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Posted on: May 23rd, 2010 by Derek 11 Comments

It is rare that we post reviews of Amy’s concerts, projects, singles, and albums, but this circumstance is different. Recently we found this review of Somewhere Down The Road and found that this reviewer “got it”.

So we would love for you to read this one, please share with others: http://www.mydigitalpublication.com/publication/?i=36548&p=60

  • http://n/a Renee Wenger

    I can’t stand it!!!! When will Amy come do a concert in the Pacific Northwest??!!! I haven’t seen her perform since way back in the 80’s when I was in high school, and I would LOVE to see her come this way!!! :)

  • Nancy Monfredo

    Can’t access the article but know whatever y’all did, it was awesome. Saw y’all a few years ago at WolfTrap with friends and just waitin’ for ya’ to come back. Many prayers for your whole family, and friends and all you do. My boys who play guitar are learnin’ lots of Vince’s stuff. Not a day goes by when I don’t live by the wisdom of Amy’s songs!! Many Blessings!

  • Lori Cancilla

    Thanks so much for posting this review – it is beautifully written. I appreciate the time the reviewer spent in talking about the different songs and how they can all be related to God and our teachings.
    Amy – I hope you will continue to share your creative experiences with all of your fans for many years to come.

  • Debbie Drumheller

    Great review…so well articulated! My favorite part was “The mercy and wisdom reflected in these songs doesn’t happen apart from a commitment to love family and friends well–a willingness to stay present in the chaos of brokenness of life and the ability to embrace the mystery and grace of God at the same time”! WOW—this so well spoken and so true to the Amy I’ve grown to love over the last 20 something years!

  • Marie Fitzgerald

    hey, is Amy Grant coming to do a show in Aus sometime soon? how good would that be!

  • Julie

    I thought you would find this funny…my 6 year-old is crazy over the CD! He asks for it the minute we get in the car…his favorite song…Overnight (he knows every word)! He asked me one day, “Who is that singing with Amy Grant?” I replied, “Her daughter…Sarah.” He looked shocked in the rear-view mirror. Next thing he says, “Wow, she sings really deep! That must be her fake voice she uses just to sing…it can’t be her real one!” Thought Sarah might enjoy knowing she has two ‘types’ of voices in the mind of a child!

  • http://www.nortonstudio.com jennifer Norton

    Great review…When you follow an artist for her entire career, you are grateful for the intimacy of a collection like this…an honest account of where her life has lead her and the truths she holds. Pure voices, nothing too fancy, honesty. This album feels like sitting with an old friend over coffee. Amy’s music has always been about connection and the promise that we are not alone. With this album, you know she really believes it.

  • Mary Jo Cleaver Toso

    Hi. I want to write a reply and read some of it, but the print is coming off so tiny that it is extremely difficult to read it in order to reply. Perhaps posting a page at a time could help with that. I enlarged it and still had problems. What I could read was good, but I can’t really say much beyond that I love the songs I’ve heard from this one and am enjoying hearing Better than A Hallelujah on air. My daughter is looking for Overnight to play and asking why it isn’t yet? :)

  • Michelle Ball

    An awesome review, and totally fitting for the music! Amy – you are an amazing, outstanding person. Your honesty in the lyrics of your songs are just completely incredible. Thank you for sharing the review with us. I’m not a Facebook user, but I wish I would be the #50,000 fan!

    Love you!

  • Michelle Ball

    Thank you so much for all the pictures of the video shoot! Gene, you’re awesome! I met you once at an FOA soundcheck and I’ve told SO MANY people that you are seriously one of the THE NICEST people I’ve ever met in my life! – Next to Amy and Vince, of course! You’re awesome and I always love seeing you on the stage behind Amy when I watch videos on youtube!

    Michelle :)

  • http://javiermendoza.com Julie M

    Beautiful review…thanks for posting. …and I’m in total agreement about “Come Into My World”…I think it has become my favorite Amy song (and that is hard to say!!)…if there ever was a “perfect” song…I think that is it! It always always moves me. So happy she put it on the album.
    Amy, looking forward to seeing your “Pieces of Our Lives” show in St. Louis in October…thanks for coming back again! …and for continuing to share your gifts with us all.



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