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Friends of Amy –

My bad.  Tickets for the August 1 show in Lancaster, PA at the American Music Hall went on sale to the public before we had a chance to do a presale.  I talked to the promoter and he was able to free up some choice seats in the orchestra section which we have reserved for FOA, but the best seats (rows 1-10) are largely sold out.  I’m sorry.  :(

We are going to include a free coke/popcorn combination for anyone who wants to buy the reserved tickets through FOA.  The ticket link is now up in the members only part of FOA.

We are trying very hard to make sure we are consistent with our presales and I apologize for this lapse.



  • Allan

    WOW Jen !
    With ALL the exciting new events, travel and interest in “Somewhere Down The Road”, in addition to the demands of being a Mom, you’re OUTSTANDING at balancing it all. So many people benefit from your energy, enthusiasm and stamina.
    Hopefully you’re aware of how much you’re appreciated and valued by those who know you and the scores of those who see & enjoy the fruit of your labor :-)

  • http://amygrant.com Lisa

    I imagine you have a very full plate and mistakes happen. Kinda the only reason why I joined FOA and I planned on going to that show. I’ll skip now since all the prime seats have been snatched up. :-( Oh well.

  • Kimberly

    Lisa – Sometimes, people have to sell the tickets they purchase or they end up with extra tickets. Keep checking the boards every so often…you might find someone who needs to sell tickets to this show (and the seats can be excellent…ask Andrew…he graciously purchased my front row ticket to the MI show in January when I could not attend).

  • http://www.amyelizabethkelly.blogspot.com Amy Kelly

    Lovely lovely site.



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