A Busy Week Comes To A Close…

Posted on: April 4th, 2010 by Jennifer 14 Comments

Wow, what a great week!  Amy and I have been on the road since last Sunday visiting several cities and meeting really incredible people every step of the way.

Thanks to so many of you who came out to meet her, who rushed out to buy the project this week, who have been our cheerleaders, and who have prayed for our safety and endurance.  We both so appreciate your support.

The response to the record has been stellar.  Below are a few quotes from reviewers that you might find interesting and exciting.   In addition to all the official promotion by the label, one of the most important things that can happen for this record is for it to become a “word of mouth” recommendation from music buyer to music buyer.  So please spread the word…

Thanks again for all of your support.  We couldn’t do it without all of you!




What the critics are saying about Amy Grant’s Somewhere Down the Road

“These songs sound right for today’s Grant. Somewhere Down the Road once again bravely broaches the here and now with candor while also pointing out hope on the other side. For the music world, Amy Grant is a treasure. This record seconds that notion.”

– Christianity Today

“She’s back and better than ever…”

– Ladies Home Journal

“…all the songs on this collection weave together into a beautiful musical tapestry—–each as warm, thoughtful and gently compelling as the woman singing them…. we are all better for Grant having shared this emotional road map.”
–  Billboard magazine

“This is a soothing set of inspirational pop, as the pure-voiced Grant exudes a simple warmth on tracks…”

– People magazine

“With the fine music that’s found on, Somewhere Down the Road, Amy Grant once again proves why she’s been able to not only survive but thrive in a music industry that likes to offer up flavor-of-the-day types of artist that are here today and gone tomorrow.”

– Breathecast.com

“Real, honest, and beautifully done, Somewhere Down the Road is a story worth hearing again and again.”

– JesusFreakHideout.com

“I truly enjoyed every song on the album…”

– ChristianMusicReview.org

“Amy’s music shines bright as simplified, polished, honest stories that you can embrace, and her first new album in seven (7!) years is no different… Let’s hope this is the start of renewed passion in her illustrious career.”

– NewReleaseTuesday.com

“If you’re already a fan of Grant’s music, you’ll be excited to have the new tunes. If this is your first introduction to Grant, I’m confident you’ll become a fellow Granthead.”

– Nashville Parent online

And, what bloggers are saying…

“I really liked this CD.  I agree with the above statement that this is a CD about a journey- a great one.  My personal favorites:  ‘Unafraid,’ ‘Hard Times,’ ‘Third World Woman’ and ‘Find What You’re Looking For.’” – MommyPR.com, from a mother’s perspective

“The emotion she puts into her singing pulls in the listener. When I listen to this CD, I am listening to music, period. It transcends categorization.” – AutismLearningFelt.com, from a mother’s persective

“Seven years is WAY TOO LONG to wait for new Amy Grant music, but she made it worth the wait!” – Accidental Mommies.com, from a mother’s perspective

“Amy, once again, thirty years later, you’ve done it, you’ve reminded me that God loves me through every step of my life and he loves me on a personal and intimate way. Thank you for that.” – ExtantMagazine.com

“Amy Grant’s new CD, Somewhere Down the Road is alive with songs that reach out and touch the heart of the listener. She captures the essence of woman in this CD and she delivers it flawlessly.” – CountryMusicTattleTale.com

  • http://www.amyelizabethkelly.blogspot.com/ Amy Kelly

    I’m off to see how many folks have posted a review on Amazon.com – I think posting reviews on the sites like Amazon and Barnes & Noble are a good idea, yes? Mine kinda rambles…I’ve had NO focus since having my first kid 4 years ago – LOL – but hopefully how much I love SDTR comes through. 😉

  • Tasha Castor


    Amy did a fabulous job on this album… I hear peace and wisdom in the music/lyrics. So much of it reminds me of Ruth, whether that was intentional on Amy’s part or not. Thank you all for the hope and healing “Somewhere Down the Road” is giving me.

  • deborah Strosnider

    I have been blessed over the years following Amys career and I am so touched by this album- Keep up the great worship music!!!

  • http://myspace.com/orrismusic David

    Growing up in the Church was such a mixed bag for me. I was 8 when I saw my first concert– Amy Grant in Colorado– I believe it was in support of “Age To Age.” Evangelical Christendom is such a small world, really. I went to Church with Dr. Bob and the Laurents who I believe Amy knows– great folks, as I recollect.

    Here at 36, having walked away from Christianity some years ago, Amy is one of the few voices– in all sense of that word– that pierces through with what I used to acknowledge as something the mythos of my childhood called the Holy Spirit. I’m less comfortable trying to name anything these days. But what I do feel from this record is what I always felt some evolving variation of with Amy through all her music– honesty.

    As a self-described non-Christian, and moreover, a gay man, I feel included. More than that, I am some reluctant to use the ‘Christianese,’ but I feel blessed. I feel that still small voice. Not screaming through with some self-assured, thundering voice, but an honest, quiet, inquisitive one. One that makes me not be able to help remember why I used to sing praise songs to Jesus. Even if I can’t bring myself to name the unnamable now, the feeling of it breathing and living in my heart is somehow alive when I hear her Amy sing songs like “Better Than A Hallelujah” or “Unafraid” or “Come Into My World.” I feel that common sense of humanity, the one where what I always felt was the true love of Jesus really lived before I was summarily shown the door by so many Christians. So much so that I left behind the words and the beliefs and the mythologies.

    In my life, getting comfortable with the mystery, knowing that God is unknowable, has ultimately been wonderful, however treacherous and lonely a journey.

    But man, it’s nice to sort of settle into some honest sense of “Church” for a second as I play this record, and in the quiet confines of my car or my headphones, sing my heart out to a Jesus that listens. One too busy to criticize or find the worst in me.

    Thank you, Amy. So much.

  • James Dorn

    Thank you Amy. Once again your music comes at a time in my life where changes are in the winds that surround me. A move back to nashville, a renewed inspiration in taking pen to paper, coping with a daily reminder of mortality and a the strength to climb out of the dark. My favorites on this album are ” Better Than a Hallelujah”, “Find”, “Come Into My World” and “Arms of Love.” I hope to catch you at a live show when i move back to Nashville. Maybe one day i’ll be singing my own version of my own journey.

  • Anders Greko

    hey everyone….I´m a BIG fan of Amy from Sweden,and have listened to amy since her heart in motion album and then discovered her early work,and have every album…I´m not a christian but i truly love Amy and her music,and don´t belive you have to be a christian to listen to this kind of music…well anywaty,AMY,you are truly a great entertainer and a great singer…keep up the good work….hugs from a sunny sweden

  • Andy

    kudos to david for your post. a very similar experience to my own. when listening to this album, within seconds of ‘arms of love’ i was on the floor with tears and a sense of worship which i have only felt very rarely in the last decade or so. having walked away from the ‘self-assured, thundering voice’ of christianity, i feel drawn to the love, the connectedness that amy is singing of in that song. and it is hard to deeply commune with that love without the structure of a church, and when rejecting all of the subtle articulations of supposed knowledge that seem to be part of a christian faith.

    these are human questions. i love ‘come into my world’, amy sounding so true and beautiful in that cut-up-ness.

    this album feels like the first one since the 80s to be on neither side of the christian vs pop dividing line – just amy singing what she feels. beautiful.

    i will turn my eyes to the sunrise and the stars with a little more depth this week having had the treat of this album to start my week.

    big love and respect to amy.

  • Wayne

    I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read the “reveiw” David wrote. I too am a gay male who grew up in the church but decided years ago to walkway from it. I have listened to Amy since I was 16 (I’m 43 now) when I walked into a Christian bookstore and they were playing Age to Age. Never before had I heard such an honest and pure voice. I have eagerly awaited every album she’s released and seen her in concert too many times to count. She has been a constant source of inspiration and celebration in my life and I look forward to many more albums, concerts and years of listening to Amy Grant.

  • John R. Jones

    In our slick world that predigests and fakes things it’s refreshing to hear something someone’s paid dearly for in life and expresses it so honestly and artistically like these songs. I listened to the song on Easter Morning performed on Fox News and though how cool not to hear hyperbole but not self indulgent as well just what she’s come to find in life. I thought about that song for the last day or so and how our lives must seem to God which is much different that we suppose, to me that is true inspiration.

  • Melanie

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE HONESTY AND TENDERNESS IN THE SONGS OF THIS ALBUM! I feel blessed to be an Amy fan since Age to Age! I have to say though when I listened to Better than a Hallelujiah on the CBS morning cafe show, was it me… or did Amy sound incredibly off? I couldn’t believe it was her I was hearing. I guess everybody is entitled to an off moment, but I hope that song sounds better in concert than it did on that show. As much as I love Amy, that performance didn’t make me want to see it done live.

  • Mary Bess

    Thank you Amy, Jen, and all of Team Amy for letting us be a part of your promotion week last week….so amazing!! And congratulations on the positive reception for this new album in this first week of release….the album is amazing…I just love it!! xx MB

  • http://no beny maia

    Hi, Jen , Amy…..
    I have listened to Amy since 1984. I know and love each song that she recorded till now.
    I´m 47 now and I hope someday to get a concert ticket . It´s true. I´m a brazilian fan . I had a show on tv during many years , I was host and producer and allways I could , I played a music video of her. kkkk kkkkk kkkk. Today I´m owner of 3 Amy Grant´s Orkut communities(brazilians).
    Cant you see ?? I really love Amy and her music.
    I would like she knows that I have been through all these years blessed by her music !!!
    I love her honesty, passion and tenderness …!
    Thank God !!! I loved her laast album and I hope to see the new music video very soon..!
    I would like to watch this video (BTAH) on next “Wow Hits” collection !
    Amy ,next year I hope to see you at Massachussets!

    Please….come into my COUNTRY (Brazil)…!!!
    before you or me to die (ohhhhh)
    You are still very beautiful and young , so…please….listen to me:
    Come, to sing here !!
    You are very known and loved , dont you know ????
    God Bless you …and Be happy !!!!

  • Smiavs

    As a lesbian (one who used to attend church with her, actually) I tend not to consider anyone who vacations with the Bush family–or gives as much money to Republican candidates as she has–as a friend of the community, but maybe that’s just me.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Last-Day/100003757041090 Last Day

    Love is the message of Jesus.How can somebody have something against loving relationships gay or straight!!?No evil act has been done out of love.Amy and Jenn are great singers and beautiful human beings



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