The Journey…

Posted on: June 1st, 2010 by Derek 6 Comments

In the continued discussion videos that Amy posted about her album Somewhere Down The Road – Amy discusses what a JOURNEY life is.

  • lori dove

    I write song lyrics. Here is part of a song I wrote in 1989. I don’t know what to do with it, or any others I’ve written. Please help me.

    In The Name of The Father

    In the Name of the Father, of the son and holy ghost, in the name of the one in my life that I love the most, Forgive me for my sins dear lord and please show me the way, to do your will, to spread your word each and every day. To brighten up someone’s dark despair to show them that you care, to say a pray for the sick and the homeless everywhere.

    In the name of the father, of the son and holy ghost, in the name of the one in my life that I love the most, let me know it’s me dear lord, you’ve chosen for the one, to tell them all to let them know your will shall be done, to brighten up someone’s dark despair, to show them that you care to say a pray for the sick and the homeless everywhere.
    (last verse) Thank you lord for everything that you’ve done for me, but most of all thank you lord for eternity. You’ve given me another chance to set my soul free, and in the end eternity is where I want to me, In the name ……I pray all this through your name your the one I love the most, in the name of the father of the son and holy ghost.

  • Debbie Drumheller

    I enjoyed listening (and watching) Amy describe what she considers the journey. All the good and the bad stuff and learning that God is a part of it all.

    Over the past few years the biggest question I know God has asked me is “Will You Trust ME for this journey?” Sometimes I can hear that question in the innermost part of my being and I find myself answering outloud…yes, ok, yes! :) I’m a bit on the stubborn side, it takes a while to get through to me.


  • Michelle Ball

    Thank you for your words, Amy. I loved how you explained that there are no “lost experiences.” I have been really, deeply looking for some things within myself lately that I need to come at peace with and your words help!!


  • Elizabeth Florko

    Amy, you are so awesome! You put it all so well so eloquently…
    You project His message so well, through your amazing music!
    Grateful, I am that my little sister turned me on to your music so many years ago.
    Following you as the years have gone by…we have all struggled to do what is right by God.
    My favourite song of yours i would say is Grown up Christmas List…followed by Champion…
    You are as many out there are a huge light leading us the way. His way!!!
    One reason I am found is because of you Amy. Thanks so much for all you do. God Bless You!!!
    Faith, Hope, Love

  • Cedric Smoots

    Waching this reminds me of my own journey. Back in the middle 90s, when i was going through a tough time, there was a woman who told me never let them steal your joy! I have hung on to those words and truly know it is not my Joy but God’s Joy that gives me strength day by day- through the good and the bad… So i have had unspeakable joy but have not always been happy which is an emotion that comes and goes. Recently i heard a sermon which has changed and is changing that perspective. I am happy, I am happy really cause as i have reached the age of 47— I am learning to be content in all things, therefore, no matter what happens- my happiness is based on what is happening internal more than what is happening external— the more time I spend with my maker, and concentrate on What he has done, does and doing in my life- i cant help but smile for in the end- i really don’t have to take the world’s burden on my shoulder–i give it to HIM and He directs me on what i can accomplish or not accomplish each day– For that I cry tears of Joy often and when i stop and think How God has my back- I now always smile and I am Yes, Happy!!

  • Treva C

    Thanks Amy for sharing your thoughts through these videos and in the songs on the album. Each song on “Somewhere Down the Road” has ministered powerfully to me.



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