Donations in honor of Will Owsley

Posted on: May 1st, 2010 by Jennifer 9 Comments

For those of you who would like to help the family of Will Owsley by making a financial donation in his honor, please mail your check to:

(Make check payable to Christ Community Church)

The Will Owsley Family Fund
c/o Christ Community Church
1215 Hillsboro Road
Franklin, TN 37069

Will leaves behind two young sons and a grieving family. Every dollar will help provide a financial cushion for them at this important and sad time in their lives.

Thank you.

Click here to read the official statement from Amy regarding Will’s passing.

  • Susan Mitschke Macko

    I’m new at this, and you may have already recieved a message…just so sad about Will…I d0 believe that in anguish, we’re in a different state of mind. I didn’t know the guy, & I feel sad.

  • Shellie Beasley

    My heart is breaking for this family .. My hus works for William Owsley’s company and has for 15 yrs . William Owsley and his family has always been good to us .. May God comfort them in their grief .. My prayers go out to everyone who knew and loved Will Owsley



  • Nadyne Parr Heinert

    I didn’t know Will personally, I just know and love a lot of people who knew him and I hurt with them. I have been to Amy’s concerts for 25 years. Many of them involved the gift of his talent. I loved watching her watch him. I loved the humility with which she gave him the spotlight, especially on those “Lead Me On” guitar licks. I lost a dear brother-in-law the way Will died. The pain is so great that it adds a dimension to grief like few can understand unless they’ve been through it too. The Risen Savior comforts. He promises that. Believe it. May all of you know how deep and wide and high and long is the love of Jesus and that “somewhere down the road, there’ll be answers to the questions”.

  • ellen eggert hallgrenn

    God bless Will and his family. having lost 2 brothers to suicide the pain is overwhelming. We have to erase the stigma, talk about it and know people know there is help..Suicide is an end to intolerable pain but the wreckage it leaves behind is unreal. For those of you who know his family, be there for them, let them talk about it and love them through this

  • michelle m

    I attended the services in Anniston and wanted to say it was very nice at such a sad time.. Amy & Vince did a nice job as well as everyone else…

  • Daryl G

    I am from Anniston, Al …Will’s native home town. As a child and teenager (’60’s – early 70’s), I attended church with the Owsley family. To this day, I have some very fond memories of Will. First, I always referred to Will as, “Lil Bill” (his Dad’s name is ‘Bill’ and I always said, ‘he looked like his Daddy, just in a little boys body, lol). When Will was around 6 years old, and I never why (and to this day still don’t why he’d picked me), but often times at church ‘Lil Bill’ would run up to me and exclaim, “Daryl, Daryl give me a piggy-back ride on your shoulders for everyone to see me”. As children usually are, Will was always full of life, always happy …and I mostly remember, always laughing and having a good time. For some unknown reason to me, I’ve often thought of the days (at church) when ‘Lil Bill’ would have me toss him up onto my shoulders and walk him around (lol, sometimes run) through the halls of church, bouncing him and listening to him “laugh and giggle”. But I think the following has something to do with my memories of those days …and of ‘Lil Bill’. When Will was approximately 18 (maybe 19 or so), I saw him perform once (with a band he played with) at a local night club (My Brothers Bar, in Jacksonville, Al). At that time, I had no idea that Will even played a musical instrument, much less performed in a band. I had been at the club only a few minutes, talking to friends and inattentively listening to the band performing behind me when suddenly, I heard one of the guitarists key into a ‘solo’ piece. I immediately stopped speaking with my friends and turned to watch this musician “making his 6-string sing”. Not having any “musical talent” of my own, I have always deeply admired those who could make ‘any’ musical instrument ‘come to life’. Well, this guitar had suddenly taken on a ‘life of its own’. As I turned to watch this guitarist (with pure amazement) I was taken aback. I was looking into the face of a ‘6 yr old boy’ that I use to carry around on my shoulders some 10-12 years prior. Not only was I completely astonished at what I was witnessing, I knew in a split instant, I was watching a ‘natural’ as this kid made his guitar ‘come alive’. When the band took their next break, I walked up to ‘Lil Bill’, stuck out my hand and said, “Bill Owsley …you don’t remember me do you”? Will, smiled at me and said, “…of course I do, you used to carry me around church on your shoulders……how you doing Daryl”? As anyone who knew Will can (and will) testify ….if you knew him, you were left with a ‘permanent and lasting’ impression. An impression, that even at times when you least expect it, you will find yourself having ‘wonderfully fond memories’ of him…..just has I have since I was around 18 years old. I am 56. I was blessed to have known ‘Lil Bill’ when he was kid. My life has been enriched with joy from memories I’ve always held so close and dear to my heart of his laughter and the joy ‘Lil Bill’ gave me during those times when I’d carry him for piggy-back rides on my shoulders. Mr. and Mrs. Owsley, Bud and Lucy ….my heart breaks for you ….but know this, your son (and brother) touched the lives of many many people and left wonderful memories with them all! God bless your family during your time of grief.

  • Joanna Winter

    I believe it was it was 2006 when Amy and her band came to South Bend, IN to play at the Morris Performing Arts. I met Will at the sound check and his talent was unforgettable. In that short amount of time, what stood out the most to me was his humor and camaraderie with everyone on stage as well as the fans.
    At the concert, I was fortunate to be in the front row right where Will was playing. Wow! What an awesome musician. Afterward, he remembered me from the sound check and I introduced my sister and her friend. He was polite, humble and gracious. When we asked for that evenings play list he was nice enough to give us his.
    Will and his talent made this world an easier place to live. He will be missed…

  • Edward turner

    Back in the 70s , I spent a summer working with Will at a YMCA day camp in Anniston AL . At the time , he was 13 , maybe 14 . On the first day of camp , I asked him what he’d been doing so far that summer . Smiling from ear -to-ear , he crouched down in the stance of a guitar player wailing on his instrument , and his fingers began flying up and down an imaginary guitar neck . I’ll never forget it .



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