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Posted on: March 22nd, 2010 by brooks 7 Comments

Amy and I are holed-up at EMI today while she does interviews and signs cds that have been pre-ordered through this website.  She’s going to have a hand cramp by the end of the day!

I’m excited about the response to the single and to the record as a whole.  THANK YOU for all the kind comments and the encouraging words.  As I have said before, this record came together in a way that was unlike any other but the final result is a collection of material that I am very excited about and thrilled to promote.

“Better Than A Hallelujah” continues to speak to my heart on a daily basis.  I hope it does the same for yours.

More later…

  •!/Rocklin1 Jenny MIner

    i love Better to its a Good song to have it really speaks to you when your listening to it has a good message to it Thank you Amy and Jen keep up the Good work God bless you from Sunny Rocklin Cali

  • Cheryl

    Hi Jen

    You said it well. “Better Than A Hallelujah” continues to speak to my heart on a daily basis as well. It seems each part attaches to a different part of my life. Tell Amy thank you.


  • Kelley

    Jen -I think a lot of us are excited about the release of this album too due to the look and feel of the material coming out. It seems like it has a more personal feel and touch to it, from the hand-drawn art, to the inclusion of Sarah on the newest single… and usually those kind of self-expressive lyrical songs are the ones that make us sit back and reflect on our own selves and our own personal experiences. My daughter is 5 1/2 and has already requested that I download the album to my iPhone so she can listen to it. Looking back on my life, I can see the memories already being made within her mind as she relates listening to this album as she begins her first softball season and having her first sleepovers; just as I can remember my friends and I dancing and screaming to “Sharayah” all those years ago. (Did I just reveal my total nerdiness?) Fun times for sure. Thanks to both of you for continuing to inspire us, we look forward to each and every song!


  • Zoe Wheddon


    I don’t know what to say…I have just listened to the new album on FOA, in the bath with a glass of wine..what a blessing..I love it…I know anything I write will sound cliched…and can never say all I would want to say in a hug and a smile…Thanks for sharing XX

    Thank you Amy for all the beautiful music and lyrics, for your messages and moving moments…singing with Sarah…wow….I know that this album like all your others will work it’s way into my heart and soul…Thank you …and..I pray that God will bless you as much as you continually bless me…


    Massive hugs…from England..

  • Mary

    Love all your music and the opportunity to have something new!! your voice touches my heart since I was a kid. Theta’s rule!!

  • Jodi Wolf

    You ALL have said EVERYTHING I was thinking but did not know how to express it! Love the piano work on both “Overnight” and “Better Than A Hallelujah” too. I am not going to be listening to the whole album until I have it in my own hands!! But great that it is available for FOA to listen too! BrAvO bRaVo!!!

  • Kelli

    Wow. Just wow. That’s all there really is to say. The new album is just amazing! I just love Amy and the honesty she puts in her lyrics. Heard “Better Than a Hallelujah” and “Third World Woman” in concert the first time “Third World Woman” was played through for the first time. Major impact on my heart… Amy totally rules! Thanks for the new music. I’m very excited about it too!!!!!



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