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Posted on: March 30th, 2010 by Amy Grant 13 Comments

Amy recorded the first two video clips to catch people up a bit on things as her new album hits stores today, Tuesday, March 30th.

Overall Catch-up:

Family Catch-up:

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  • michael

    Thanks for sharing Amy. It’s always nice when we get to “catch up” and it’s so nice to see that regardless of who you are and where you are, we all have such similar paths, experiences and connections. I appreciate that Amy keeps it real. Good stuff indeed!

  • Cheryll Walker

    Very cool! My daughter and I were in Uganda Africa in 2009 also. It was definitely a life changing experience for the both of us as well.
    You do good things Amy. Bless You!!!

  • Daniel Sullivan

    I pre ordered your new CD, I just love that song “better than a Hallelujah”. The whole essence of the song is very catchy..Thank you! CU on FB..


  • Chris Stavig

    Amen, I agree with Michael, Amy thank you for sharing, sometimes in life its hard to put into words all that we are or have gone through, only our gracious Lord knows for sure. I think that you have captured the heart of God in Better than a hallelujah! Praise the Lord. Sometimes when the Lord ministers to us you just want to tell everyone!

  • Kim Worcester

    Thanks for sharng, Amy. I’ve made a couple of trips to the House of James orphanages in Ukraine. Was thrilled to be able to take my four daughters and share the love of Christ with the children. What a new view of the “world” it has given each of us. He does have the WHOLE world in His hands.

    Looking forward to your latest CD. Been appreciating your music since I was a teen.

    May the Lord continue to bless and guide you!


  • Detrea De Herrera

    Thank you Amy, for sharing so much and like Mike said just for being so real. Pray continued blessings for you and your family. Thank you for the music too, and for being real in that also. You, your family and your music have and do touch so many lives in so many ways. Look forward to your new CD!

    Rich Blessings to you,

  • Tracey Metzger

    Had the pleasure of meeting Amy in Florida the other day. Felt like a real star struck fan and couldn’t express in a minute what I really wanted to say. I did write her a little card that I hope she got to open. I also wrote about it in a blog I keep…

    Jen- Our faith based non-profit organization would love to have Amy at an event and she told me that you were the one to talk to but you were so busy at the bookstore I didn’t want to bother you. Could you tell me the best way to start communication about booking Amy for an event? Thanks so much!

    Kindest regards,

  • Carolyn Sheild

    Very nice videos. I, too, appreciate how ‘real’ Amy is. I’m assuming the text that appears under the first video is for people who can’t hear the audio? I noticed there are many places where the text does not match the words that Amy is saying. Is there any way to fix that so the hearing impaired get the correct words that Amy is speaking? Thank you again for sharing these messages, and for all Amy and her management do. Carolyn

  • Michael Fuller

    Dear Amy – thanks for the update! It is so nice to hear that after 33 years, God is still working through you – stronger than ever. I absolutely love “Better Than A Hallelujah” and I can’t wait to see you live. I have only been listening to you since the late 90s. The first record I picked up was “Behind The Eyes”, followed by “House Of Love” and then the “Collection”. After hearing all 3 of those discs, I was determined to have every CD you released. Your songwriting is both beautiful and inspirational, and I love how you tackle mind, body, and spirit, and not just settling on the ministry portion of music. It lets us all know that we can loosen up and smile, and laugh every now and then; all while still keeping our eyes on eternity. Love you so much! – Michael

  • Douglas

    Picked up new CD today… sold out at 1 Target…. found it elsewhere. Really enjoyed the whole CD. I had to get out my old “Age to Age” album and compare the remake of
    Arms of Love (absolutely beautiful)….brought back memories of standing on the hill of
    the old stage at Astroworld, Houston, Texas watching you sing w/ your guitar.
    Please continue to remake old favorites. You are so addicting! Please continue to write and
    sing and put yourself out there….Thank you for all of your work! God Bless….

  • Laura Brooks

    Thank you so much Amy for all the great songs over the years and for your continued example of being Christ-like! I’ve loved you and your music since I first heard you in 1986 on a TV Christmas special. I also have had good times and hard times over the years and your music has been a constant part of my life, encouraging and uplifting during the hard times and just a joy to listen to during the good ones. I am so looking forward to your new album! Thanks again for all the years you’ve given us through song and may God bless you!

  • Sheila Parish

    Amy, you have been an inspiration to me since the beginning of your career. I listen to your words in your music and just take it all in. I bought your first CD for my oldest daughter years ago and then I became a fan too! Have all CD’s and when my daughter sees something on you either a new CD or magazine article she lets me know immediately. Thanks for all your hard work and keeping your family values.

  • Becky Mello

    Dear Amy,
    Your husband is doing a concert in Hanford CA on 10-17-10. We have tickets for Mom’s surprise birthday. She’s 86 this week and has cancer. Is it possible for Mr. Gill to sing “Look At Us” dedicated to her? It was the song I sang at her 50th wedding anniversary party in 1993. My Dad passed just 6 months later and she plays that song over and over again. Her name is Bette Cooley. It would be the icing on the cake if she could have a backstage pass just to shake his hand and say hello. She saw him at the Grand Ole Opry about 4 years ago. We’re excited about just taking her to the concert, but of course, it would be off the charts! if she could have a personal touch. Thank you so much!!



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