the words came to mind, as I sat in the hospital room of my Mom that has Alzheimer’s disease. She is in the last stages now. Her mind has been leaving us for the last 13 years. I sang the song last Sunday , as “Better Than A Halleleujah” minister to the” Homeless”, it also was ministering to me… It was such a wonderful place to be , in the shelter of CHRIST! Thank you, Amy for choosing such an amazing song and Sarah Hart, Chapin Hartford for writing one of the greatest of all time! Beautiful the mess we are…

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  • Evelyn

    Jesus tapped me on the shoulder one cold January day as I gazed at my oldest brother one last time before he was cremated. The Lord got my attention and from that moment on, I’ve become and am becoming, a new person.

    My brother wrestled with demons; he surrendered his life to the Lord. He was a beautiful mess and Jesus, in His infinite mercy, love and compassion, called my brother home to be with the Lord.

    Amy’s song, Better Than a Hallelujah, reminds me of my brother. It reminds me of myself. It reminds me of God’s mercy. The lyrics are inspirational, tender and comforting. I just wanted to share the joy I feel whenever I hear that song!

  • Susan Lee

    The day I heard your new song, Better Than A Hallelujah, it was like visiting an old friend that I haven’t seen in a long while. I absolutely loved it! I just drank it in and let it feed my soul! Thank you for following the voice of God and stepping out in song, an intimate reflection of your experiences as a wife, mother and foremost, a woman who loves the Lord. Like many women born in the 60s, I feel like I grew up with you. Thank you & God bless you!

  • Marcia Daugherty

    Thank you for putting words to my struggle… the only thing worse than feeling pain in tough times is feeling like you’ve let God down by not being joyful anyway. It’s glorious to be reminded that God loves me deeply even when I’m overwhelmed and unable to praise Him. I hope that my troubles will bring Him glory somehow, but most of the time they just feel messy. Praise God that He understands and wants to hear my prayers anyway!

  • Mary Doerr

    Wow….we pour out our misery and God just hears a melody! At first it feels like he is ignoring me, then I realize how much he loves me and how blessed I am. I feel like the sinner that I am again, but feel blessed and praise God for his unconditional love! What a paradox! Thank you Jesus! Love, Mary

  • http://no beny maia

    Please…..I loose it! I wanna watch the video, please!! Give me a new limk or something about that!!! The video get to feature on next Wow Hits (from EMI/Word annual project) DVD!!
    I saw the teaser….only..!!!!! Jennifer, help us!!!

  • THutton

    I think this song is awesome. I don’t care if you haven’t felt the pain of divorce , illness or abuse this song will speak to your heart. I think it is implying God wants us to put our burdens in His hands and know He will take care of us. The song doesn’t say He is happy when we are in pain, He is happy when we realize we are admitting we need Him. This is a powerful song.



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