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There are many different ways that you can purchase or order Amy’s newest CD – SOMEWHERE DOWN THE ROAD – including the single “Better Than A Hallelujah” and “Overnight (featuring Sarah Chapman)”.  Here’s a short list (by no means all of them):

  • iTunes:
  • Amy’s Official Store:
    • CD Only (shipped directly to your home)
      • Only 200 Available, once they’re gone there will not be any more created.
      • High Quality Print of Amy’s Painting from the album cover, autographed and hand numbered
        • These prints will never again be sold anywhere.
      • Organic Longsleeve Cotton T-Shirt with the “Stained Glass” design
      • African Bracelet
        • Inspired by Amy’s song “Third World Woman”
        • Learn more about the bracelets, who you are benefitting when you buy this kit, and the women that make them, go here:
      • Hardback Spiral Journal
      • Autographed CD – Somewhere Down The Road
      • Friends of Amy Membership New Membership or 1 year extension.
  • Wal-Mart:
  • Target:
  • F.Y.E. – For Your Entertainment

Of course if you do have a local music store, that carries Amy’s music, you should be able to check with them now and ensure that they’ll be carrying SOMEWHERE DOWN THE ROAD – and of course you can get it there as well!

  • http://none Bonnie

    Any idea when it will be released on itunes Canada?

  • Derek

    Should be available on iTunes Canada now! Can you check and let us know if you’re not seeing it?

  • http://none Bonnie

    I’ve only been able to get a message saying it’s not available in the Canadian store….odd.

  • Bonnie

    lol, how do I delete my comments… it’s available on itunes Canada. Just bought it!

  • Derek


  • Elaine

    Amy –
    I listened to Arms of Love (2010) on my iPod while I was walking yesterday…I had to stop and sit on a park bench…the words cut to my heart just like they did when I heard your original cut of this so many years ago…the tears flowed from a great place of thinking of just how great our God is and how faithful He has been to lift me up when I have stretched my arms up to him!!

    Thank you for the blessing…the rest of the songs are just amazing, too!!

  • Gayle Brouillard

    Just bought my cd today!! I would have bought it Tuesday, but we’ve had major rain and flooding here in Rhode Island…. I can’t wait to listen to it…love listening to “Better than a Hallelujah” on XM radio…. I’m 43 and have been listening to Amy since I was in Junior High school. Always excited when she puts new music out…Thanks Amy!!!

  • Shirley Stroud

    birthday gift…they must love me…my collection stays complete…the album is great and Sarah sings very well…heard her sing with a friend in Visalia, CA…that was nice as well…

  • Ge-Anne

    Just wanted to share my impression of this CD. . .AWESOME! I love every song and every arrangement. It’s really a wonderful collection. I am so glad I purchased. I especially love hearing Sarah Chapman’s vocals. As a longtime Amy fan, I can still remember when Sarah was born, so it’s exciting to hear her talent and to appreciate the ways that God has blessed this family through the years.

  • Rick

    When will Better Than A Hallelujah be available on soundtrack?

  • Erin

    I have been told that the “Easter Bunny” might hide the new CD for me and I cannot wait to find it. I have been a lifelong fan and am so excited to hear new music. Amy’s music has been there through tough times and blessed times. Her music warms the heart. I thank God for her talent and how she shares it with the world…Amy you are my all time favorite singer of any genre in the world!!!!!!!!!! Continued sucess and Happy Easter and Happy Spring!!

  • Steve Ripley

    Just listened to you perform Better than a Hallelujah on Fox & Friends. Thank you for that song. It spoke deeply to my heart today as I move through a tough part of the journey. You reminded me that the less-than-eloquent cries of my heart to God are sometimes….Better than a Hallelujah!

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