Better Than A Hallelujah Sheet Music

Posted on: May 26th, 2010 by Derek 25 Comments

Better Than A Hallelujah sheet music is now available.  If you’ve been wanting the sheet music for Amy’s new single so that you can learn the song and play it at home, your local church, open mic, coffee house, or really anywhere you can now get it here:

  • Deborah Nustad

    Any plans to release a whole songbook for “Somewhere Down the Road?” My daughter, Sarah, loves “Overnight” and would love to learn to play her first Amy Grant song on the piano!

  • Derek

    EMI is currently talking about that exact thing with a couple different songbook publishers. We’ll keep you informed.

  • Cavin Newman

    I don’t usually do the blog thing, but it’s been on my heart now for weeks. My step father passed away on May 6th. He was an alcoholic and had a terrible life for the last several years since my mom had passed away. I had spoke with him many times about the Lord and so had many others. I have belonged to Christ since I was a little girl and God had to teach me afresh about His salvation. I guess I already had it mapped out in my head how the conversation would go as I attempted once more to share Christ with my step dad. I almost missed the saving grace of the Holy Spirit. God in His goodness allowed me to be reminded by His Spirit and you song that, “God loves the drunkards, Better Than a Hallelujah”. My step dad became a child of God on Tues., May 4 and two days later God called him Home. God is so gracious and that song He gave you was playing on the radio in my car the day I left the hospital after He accepted Christ as his personal Lord and Savior.

  • Michelle Ball

    That is tremendously touching – what you wrote. I am so happy for you and your step dad. What a great testimony!


  • Susan Mounts from Greenwood In.

    All I can say is Hallelujah!!! I am so happy that The Holy Spirit Spoke to to you and was able to give you what it took to lead you Step-Father to Christ. We all love you Amy. God bless

  • http://FriendsofAmyGrant Sandi Caires

    I love the melody of your newest song, “Better than a Hallelujah Sometimes”, but I’m totally perplexed by the words.

    “We pour out our miseries, God just hears a melody. Beautiful the mess we are,
    The honest cries of breaking hearts, Are better than a Hallelujah.”

    It’s sounds like you’re saying God loves to hear our miseries and problems and it’s music to His ears. That just can’t be what you’re saying. Can you please explain it to my simple mind?

    Thanks, Sandi

  • Margarita

    This song is very meaningful. It has confirmed my faith that God listens to ALL!
    Because we all come to a time in our lives that we break down to our knees and plead for God. I am grateful to God for suffering, it is through my sufferings that I become closer to him. Through the honest cries in my soul that his silence is heard.
    Life in all its blessings and sufferings come from God and is Better than a Hallelujah!

  • Jennifer

    I love the lyric to “Better than a Hallelujah”. It immediately spoke to me and, while I choose to call it “the universe” instead of “God” it’s the same concept. The universe NEVER adjusts its vibration to match ours. When we pour out our miseries, isn’t it wonderful to know that the universe hears a melody. It’s all about pouring all that stuff out and choosing a new vibration. We flow from emotion to emotion but the universe remains constant. That is comforting and, for me, lends my heart and mind an ease that is priceless.

  • liz

    Dear Jennifer,
    God and the universe are not the same concept. God is not a concept. God is a person who created the universe. You will never find what you are looking for in this world. Jennifer, life is a vapor. Seek the God of the Bible. He alone is the One True God!

  • Lauren

    Psalms 34:18 The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit.

    Amy’s songs ALWAYS reference the word Sandi – usually pieces from the psalms. I think what she is saying is that so many these days feel you’ve got to be in some hyped up spiritual moment to reach God, when what he desires more than anything is our honest cry and humble heart – Psalms 103:14 For he knoweth our frame; he remembereth that we are dust.

    Read psalm 103 and see how much the Father loves his children. He also loves the salvation cry of a drunkard, a doubter, and one that has spent his life denying his existence like my Grandfather.

  • Mike Mackaman

    This song is amazing. I have shared the lyrics with several inmates that I work with in the Kairos Prison Ministries. All have been moved, including myself. Truely awesome stuff. Please keep it coming!

  • http://FriendsofAmyGrant Sandi Caires

    Thanks, Lauren, your explanation somehow hit home with me. I truly appreciate your response. Mainly because I love the melody so much and didn’t want to be frustrated by the lyrics. My best, Sandi

  • Kim

    I love the melody. I love the idea of the lyrics except there really is NOTHING better than a Hallelujah! Praising God through the pain and focusing on Him not on me is what carries me through the difficulties. It’s all about Jesus! It’s not my song to change but if it were…

    Nothing better than a church bell ringing,
    Nothing better than a choir singing out, singing out.

    We pour out our miseries
    Trusting God with praise we sing
    Beautiful the mess we are The honest cries of breaking hearts
    Nothing better than a Hallelujah sometimes.

  • Lauren L.

    You must listen to what Amy says and search deep within yourself; she says the things I am afraid to say. She puts words to the inexpressible. When I first hear her new music, I am sometimes shocked, even offended by something. As I continue to listen and contemplate what my friend has said, it exposes me. Amy helps me be more honest with myself, with God, and with others.
    What a gift!

  • Mary S.

    Most individuals who’ve experienced extreme pain and sadness in their lives can appreciate and understand these lyrics. Unfortunately, this song is obviously wasted on a few individuals with very few worries in their lives. I have a sneaking suspicion those that don’t “get it” haven’t experienced divorce, loss of job, addiction, loss of family, or faced certain death. Not all of these things are self-inflicted. So, let’s not go there.

    God hears our pleas and considers them to be just as beautiful as our praise. Christ, HIMSELF, pleaded to God the Father as he suffered and died on the cross. Notice. . . He was not singing and praising. If He did momentarily praise God, He also asked Him to spare His life some other way and to forgive those around Him.

    Who are we to ASSUME that God doesn’t value our cries just as much as our praises? We cannot second guess our creator. We offend other suffering individuals in this world by stating that our praises mean more than our cries for help. It only adds to their pain. Have a heart for those around you. Look back to the scriptures for the many examples of God listening to our pleas.

    It’s easy to praise God when you’re at the top of an emotional rollercoaster in a praise/worship service. It’s much more difficult to praise God when we are crying out for help, but it IS possible. Both are equally beautiful to God. Look it up in the Psalms.

  • Guy Pacot

    I heard this song on K-Love for the first time this week, and I am so thankful for you recording it. I know you gave credit to the songwriters in the video, but the way the Spirit moved in my heart through your singing it was awesome.

    I’ve had sputters and spurts of spirituality in my life, battles with alcohol, pains pills, and in general sin. God has used the simple yet profound circumstances to not give me a second chance, but a renewed heart, mind, and spirit. I have found a walk with Christ that I have not had for the 33 years I’ve been a child of God.

    I totally get the beauty of pouring out our souls to Jesus, that He accepts us, and that’s it’s music to his ears that we are saved and brought closer to Him by the difficulties in life. I immediately downloaded the mp3, and have bought the sheet music so I can share this in special music with many others who must be suffering to let them know that being earnest with Jesus and passionately pouring our hearts out before Him is far more important than what sometimes can be an insincere, kneejerk, or rote hallelujah.

    Thank you Amy, I have been blessed beyond words.


    Guy Pacot
    Frisco, Colorado

  • Mary S.


    You’re right. It’s really not your song to change. In fact, it’s a violation of copyright law and very disrespectful to co-writers Chapin Hartford and Sarah Hart.

    Obviously, your lyric writing talents remain undiscovered. If you try sticking with your OWN original material, people may actually end up listening to your songs and experiencing God’s message of love that you are trying to deliver. Plagiarizing, however, is not an acceptable way of expressing your thoughts or spreading God’s word.

    Kim, there are plenty of songs with nice melodies out there. Just pick a song with the right message that speaks to you. And actually, in my very professional opinion (as an accomplished musician), this is not the most incredible melody I’ve ever heard (although I do think that it is tastefully constructed). It’s the perfect balance between BOTH the lyrics and melody that make this song into such a beautiful piece.

    Although your message of praise is valid, it sounds really “cheesy” in a melody written for an entirely different message. Just write your own material and it won’t be so disingenuous.

    For all other readers, please forgive my impassioned response and righteous indignation over opposition to the message of this song. “Better Than a Hallelujah” speaks to my heart in so many ways and reminds me of how God cares for all His children, even in their darkest hours. As a public city school teacher, I see so many hurting children each day, and it comforts me to know how much He cares. I would NEVER dream of delivering a self-righteous sermon to them of how they should learn to praise God through their problems. That’s not where they are in life right now. They are crying out for help in so many ways, and encouraging them to cry out to God is a great place to start. That’s WWJD!


  • Kim

    Just giving my opinion Mary, that’s the point of blogging right? No offense intended to anyone. I know pain and I know the wonderful joy of praising God through tears and a hurting heart. It’s so much better trusting Him rather than focusing on me and my pain. Because pain is universal and often common ground to show others that it can be survived,it can be a gift and God doesn’t waste those times. He causes all things to work together for good…even different opinions about songs! :)

  • Mary S.


    I DO understand what you are trying to say. You are preaching to the choir, sister. I already understand and totally “get” your point. You’re avoiding the real issue here. Ethics are ethics, and copyright laws are REAL laws. This may be just a blog, but you blatantly changed the lyrics on a public forum. It’s just downright illegal and unethical to do that.

    An unwillingness to admit fault is a very poor witness to others who may have less faith than you. God really does cause all things to work together for good. . . even when one person refuses to recognize an obvious error. Perhaps some people will see this exchange, and learn that re-writing lyrics is inappropriate at best and very disrespectful to writers.

    And perhaps you may never admit your fault here, but maybe you’ll be encouraged to write your own material that will express your personal relationship with God. When that time arrives, you can guarantee that I won’t come along and change your message, even in a blog.

  • Susie

    After the sudden death of my younger sister I heard this song while driving. I love this song and I had to pull over and cryed. It touched me in no way that I can explain. Her death has been so difficult for me. I know that the Lord heard my crys and knew I needed to stop and feel my pain. I miss her so much. Lots more to the tragic story but no need to explain more. I listen to this song often and share it with others. Thanks!

  • Alacia “Shay” Edwards

    I love this song…and I very much appreciate all the supportive and understanding posts. I’ve been walking with the Lord for 34 years and love Him with all my heart. That doesn’t mean life has been easy. I – and countless other Christians – have suffered, endured very difficult trials and been betrayed by both “friends” and family. In my life, the “friends” were other brothers and sisters in Christ. I love them and forgive them…as I know they don’t know what they have done – but I would be lying if I said it didn’t hurt terribly. The betrayal was a pain that almost killed me. But of course, I’m still here. I love God more than ever… so when my husband played me this song – it was so refreshing. I totally understood. Obviously God wants our praise… but first of all He wants US. We are drawn to Him, more often than not, in times of suffering. Those times when we cry out to Him… are better than a hallelujah…sometimes.

  • Ruth

    I was lying on my couch this week pouring out my heart to God in honesty and PAIN and truthfully not wanting to be so honest because it was SO PAINFUL, but feeling as though God was encouraging me to do so. I even prayed that God would not allow me to be drawn into the enemies trap of self pity. I asked God to confirm it if this is REALLY what He wanted from me and a few minutes later while on You Tube looking up Keith Greens music, I “accidentally” clicked on an icon on the side that came up and it was this song which I didn’t ever remember having heard before. I wept my heart out! And praised God for making it clear to me. I still don’t beleive that God wants us to get caught in the trap of self pity, but I believe that pouring our hearts out in truth to Him is the only thing that will move us forward. We can only come to Him by faith .He is the only one that has the answer to EVERY question and even if I do fall into the pity trap, GOD WILL PULL ME OUT. So much better than pouring your heart out to mere flesh. He will ALWAYS 100 % of the time direct you rightly. Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God- they names describe His attributes. I was so amzed as I listened to this song how quickly and personally he answered my questions, but the truth be told, I’m ALWAYS amazed by Him.
    Also side note, I saw an interview with Amy Grant and she says she didn’t write this song, but was moved by the lyrics. You can search on You Tube and find the interview.

  • QueenCamRothschild

    LORD God of Israel lovingkindness in the morning, ” Irresistible ” today ” pray “, psalm 92 for the Sabbath :) LORD God of the Sabbath jealous Hot Coals of Fire desire for the Hot Beautiful Bride with banner of LOVE, ” Better than a Halelujah ” Alive for evermore Sabbath Secret Love Rocking in ONE LORD God Motion Hot Beautiful Amy Grant ‘s Beautiful Gloria Dean Napier Grant, liveth First Love Joy in the presence of Angels of LORD God of Israel hast made me glad, FAITHFULNESS EVERY NIGHT FROM EVERLASTING, AND TO EVERLASTING AMEN AND AMEN IN LORD JESUS CHRIST TO HEAVEN FATHER BY HOLY SPIRIT

  • LLexxi

    Such a touching and true song.

  • Autumn

    I didn’t get this song at first but loved it then one day on my way to work while crying and asking God why isn’t He doing something about my broken heart and home when this song came on. At that moment it clicked. I finally understood and realized what Amy was singing about. My heart is still broken and my home is still broken but I know The Lord hears me and understands my pain. He IS with me and hears my cries.



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