She Colors My Day

Posted on: April 16th, 2010 by brooks 1 Comment

From Team Amy — As Mother’s Day approaches, we can’t help but think about the incredible relationships we have had with our own mothers. Last year, Amy was blessed with the opportunity to record “She Colors My Day” to support a campaign by the same name that celebrates that eternal bond between mother and daughter. The She Colors My Day campaign has expanded and is now a presence on Facebook and Twitter! We urge you to check out their website for the story of how it all began, to learn how you can “color with the pink crayon,” and to hear Amy’s version of the theme song! Please do what you can to support this project as it in turn supports the Susan G. Komen Foundation, the Entertainment Industry Foundation, and the Women’s Cancer Research Fund in their efforts to make life longer and healthier for your mothers and ours.

  • Michelle Ball

    Thank you for the Guideposts interview, Amy! I LOVED it at the end when you said “that these songs would matter to someone, matters to me.”

    Believe me – your music has mattered to me, has helped change me for the better, and has made an eternal impact on my life.

    Thank you,



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