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Posted on: April 9th, 2010 by Jennifer 3 Comments

A few months ago, the girls from “Point of Grace” asked Amy if she would like to contribute a recipe or two to their upcoming cookbook – Cooking With Grace. Amy was thrilled to do so, especially because she has been cooking more than ever now that she and Vince have a home studio. She loves putting on a pot of soup in the morning and throwing together a salad and offering it to all of the musicians who are down the hall working on a record.

Amy contributed her pot roast recipe (which I can personally say is delish!) and her green salad recipe.

If you are interested in “cooking with grace” or simply cooking like Amy.. check it out!
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  • BrendaShattellSobel

    I recently went to Amy’s concert in Malibu. She sang a song with angels in it and she said she had someone come and play her fiddle at her home in Nashville when she wrote it–that’s all I can remember and I can’t find it anywhere—hopefully you can tell me the name and what album it’s on so I can buy it. It really touched my heart.

    Thank-you & God Bless!

  • joni nichols

    TO BRENDA (above) … the song is “if I could see what angels see” … the woman who played fiddle was her good friend who passed away recently, Ruth McGinnis.

    And I’m thrilled about the recipe: I made my first pot roast for easter… but i cheated, not having a recipe. I bought the store ready-pack! My mother and her sister are both gone now, so what woman can I trust to “pass” one “down.” Amy??? YAY!

  • Sherry Thrasher

    This really makes me smile and feel a bit nostalgic. I recall getting Amy’s paper newsletter several times a year and she would often include a favorite recipe. Amy, I made your chicken tortilla casserole more times than I can remember and the recipe has been lost along the way. If you think about it and if you wouldn’t mind posting it for an old friend, I’d be eternally grateful.

    I drop in every now and again to see how your world is and to reconnect to your music. In 1983, I remember being introduced to you through your Christmas album and to the song Emmanuel. That song inspired and continues to inspire my Christian walk.

    Many continued blessings-
    Sherry Thrasher

    PS: I graduated from culinary arts school in the 90’s and have more recipes than I could make in one lifetime. There is something very special about food and its ability to reconnect us to a particular place in time. I appreciate you sharing your table with us.



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