The Idea Behind The New Album

Posted on: April 7th, 2010 by Derek 10 Comments

Amy continues the discussion about what inspired the new album and how it came together.

Webisodes #1 and #2.

Webisode #3.

Interested in getting the new album? Get it here.

  • Michelle Ball

    Thank you for your thoughts, Amy! I love your analogy about hiking in the park and life. It is so true!! You are THE BEST!!

  • Mary Bess

    So true….so many roads!! And, yup, that is just life! Thanks for the thoughts on the new album. I just love it! xxMB

  • Heidi Smith

    Amy, you have such an amazing way of taking music and wrap it around life, embracing all that we encounter, in music we can listen to over and over. Thanks for your gift of word pictures. They have helped me through more times in my life than you will ever know!

  • Mike Bowman

    Amy, thank you so much for sharing your talents with us. Life is hard, and the journey seems long, but He gave us you and your music to inspire us along the road. May His mighty arms of love keep you close!

  • Tonja

    “Even the easy roads have their dangers”…simple, yet profound.

  • Randi

    Thankyou Amy for the amazing music that you share with us. Someday I will come all the way from Norway to enjoy one of your conserts:-)

  • melonie

    I’m so excited to get your new album Amy. I have followed your music and life since I was
    22 (now 51) and feel such a connection to you. I’m so thankful that God created creative
    people like you to bless the rest of us with your talent. Your comments about life being a
    road ring true. That’s what I love most about you, your deepness and take on life as a
    Christian woman. I’ve seen you in concert at least 4 times. If you go on tour again, hope you
    make it to British Columbia, where this Tennessee girl lives now! Love you!!

  • allison goodman

    Amy, enjoyed your thoughts on things old and new. I just turned 40 and “journeying” out in a 1st recording a project. So excited and taking your advice to heart. Can’t wait to see you in concert in madisonville!

  • jennifer

    …so glad to hear about your new album.
    I’m just another person who has been inspired and blessed by your music and your heart over the past 30 years
    thank you for sharing with all of us!!

  • Carolyn

    Just watched this for a second time; still as meaningful all over again! Thanks for being so willing to share your heart with us, for being so honest, and speaking your truth (and ours) in love. The first song of yours I ever heard, at the age of 17, was “Oh Sacred Head” and I was in awe. Have been following the music ever since, and will til the day I die. (Currently 47). Keep telling your stories and sharing your journeys with us. They inspire and inform and encourage and sustain me like nothing else. Thank you. Thank you forever.



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