Video of Amy discussing Better Than A Hallelujah

Posted on: April 28th, 2010 by Jennifer 4 Comments

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  • Noelia Velez

    Amy was one of my very first christian artist in the 70’s. I was a young teenage girl who just received salvation. There have been other artist I’ve listened too, but nobody touches my heart like Amy’s songs. I have been her fan ever since.
    Listening to Amy’s song through the years have always made me feel free to think outside of the box. My favorite song that me and my husband Rafael have made our own is “Oh how the years go by”. We have been married for 30 years and we live out this song everyday.
    Thanks Amy, can’t wait to receive your new album. It will be a Mother’s Day gift.

  • Julie Muller

    I am counting the days until you are in Broken Arrow! I will be traveling from OKC/Edmond, blasting my Amy (iPod) library down I-44! Okay, not too loud, I don’t wish to be stopped by Oklahoma’s finest! My sister and I have circled the date! We will be the ‘2’ 40-somethings screaming like little girls at a Jonas Brothers concert! Haha! Thank you Amy for being such a constant inspiration in my life. I have been a fan for 30+ years, attended many Concerts, read your book (2x) and more. As I was reading the entry from Noelia all I could think of was “that’s it” —well said—“nobody touches my heart like you.” There is a song for everything in life. Days that are good, days that are not so good. It has been a joy to follow your music and your career. You are truly a blessing! You have taught all of us to “Believe…Miracles Can Happen!” Hope you and Jen have a productive day…God Bless! See you in October!

  • Becky

    Amy, as I sit here at work and listen to your Time Again CD I’m almost weepy listening to the heart and truth of your music. I know you have taken your knocks from the Christian community but I think your wisdom is profound and it touches me to hear how deeply you think and feel about life, God and relationships. Thanks for not giving up on Christian music when it seems sometimes, some Christians gave up on you. Your a real gift.

  • Jennifer

    I am so excited about you coming to Broken Arrow Amy!!



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