Recording The Song “Hard Times”

Posted on: April 24th, 2010 by Derek 9 Comments

The 7th video from Amy’s interview discusses the recording and meaning of the song “Hard Times”.

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  • mike hucul


    I appreciate you reaching in to yourself to find others reaching out for you. Thank you.


  • Mary

    Love love love her! Amy has always been someone I have admired through out her WHOLE life.

  • Michelle Ball

    Amy, thank you for saying that it’s not a question of whether we will have hard times, but –

    Love you, love you!

  • Luciano Kolin

    Amy, você está cada vez mais linda e transparente.
    Te adimiro muito

  • Luciano Kolin

    você está cada dia mais linda e transparente.
    Te adimiro!

  • Sherry Thrasher

    “It’s always a matter of when, not if.” That is so true, Amy. Unfortunately, so true and it is in those times that we often find the inner strength that we were previously unaware of.


  • Julie Franco

    The song Hard Times is quickly becoming a favorite :) This entire album is some the best songwriting! You’re amazing and so is the band! So gifted. :)

    Thank you, Amy!!! ~~Hugs, Julie~~

  • Kathy Martin

    Greetings from your neighboring state of NC!
    I have followed your career right from the start. Your songs… they are such an inspiration. No matter the troubles… You lift people to become better and stronger people with a desire to be closer to God.
    God has truly given you a gift and I am very thankful to him and for you.
    God Bless you and your family!

  • Dasha

    I’m thankful I have this song on cd and not cassette, because first I listen to Overnight, then I skip to Hard Times, then I listen to the whole cd in order. I do this every time I listen. If it were a cassette, it’ve snapped by now.



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