Wondering where to get the new album?

Posted on: March 19th, 2010 by Derek 16 Comments

Album comes out in only 11 days on March 30, 2010 (from today, March 19, 2010).  We hope you’re as excited as we are!

There are many different ways that you can pre-order Amy’s newest CD – SOMEWHERE DOWN THE ROAD – including “Better Than A Hallelujah” and “Overnight (featuring Sarah Chapman)”.  Here’s a short list (by no means all of them):

  • iTunes:
  • Amy’s Official Store:
    • CD Only Pre-sale (shipped directly to your home)
      • Only 200 Available, once they’re gone there will not be any more created.
      • High Quality Print of Amy’s Painting from the album cover, autographed and hand numbered
        • These prints will never again be sold anywhere.
      • Organic Longsleeve Cotton T-Shirt with the “Stained Glass” design
      • 31Bits.com African Bracelet
        • Inspired by Amy’s song “Third World Woman”
        • Learn more about the bracelets, who you are benefitting when you buy this kit, and the women that make them, go here:  http://www.31bits.com
      • Hardback Spiral Journal
      • Autographed CD – Somewhere Down The Road
      • Friends of Amy Membership New Membership or 1 year extension.
  • Amazon.com:
  • Musichristian.com:
  • FamiliyChristian.com:
  • Wal-Mart:
  • Target:
  • F.Y.E. – For Your Entertainment

Of course if you do have a local music store, that carries Amy’s music, you should be able to check with them now and ensure that they’ll be carrying SOMEWHERE DOWN THE ROAD – and of course you can get it there as well!

  • Dasha

    If you don’t see the new album on the shelves of Target or wherever it is you buy cd’s, let them know you’d like to see it. Talk to managment, not a floor salesperson. I wrote a letter to my Target in Stafford, VA asking why there wasn’t a single Amy cd. They put some on the shelf.

    One person.
    One letter.
    You have an impact.

  • James Waddell

    I have pre-ordered from Itunes and will purchase a “hard copy” on release day. If there are versions with “extras” at any stores i will be purchasing those copies too! Basically, i will purchase the record in all of it’s incarnations!

  • Kimberlee

    I have pre-ordered the Limited Edition Collectors pack. Included is a membership to FOA…when does this start? Is there still a need to register in some way? Thanks….

  • James Waddell

    the album is number one on amazon.com’s list of top christian music!!! woo-hoo!! go amy!

  • David Alonzo

    Excellent…..but like we’d ever expect anything less! Love it, love it, love it. I’m really enjoying the updated classics….this new version of “Arms of Love” is wonderful….hopefully in releases to come, we’ll see more of this…..

  • Menelik Charles

    Hi America,

    This site is sooo useful for me living over here in England as very few record stores stock Amy’s music except the superstores.


  • Jay

    I found the new album at Dimple Records here on the West Coast. Sad that I didn’t find it at Target, Borders or Berean Christian Book store first. I will be contacting them about this.

  • Robert Shepherd

    They were available at Sam’s Club also, as I picked mine up yesterday! Now, to get Amy at Salem or Roanoke to perform!

  • Aline Blian

    Hi Amy …. I’m your fan since a child, I love your music and have all their cds. I live in Brazil and would like to see you one day here in my country, it would be an honor. Has not come here your new album I do? Grace and peace!

  • Cindy Straw

    Amy, you are as beautiful inside as outside…what you can do with your Father’s voice, no matter what you are singing!!! It moves me, and has helped me through the “war”, the dark times, you have been my best friend through music, and this new work of art is more than excellent work. Excellently done…thank you Amy!

  • Kimberlee

    As per my earlier message regarding the FOA membership included in the Limited Edition Collectors pack….I was able to sign in today…nothing extra to do, just had to wait for the release date I guess….now just waiting patiently for the package to arrive in the mail!!…

  • Harry

    How to buy in Canada? Not available in iTunes Canadian store. Out of stock at amazon.ca, bestbuy.ca and futureshop.ca. Please help… :)!

  • http://www.amygrant.com Derek

    HELLO HARRY!!!! Just a quick heads up that we’ve got iTunes Canada fixed and are now working on Amazon, Bestbuy, and Futureshop. Thank you for the information. Sincerely appreciate your help!

  • Harry

    @ Derek – thank you; got it today. The duet with Amy and her daughter literally stopped me in my tracks. Please work now on bringing the whole family – Grant, Chapman & Gill – to Canada. Happy Easter to you and yours.

  • Steve

    Hi, I don’t see the new album in the Canadian iTunes store. I see a comment by Derek that it was fixed but maybe something went wrong again? (I checked the US iTunes store and it is there). Thanks!

  • Steve

    Hi again, I’ve been checking every day… and it’s now back in the Canadian iTunes store. Thanks!



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