Nashville Rising

Posted on: July 7th, 2010 by Jennifer 4 Comments

Check out this amazing video about the Nashville Rising show last month. What an incredible night of music and support for Nashville and Middle Tennessee.

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  • Michael

    Thanks for posting Jennifer. Wish I had been able to go. As always, Amy certainly lived up to the charitable person that she is, it’s in her blood, part of her calling. She’s an inspiration all to do what you can; large or small because in the end we all need a help sometimes!

  • Chuck Singer

    All these entertaineers Love God, Love your nieghbor as Jesus told us.

    Thanks for being an example!!!


  • http://facebook Lynne Boothe

    Wish i could have been there, love all your music Amy, god bless all,love and respect,Lynne Boothe :)

  • Larry Wardlaw

    Wow, how awesome it is to see all that support for the victims of the Nashville flood. I can’t believe how much damaged it caused and it seemed to happen so fast. Hardly any news coverage was done on it here in Washington State, sad but true.
    Amy Grant and her music has been an instrumental part of my walk with God and I appreciate all the hard work and years of commitment she has put into serving God and people with her gifts, as well as all the ones who helped her make that music.
    I am proud to say my family and I have been planning a move to Nashville for a couple years now and hope to be there next March, God willing.

    Thank you, thank you.


    Larry Wardlaw



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