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Posted on: March 23rd, 2010 by Derek 21 Comments

As we enter the final countdown to the release of Somewhere Down The Road (available everywhere on Tuesday, March 30th), we are happy to announce that Friends Of Amy members now have the ability to listen to the ENTIRE album streaming on RadioAmy.  Click here to log-in now, then listen, then come back here and tell us your thoughts!

Not a member, become one now and get all of the benefits.

Not able to become a member yet?  You can still listen to two of the new songs by clicking on the music player in the top left of this website.

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  • Dasha

    Pure awesomess. I usually wait until I have the actual album in my hands, slowly pull off the wrap, hide from my kids, and pore over the liner notes while hearing the songs for the first time. But, instead of going old school, I’m sprinting to Amy Radio!

  • Kathy White

    I am so excited that Amy is releasing new music! I enjoyed these two songs… and the message behind them. Though becoming a member is not an option for me, I will purchase the CD. Her positive message has always been so uplifting to me. Now, I am 46, and I feel that that Amy’s music today is so in touch with how I feel about things. (I still enjoy the older stuff too!!) Thank you for sharing these two songs with non members!!

  • Bill

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL.

    I can hardly wait to receive my actual CD to hear these in full fidelity!

  • teena

    Simple beautiful! This album fits into my life right now!!! The messages are uplifting, and I agree, life is difficult, but it’ll be OK! We can all agree, we NEED more of this, especially now in these times.

    Thanks for what you do, Amy!

  • Lisa

    LOVE IT! Very uplifting!! Thanks!!

  • Lee

    A beautiful, inspiring album from start to finish. In addition to “Better Than…”, “Come Into My World” really hit home, such an incredible song. “Overnight” is just amazing, too. The new “Arms of Love” brings back such great memories from Age to Age years…. The way Amy always interprets this journey called life through her music is astonishing. Can’t wait to get the CD, bravo!

  • Alan Carver

    The songs on this collection, honestly, reflect and remind all of us that we are on a journey! These songs help in understanding that journey for each of us. I have multiple favorites, but right now I am leaning on ‘Hard Times’ and ‘Come Into My World’. These two songs really speak to me right now. And isn’t just like Amy to release an album in the times we live in and have it be a catalyst for us to be reminded, we are not alone! God Bless Us All!

  • http://www.yccalvarychapel.com Bob Fromm

    Hello! My brother Chuck was telling me about a song on the CD that says something about “You will see what you’re looking for.” That is very true. People who have a particular prejudice behave in ways that help confirm their own fears. e.g. If a church is supposed to be unfriendly by a visitor they will show up late, sit in the back and then leave early with all the evidence they need to confirm their prejudice.

    Are you going to be doing any radio interviews to promote your CD? If so, please contact us.
    Calvary Chapel
    613 Bogue Road
    Yuba City, CA 95991

  • dianacc

    I can’t hear it for some reason…sigh…

  • dianacc

    It’s fine now…love it!

  • http://www.bigfrontporch.com Tricia Walker

    Amy….keep doing what you’re doing….your ability to pierce through the shell around my heart continues to bless me…rock on, TW

  • Kevin

    Loved listening to the new album. I couldn’t wait to listen to it! I usually do the same thing Dasha does when listening to an “Amy” album the first time, but i couldn’t wait! I loved the collection, I love the intimate yet raw quality of this collection of songs. “Arms of Love” is a fantastic remake of that great original, I was pleasantly surprised. Thanks again for letting us get a preview!!

  • Michael

    The CD sounds great, thank you so much Amy & team! I’m loving the new music…what a blessing! ! !

  • Wendy West Fitton

    Tried signing up for FOA (again) but it won’t go through —- I’ve tried several times…. HELP!

  • Leesa

    I love the new songs. Thanks for letting “us” listen to it early!

  • http://www.yahoo.com natasha

    heyy Amy i cant wait to meet you this weekend i also cant wait to sing “Thy Word” with you im so excited. and also im from red jacket we are traveling all the way to nashville to sing with you and to the governor.

  • James Waddell

    thank you so much to everyone who helped me get logged on! am listening as we “speak”…loves it! the ambient mix of BTAH is great too by the way! i love “find what you’re looking for” and “arms of love”…i said this on FB too, but i love the new “Arms..” better than the “Age To Age” version…wow! we are humbled over here in the Waddell house right now! love and peace to all…


  • James Waddell

    gotta know…who is singing harmony on “Find What You’re Looking For”?

  • Amy Robinson

    Thanks for the preview…although I’ve heard most of the songs already…hearing them in the planned order seems different somehow. It brought me back to sweet times, hearing Behind the Eyes for the first time and where I was in my life then and where I am now.
    I love the serenity of the cd and I can’t wait for the liner notes on the real deal. Smell it, taste it…always love a new Amy release. They have always marked a certain milestone in my life and this rings true today. Thanks Amy for always including your fans and making us feel special somehow.

  • http://facebook April Harber

    That is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for your encouragement and work. It’s been greatly needed. Life is hard sometimes and I start fading and forget that I need to hold on that god will reveal himself in his time. Really hard to do sometimes. I have been listening to you all my life. And this came at just the right time. Thanks for letting god use you.

  • Mark Waldroop

    I listened to the album while at work–so wasn’t able to soak in each song. I can’t wait to listen in its entirety with the lights off, headphones on with no outside distractions. It was a bonus to hear Arms of Love and Imagine again. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the music and always make a point to listen to her older songs, along with the new……like reminiscing with a long-time friend!

    God Bless You, Amy!!



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