Statement from Amy Grant:

Posted on: May 1st, 2010 by Amy Grant 38 Comments

“We are all reeling today from the news of Will Owsley’s death yesterday. So many of us in Nashville worked with Will, lived with him on the road, celebrated his talents and knew his anguish. Please join us in praying for his family and children.” Amy Grant

Updated:  Click here for a message from Amy’s Manager, Jennifer Cooke, about how you can donate to remember Will.

  • Laura Shearer

    Our family would like to donate in memory of Will. Is there a fund being set up for his family? Please let the FOA family know how show our love and appreciation for this wonderful life.

  • Michael Nolan


    It is because of his work with you that I knew of the brilliance that was – IS – Will Owsley, which is yet another reason for which I owe you a debt of gratitude. Thank you for everything. Miss you.

  • Tricia Dudley

    I’m so sorry to hear of Will’s passing. He’s been a staple on your stage for so many years. My thoughts and prayers are with his family. You have lost some people very close to you recently. My prayers are with you too.

  • Michelle Ball

    I am just so shocked and deeply, deeply saddened by the news about Will. He was incredibly, incredibly talented.

    Michelle Ball

  • Jeff Slaughter

    I’m so sorry for your loss, the loss of others who worked with and knew Will, and of course, for his family. It’s at times like these that your song ‘Somewhere Down The Road’ comes to mind. May it bring some peace to this troubling and tragic time.
    Jeff, Paris, France

  • Deb Finley

    What a shock to hear this news of Will. My prayers go out to all of you.

  • Brooke Hepler

    We remember in our prayers the friends and family left behind to grieve Will’s passing.

  • Stacy L. Harp

    I am so shocked and saddened for this great loss. I will be praying for Will’s family and all of those who knew him.

  • Mark Cochi

    I am so saddened and shocked to hear of Will’s passing. I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Will & Amy a couple years ago…what a talent, what a loss….My prayers are with his family and children and to all of you.

  • Andria L. Sigler-Smalz

    How painful for all who know and love Will! I’ll be praying that God will make his comfort known in the midst of your great loss.

  • Julie Dudley

    I am so sorry to hear of the loss of Will. I hope and pray that “Better Than a Hallejuah” can minister directly to your own heart right now as you are grieving for another dear friend. Only God could know how much you would need the message of this song in this season of your life. My heartfelt prayers go out to Will’s family and to you as well.

  • Deborah Anderson

    I’m deeply saddened at the loss of Will. My prayers go out to his family and the many many people who loved him.

  • Steve Harris

    Amy, thank you for your support of Will over the years. I have long been a huge fan of Will and, though it always hurt to think that he was not getting the notoriety he deserved, I felt certain solace in knowing that the opportunties that you offered allowed him a certain degree of recognition, prosperity, and artistically rewarding work.

  • Jill Riter

    So sorry to learn this, Amy. How very sad. My condolences, please take care.

  • chris rodriguez

    Will was as a kid brother to me…when I met him 22 years ago, I was the teacher and he the student…In no time at all the teacher started becoming the student….his influence was and is profound…He really got me moving in another direction musically….but all the music stuff pales next to what I consider the most enduring friendship of my entire life….I loved him dearly..I loved his heart…his sense of humor…that infectious laugh of his that came deep from the belly.
    Will…..I love you brother….Rest in peace

  • michelle miller

    he was a very good person to all of you guys

  • Kevin Montgomery

    I’m so sorry to hear about Will’s passing. An amazing talent……….and energitic, fun guy. Very sad. Rest in peace.

  • Patrick Bryant

    I grew up in Anniston, AL and as a guitarist I have always been a big fan of Will’s, he was an AMAZING and talented musician. I know so many people in this town who played music with him or knew him when he was growing up and they all speak highly of him. He will be missed.

  • Sue Schroeder

    Amy, I can’t get Will off my mind. You called him your “color commentary” when you played with him on the MWS cruise. And it was so sweet how he played for Sarah that night. Will looked almost as proud as you did. He left quite an impression on me. I am sure you are heartbroken. I am so sorry. And I want to tell you again how taking the time to have coffee with me on that cruise was such a blessing to me in a time when my own heart was breaking. Thank you and my prayers are with you and Will’s family.

  • http://foa joan lundebjerg

    Dear Amy,
    my family and I send our thoughts and prayers to you, your band members and Will’s family and friends in your time of grief. I was able to meet Will briefly after a concert and he found out i was from alabama living in colorado and said roll tide! he was an accomplished musician.
    take care of yourself and know that you are not alone. joan lundebjerg

  • Simon Collyer

    Thinking and praying for you all at this very sad time. Will was such a talented musician and we will all miss those great faces he pulled when playing those ‘licks’ on the guitar…..!!
    A Star On Earth, A Star In Heaven.
    Simon, London, UK

  • Kristen Smith

    “Just when I thought I would never get over the thought of you leaving;
    The sky opens up and the sunshine’s giving me more to believe in…”

  • Rick


    I’m so sorry to hear of Will’s passing. You used the word “anguish” in your statement — I can relate as someone who struggles with depression. My prayers go out to Will’s family and to you.

  • Tasha Green

    Our hearts are so saddened and heavy hearing of this loss.
    We will miss him so much.
    Prayers and peace all of his friends and family.

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  • Carl Herrgesell

    Will, we all loved you. We miss you. We are hurting for you. I hope you can see “Rosalinda’s Eyes”.



  • Esther Skitek

    I am so very sorry to hear of Will Owsley’s passing. You have lost a dear friend. My prayers are with his family at this very difficult time. He was such an incredibly gifted and talented artist and has left a piece of himself for all of his friends to cherish. May God be with all of you.

  • Ed James

    What a talent.
    I am so grieved to hear of losing our dear friend Will. He made me laugh through my own pain, he gave me so much courage to keep walking over the past three years. Our backstage conversations about moving forward are a treasure to my spirit. Even more, the absolute abandonment to Joy I experience every time I heard him play and saw him perform. This is an Artist that played with everything he had in him! His passion, professionalism and creativity will be missed; but most of all his warm inviting heart. I speak a blessing to the children and their mother during this time, may the One who is the greatest at comfort bring them all peace and understanding at today. May He bring the entire AG Team peace and comfort during this time. lu e

  • Karyn Roy Smith

    Dear Amy,

    What a priceless gift you have given Will’s two boys and has family through the Time Again DVD. You captured his essence and joy, and have left them a legacy when they are able to bear it in time. Praying for you and your team today, as you say goodbye. I can’t imagine your and their loss.
    Karyn Roy Smith

  • Sherry Thrasher

    My thoughts and prayers are with you all, especially today. I was born in Alabama, my grandmother lived in Anniston. Those are good people down there. I pray for comfort, strength and understanding for you all and for Will’s family. Please keep them in your prayers for the long haul.

  • Kris Burn Neu

    Mrs. Grant (Amy)

    I met you yesterday at the graveside service for Bill (Will’s) funeral and I thank you for all you did for my friend. You embraced his talents and hired him giving him many years of doing what he loved. There are no words to express the graditude I feel for you(Vince) and your “band” family for loving him as much as I do and have for so many years. The songs you, Vince and Judson sang yesterday touched me and many others and I just wanted to thank you all for doing what you did by coming and to let you to know how much you both mean to this family. You all sharing meant so much letting us know exactly how he inspired you to do what you do best and that is to write and sing!

    Some of my best memories and times with Bill were back in High School (early 80’s) when he started a band. I kept telling him then at age 15/16 that he had what it took to make it BIG and to never give up his dream of music. He always thanked me for believing in him and I never faulted from that. He was definately one in a million!!

    I got this email today and one of the quotes in it was “remember there are other worlds in which to sing our songs” and I was touched by that and needed that today. I am thinking God knew I needed that, so I wanted to share that with you. That is what Bill (Will) is doing right now, he is singing his songs in Heaven, I have no doubt!

    Well, I stop now, thanks again so much for loving Will.

    May God continue to comfort you (Vince) and all who loved Bill (Will)

    I miss you Bill-sing loud and when I look up at the stars at night I will think of you!!!

  • John Flood

    Amy and Vince, I am so in awe of your unselfishness and heartfelt words and actions during this time. I know that you both loved Will deeply, but your sentiments at his memorial service were overwhelming. So beautiful and so sincere. Thank you for not letting your status or celebrity stand in the way of celebrating the life of a wonderful man. I stated on my facebook page that on Tuesday, May 4, 2010, I became a huge Amy Grant and Vince Gill fan. Bill was always a joy when he worked in my guitar shop before he became “Will”. His infectious passion for music, quick wit, huge “light up the room” smile, attention to and appreciation of details, and obviously massive talent were but a few of his arsenal of personal qualities. We had many discussions of many subjects (including our bouts with our illness and its effects) and, like so many others have stated, I treasure those memories. He truly inspired me to be a better musician and, more importantly, a better person. Thank you again for your unselfishness and sincerity in a world that today teaches the opposite to celebrities and non-celebrities alike. I look forward to both of your next musical endeavors. May God richly bless you even more than He has already, and comfort you in the palm of His hand.

  • Heather Thirsk

    I remember every concert I went to of yours, you mentioned and introduced Will Owsley, and you always spoke so highly of him. I’m sorry for your pain, and I pray for his family.

  • Susan Ulrey

    Dear Amy and Vince, I cannot begin to tell you what a powerful force you added to the service for Bill (Will). I was his teacher in high school and have always been a family friend of the entire Owsley clan. When Bill was a talented “young artist” at our school, he was encouraged by a dear talented “Music Man”, Sam Thompson, who knew Bill was destined for greatness as a performer, composer and lover of good music. Sam told Bill’s Mother, Alys, a dear friend of his and mine, that Bill was going to make it big one day. He told Alys that Bill would never make it in Anniston, it was “too small of a stage for him”…his talent was “too big for this little town!”…
    Sam passed away some time back but Alys always knew how very much Bill meant to all of us that had a part in his early education. Bill has great parents, a loving and devoted sister and a totally supportive brother, sister-in-law and family that sadly said goodbye to their passionate and loving Bill.
    The tributes that you and Vince gave to him at the service in Anniston will always mean so much to them and to Bill’s extended family, the entire city of Anniston. We thank you for allowing us the chance to listen to your magnificent voices, touched with the raw emotions that were pulsing from every performer that day…that told the real story of your love for him, too. Thank you for helping Alys and Bill, Bud, Wendy and the kids and his boys and Rebecca a chance to hear you and Vince give tribute to his talent and his heart…they are all the better for hearing it. Thank you for realizing his immense talent and encouraging him to be the very best he could be. His years with your band were very important to him and he considered you and Vince part of his family. Thank you for allowing all of us at the service a partial “window into the soul of your group”…and to witness your farewell to your friend and ours. Anniston thanks you and Vince. You were a blessing to us all.
    Sincerely, Susan Ulrey

  • Kerry Smith

    OK, I’m a little slow on the draw & just found out. I just trailed over here from a random message posted on YouTube.

    What a shock. Sorry for your loss, Amy. I understand. Bill was one of a kind. The geniuses usually are.

    I met Bill when I was an intern in Mike Dixon (Judson Spence) & Scott Siman’s office. Bill had just moved to town a month or two before. What I remember most about him was his kindness & how he was always making everyone laugh. While most would blow past the shy young intern without barely a grunt, Bill always stopped to chat & made everyone feel welcome.

    I learned a lot from him about how to stay humble, generous & kind in this business, even when given great talents.

    So long, brother. We’ll see you on the other side. Your work is done here.

    They would not listen / they did not know how / perhaps they’ll listen now.

  • Dave Patterson

    I just read about Will’s passing in Vintage Guitar last night, and it saddens me deeply. Will was obviously very talented, and one of those artists that I had to tell EVERYONE about. His 2 solo CDs will always be high on my list of favorites. I was sooooo hoping he would release more. Silence ain’t so golden right now…

    I wish Will’s family and friends all the best in dealing with Will’s passing.

    life is precious

  • Matthew

    Just found out recently about Will’s thoughts and prayers go out to his friends and family..

    I met Will at one of his shows in Akron, Ohio back in 2003. He was very open to talking with his fans and spent a bit of time speaking with myself and my friend. Needless to say the performance was spectacular! During the show he even asked for requests!! When we suggested “Sonny Boy”, he said he didn’t exactly remember the lyric, but invited us to sing it..well impressed we were, but having fortitude to get up was another story..I don’t know of many artists that would even think of offering such an opportunity.

  • Lucie Owsley

    Hi, Matthew~ Thank you for telling your story of your meeting with my dear brother, Will. Please feel free to contact me, Lucie Owsley, if you would like to see how we are making it easier to grieve his death… I have found solace and comfort talking with his friends and fans. It’s still hard on me and his family but celebrating his life and all he accomplished while on earth does make his loss easier to bear. He was a beautiful, talented and big-hearted guy who brought sunshine to many people’s lives. Just “friend” me on Facebook and I will enter you into the Group I have dedicated to him. It’s called “In Loving Memory of Will Owsley”. Thank you, again. ~Lucie



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