The Single: Better Than A Hallelujah…

Posted on: March 21st, 2010 by Derek 42 Comments

Amy’s label has posted a streaming slideshow/lyric presenation of Better Than A Hallelujah; any support that you can give us by requesting the song to your local radio stations is obviously appreciated.  If you feel inclined, we obviously appreciate you sharing it with your friends and family – it’s a pretty powerful lyric that we love hearing people’s stories about it impacting their lives:

Get the single now @ iTunes or Pre-Order the full album here.

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  • Elaine Johnson

    oh my word..huge impact. it’s a piece of the puzzle for me in understanding the love of God. his love is bigger and better than I imagined…that it covers all my sin and shame and hurt is too good not to be true.

  • Roosevelt Roy, Jr.

    Thank you Amy, I love your musical vision.

  • Sheryl Reif

    Beautiful song, beautiful message. Missed you and your message of God’s grace and mercy through His Son, Jesus Christ that you convey to us with the gift of music He’s given you. Know you’ve had other priorities but it’s good to hear your sweet voice and His message to our hearts again. (Another fan from Abilene, TX)

  • David Mears

    This is outstanding, Amy. Even better, It feels honest. And true.

    David Mears (FU 80), Nashville

  • Joshua

    Yes, this is a good song. Sometimes, we just need to be real with God. God loves honesty.

  • Mike Hoskins

    The times we hurt deeply or feel utterly powerless are the times we have the greatest opportunity to be honest with ourselves and the Father that loves us. It is the time many people, including myself, ask for prayer. It must be music indeed to God’s ears and heart to have his children finally reach out to Him. Nothing separates us from the love of God Who wants to be involved in our trials – small and great.

    This so reminds me of “Somewhere Down the Road” in it’s vulnerability. Thanks Amy.

  • Douglas Eugene Morris

    i loved the song. will listen to it when her new album comes out.

  • Debbie Drumheller

    Beautiful song with a beautiful slideshow! Love it! The song still draws on deep parts of my soul! Not many songs can do that! :)

  • Elizabeth Florko

    Another song to love because of it’s meaning. God knows what is in our hearts. There is no faking it in God’s eyes. He sees the real us…He feels the love from us (Christians). I pray constantly to Him. When I think about his enormous love to give us (all of us here on God’s good Earth), I often cry. Tears of joy!!! Thanks Amy for each and every song you have written and have sung. You are spreading the Good Word!!!!!!!

  • Cindy Kennon

    Just placed this on my facebook…thanks Amy. Your songs are always so genuine. The words speak to our hurts and joys of life. Thank you for being real!

  • Mark

    A song I needed to hear today. Thank you.

  • Pam Sapp

    A few friends and I fell into a ‘mess’ one night. You know the kind that are not planned but are also not avoided as they should be in our walk and pursuit of righteousness. The next day my friend and I prayed in anguish to the Lord … crying, casting our cares and sin on Him… for we know He cares for us. While I was out driving in my car I heard this song for the first time and KNEW instantly how it could minister to my friend… I texted her and asked her to look it up and listen and she was so encouraged at exactly the right time she needed it. God sent us that song.. Thank you Amy for being His loving instrument of encouragement and using your beautiful gifts for HIS glory!

  • http://facebook Heather Henderson

    Twenty years later and the music you sing still has a huge impact on my life. I love this song- life is up and down, love is up and down, faith is up and down. It is a wonderful thing to remember that I am an unperfect child of God and loved. I like the slideslow- love the lyrics and melody. Thank you Amy.

  • h ward

    life is so hard sometimes…your songs have shown me faith when i thought i had none left. i’m glad you are still writing and singing. :o)

  • S. A. Merritt

    I have loved amys music for years. A lot of her songs speak to my soul. Music is a pathway to the soul and she has lit it for years with her sweet voice. I was reminded that God is always watching each of us. As we have watched our own children. He knows what is in our heart with out us speaking a word outloud. He knows our “melody” before we sing it. thank you for sharinging your songs with us. My soul is smilling.

  • Cathy Rackowski

    Thank you Amy for this gift of song. My voice has been frozen for the past few years from sad family deaths. I just listened to this song and started singing to the chorus, my 17 year old son came in to see what was going on as he hasn’t heard music from me in ages. What a wondrous song to bring me back to this life of here and now. I am excited to set up a stereo and buy this new disc, thank you.<3

  • MeLinda Ogaard

    I have always been blown away by a great lyric……but this is an absolute amazing song and to have it be set to music with Amy’s voice is …is….. I can’t even find a word. Thank you Amy for letting God speak through you!

  • Michele

    Plain and simple – love it…Amy I’ve spent most of my life listening to you – and even know in my middle 30’s – it seems we’ve been traveling the same road, just a few miles apart at times…thank you for your continued love and light.

  • Tracy

    Thank you Amy for being so faithful to God and to spread His Word through your music! Some people like to throw stones at you, He forgave you a long time ago! God bless you, Amy! Don’t listen to anyone who puts you down!

  • jamie williams

    Amy you have inspired me since I was 12 years old, I am now 45 and your songs still speak to my heart and makes me always want to surrender to the things God has for me. You are a beautiful women and Im blessed by your life and music daily. Keep on rollin’ hugs~

  • Derek

    Since I came to Christ in 1994, Amy’s music has been such an inspiring force in my life…thank you, Amy, for your continuing ministry through your God-given talent. Excited to finally be able to see you in concert this November! :)

  • Karla

    I’ve been a fan of Amy’s music since my college years. Like others who have posted, it seems like our paths have often been very close together and her music has always touched me. One of my all time favorites has been “Out in the Open.” So I was a little confused when I first listened to this song. Maybe it’s just where I am right now in my life, but my first thoughts were that the song was saying that God enjoys our pain. That he would rather hear our cries than our praise. That can’t be what she meant. Reading other posts here have helped me understand better. But I don’t know if I’ll be able to enjoy this song as much as many seem to. Looking forward though to the rest of the CD.

  • Debra

    I LOVE this song! It made me cry the first time I heard it on the radio… I can not hear it enough!!!! Beautiful song. :)

  • KAO

    Several years ago I was given the gift of Depression. It’s easy to resent the gifts we don’t understand. Especially when they hurt. And while I’d never have chosen this gift, I can honestly say I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It took a potato peeler to the heart to show me that two desperate words, “God, help,” can be whispered worship. Amy, thanks for recording this song, an invitation to intimacy with Jesus.

  • Debra M

    I was so touched when I heard this song on Klove. What a reminder that God loves us everyday but in those times of hardship is when we are the closest to Him. Thank you for such a beautiful, heartfelt song!!!!!

  • Janice

    Dear Amy, You will never know just how much your music has spoken to my heart through the years. ‘Better than a Hallelujah’ is beautiful. Real. A true heart’s cry is just that – real & beautiful. Thank you for all the years you have faithfully sung songs of hope and healing. May God continue to bless you and your family.

  • Linda Collier

    Just wanted to say how much I LOVE this song! It goes straight to my heart and gives me the kind of peace that good music gives–words sent up the heaven…Thanks so much for this song!

  • Vera

    I´m from Germany – so I cannot watch it. :( But I just love the song. I´ve allways thought in some of our worship time with the congregation, that tears and honest sighs or anger or anything is sometimes better than all the fancy songs, but then sometimes songs do capture what´s in our hearts (as does that jewel) and also sometimes songs are wishes or bring us to a place of worship, so it allways depends on the situation. One thing is sure – God hears anything and everything in between the lines and his words have power, even when we don´t have words.

  • Bobet Davidson

    I can’t wait for the album. I will probably wear it out playing it over and over. You don’t know this but you have made some really bad days better with your songs. Thank you.

  • Gregory McDonald

    Amy thank you for your music. This song is so authentic. You are such an encouragement to my family and me. We love you and are praying for you and your family.

  • Cary Simpson

    Oh My Gosh…………….what a fantastic song. Talk about getting real with God. You are trully a blessing from God. Keep up the great work………………Cary <

  • Lorena Malbrán

    Amy, ¿¡cuándo vas a cantar en español?!, un grupo humano y cristiano no menor, podría disfrutar de tu música….Saludos desde Chile….

  • Vera

    The song is so compelling that it make´s you think it over and over.
    So the impact now is mostly thinking and more insights…
    I know this song is solely about the intimate and honest dialog between men/women and God, but wouldn´t it be wonderful if the song didn´t stop there and there would be an added verse, that talks about the other part of worhip that we humans also share in the dialogue in making ourselfes available to each other by making us one with the other´s silence, shame or whatever instead of exploiting that honesty. And further that God not only hears it but also is in the midst of this mess? It kind of would come full circle. It´s not only an honest cry heard by god (as the ultimate worshipsong) but also answered by being there.

    Something like this…

    When I hear the drunkards cry
    – Identifying me with him
    Better than a Hallelujah sometimes
    Life in the mind´s eye passing,
    Simulteneously hearing – I am here.
    Better than a Hallelujah sometimes.

  • Mark Waldroop

    What a beautiful song!! The lyrics and melody are vintage Amy!!!

  • jenni lam

    Thank you for using your God-given talents to express these lyrics in song…so amazing, true, God-inspired. I’m not one to usually spend too much time looking up music, but I heard this the other day on my TV (Sirius Christian), and found myself on my knees and the tears were flowing and continue to each time I hear it:) Thank you…this speaks to my soul.
    Is there any way to get the acoustic chords? Thx!

  • Ken

    Amy, I cut my christian music teeth on My Father’s Eyes. I played it every day for a year while I tried to figure out faith in my life. El Shaddai came out next and I did the same thing. I kept buying your music and amazed that you always seemed to be about a 1/2 step in front of me and I appreciated your honesty and the things you said. I went to at least two of your concerts (fun pop dancing music concerts that were awesome).

    Now here you are doing the same thing, performing music that touches my heart and my life in authentic ways.


  • Rick Harris

    Just a awesome song. I started my journey playing Christian music with “Songs from the Loft” and haven’t looked back since.

    PS did Vince play for free LOL….

  • Judy Gafford

    Dear Amy,
    This is one of those songs that you just need to pull your car over into a parking lot, shut your eyes and fall into. The first time I heard it, I WAS driving and was in tears. It still amazes me how many ways God’s love can be written, sung, and conveyed to His children. Thank you, Amy. You STILL inspire me and your music is such an encouragement. Thank you for sharing your gift with us all.

  • Stephanie

    My mother is suffering with cancer right now, and things are getting pretty tough. So when I cry out, I cry out to Jesus. And although I am still praising Him, is not a hallelujah time right now. The words of this song are very powerful and peaceful for me and a reminder of Gods love as well. –no Jesus no peace know Jesus know peace– thank you for your words, Gods words

  • Nathalie

    Oh Amy, I’ve missed your soothing voice so much… Each time I hear this song, I have to stop everything I do, think about, and blank out the “real world” to enjoy you song full blast. You are a true genius…

  • Ron St. Laurent

    This song has really grabbed my soul and has spoken to me in a big way. I have known that God is not a God of perfection but is a mighty God that has gone after those who are less than perfect. If ever there has been one that has not deserved the grace and mercy that only a loving God could offer, it would be me. But despite my long list of things I shouldn’t have done, God still continues to reach out to me in ways that still take my breath away. That is truly a loving God and we need to spread the “GREAT” news of this to others. This is why HE deals with us, who else would be so grateful of HIS grace than someone that feels that they don’t deserve it. It is this gift of God that rejuvenates our soul and should be our only reason in life, to spread the gospel to others. Amen, sister, thanks for allowing me to experience God a little more.

  • Anonymous

    This is quite an amazing and moving song, I’m so lucky to hear this moledy. While…I picked up the MV at a WEIBO(something like twitter in China) message , but the owner of the weibo explains this song means that “the lord never minds humans’ miseries,so it’s better to face to your realistic life than to pray and hallelujah” Such a horriable thing!!! What a disgusting explaination!!! It’s not what AmyGrant wants to say,right?



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