Madisonville Soundcheck

Posted on: April 20th, 2010 by brooks 3 Comments

If you have registered for the Friends of Amy Soundcheck in Madisonville this Friday, please arrive no later than 4:15pm. The soundcheck will begin at 4:30. We look forward to see you there, and hope you enjoy the soundcheck experience!

  • james dorman

    I am not going to be able to use my soundcheck reservation. I deeply regret not being able to enjoy this experience. However, I wanted to free my reservation in case if anyone else for the Madisonville concert would be able to use it. Thanks for the opportunity. Be Blessed.

  • Beth Robertson

    Wish I had known…we had friends visiting from Uganda and thought they would enjoy Amy and boy did they. Then when she mentioned visiting there they were so excited. Tried to meet her after the show but weren’t able to stay long enough.

  • Kerry Kassinger

    What a wonderful 1st soundcheck experience. I had the opportunity to both meet her and have my picture made with her. It will forever be a cherished evening.



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